And The Winner Is…..

     Using the random number generator was a bit complicated this time.  The complication, of course, a result of the difficult Xanga commenting system

     Here’s what I did.  I counted the number of comments left on the blog post, subtracting the birthday wishes that were mixed in with the entries.  I then checked the drawing entries I received via private message and e-mail, and added those to the comments.  The total number of entries was 82.

     I went to www. and their random number generator chose:  81, which was an entry via e-mail

     I know the gal who won, though I’ve not seen her for years.  I’m not even sure how she stumbled upon my blog months and months ago. 

     Once upon a time our families attended the same church, and our girls attended the same birthday parties and such.  I have such a vivid memory of picking my daughters up from a lovely, literary tea party in the garden behind her home.  The girls were all dressed so beautifully, seated in the garden.  Her family kept bees, and though the bees were buzzing happily about the girls, they were all so calm and ladylike, as they continued with their party!

    I’ve even mentioned her in blog posts, from time to time.  You see, no matter the day, no matter what was going on in her family at the time, if you asked this lovely woman, “How are you?”, her answer was always the same.  She’d simply reply, “Blessed!”.   I can remember having that exact exchange with her, seated on the boards that formed the outer perimeter of the play ground at the school where our church met, as we watched our children at play.  Aaron was a toddler in those days.  

     “Blessed!”.   I don’t think I quite got it at the time, but I certainly get it now.  I, too, am blessed.  All of the time.  The Lord has been so good to me, a sinner, saved by His sacrificial grace.  What more could I desire?  I have, quite frequently, thanked God for this woman’s influence in my life.  And so, without further ado…………….

     The winner is:  Cathy B., and here is what she said about her goals for the coming year:

Hi Cheryl, Just a note to let you know that I would like to enter your drawing.  My one and only goal, desire for self and family is to enter more fully into the river of God this year.  2008 was a breakthru year for us (some of us) spiritually and would like to see it continue.  God is beyond good!!!  Love your blog.  Best wishes and Happy New Year.
Cathy B—–

     Cathy – drop me an e-mail note at copperswifeATsoftdomDOTnet  and we’ll work out the delivery details!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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