Blowing The Budget With A Simple Flick Of The Wrist

     I had a delightful day today, I really did.  My children and I bustled about a bit this morning with our normal daily chores and such, all of us looking forward to the fact that we had company coming.  A sweet friend from church, and most of her precious children, were joining us for lunch and the afternoon.  I don’t know about our visitors, but my family had a wonderful time!  The afternoon just flew by. 

     Our meal plan was thrown off by a day earlier this week when William offered to take us out for dinner.  He was so eager to do this for us, so excited by the idea, we allowed him to do it.  We had the roast chicken Tuesday, as planned, and then had the chicken soft tacos last night.  This morning, just before our guests arrived, I pulled the chicken carcass and the remaining meat out of the fridge and put it into my stock pot.  I covered it with water and added garlic, onion, celery and a few herbs.  Drats, I was all out of carrots!  The pot simmered while we visited.  After lunch, I carefully strained the broth, and Dani and I quickly pulled off the bits of meat still remaining.  The pot was put into the fridge until dinner tonight.

     After we bid our guests good bye, Dani and I decided to go for a bike ride, literally following our friends down the road for a ways.  I know many of you are enduring extremely cold temperatures.  We are in the midst of what may well be the beginning of a drought, yet we are enjoying almost spring like weather.  Our four mile ride was delightful, and we stopped to visit a bit with our new neighbors just before coming home.  It was late, but I knew that dinner would not take long.  After all, I had a lovely pot of chicken broth and meat waiting in the fridge.  Uh-oh, did that sound a bit prideful?  That’s never a good sign……… 

     I put the pot on the stove to heat.  I set my containers of brown and wild rice on the counter, ready to add to the pot.  As the pot came to a boil, I tasted the broth.  Not bad.  I added a bit of salt and a bit of garlic powder.  I reached for my pepper shaker to add a few shakes, just a simple flick of the wrist.  Unfortunately, the top came off the pepper shaker and my flick of the wrist resulted in dumping the entire contents of the pepper shaker, a good half cup or so, into the soup.  The beautiful, golden broth turned, almost instantly, to the color of coffee!  Strong coffee!

     Well, as I always tell the girls, you’ve gotta laugh because if you don’t you’ll cry and then your eyes will turn all red and your nose will be all runny and that’s just not attractive.  So, after commiserating just a bit with Dani, both of us giggling yet agreeing that it really wasn’t funny, I simply picked up the phone and called my husband. 

     “Hey”, said I, “How’s it going?”.  
      He answered, sounding suspicious, “Not bad.”. 
     “How was dinner?”, I asked. 
     “Lousy” he replied.  (You just never know about the meals at the county jail.)  
     I said, “That’s too bad.  I just put a half a cup of black pepper into our chicken and rice soup.”  
Copper’s response?  “Do you guys like it that way?”  

     Since his jail dinner had been less that stellar and ours had been ruined, we agreed to meet in town for a fast food dinner which was, quite obviously, not on the menu plan.

     And that is how Copper’s wife blew the budget with a simple flick of the wrist! 

     I’m so thankful for a husband with such a good sense of humor.  I’m also thankful that, even though this was not in the budget, we did have a few dollars set aside for these minor, little glitches that come our way in life.  The soup would have been nice.  The burgers were okay.  Having dinner with Copper on a work night was a rare treat! 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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15 comments to Blowing The Budget With A Simple Flick Of The Wrist

  • Just think how good it would have been for our sinuses to have consumed said soup.  Of course we wont mention the fact that it made me cough just smelling it.  Hey mom, it could be a new “taste sensation”!

  • @Ex_Goat_Milker – Ummmmmmmm…………no.  Definitely NOT a new taste sensation.

  • We LOVED being there!

    And a bike ride- good for you girls!

    Love you all-

  • A blessing in disquise! You got to have the rare treat of dinner with your dh on a Work Day! Awesome!

  • A blessing in disquise! You got to have the rare treat of dinner with your dh on a Work Day! Awesome!

  • I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when that pepper dumped in the pot! You had to be a tad startled!!!!

    Glad you had a wonderful day, and an evening with your Sweetheart.

  • I so enjoyed your post this morning.  How wonderful that an upsetting situation turned into such a treat!  Enjoy your weather as you know most of the country is freezing.  We here in Southeast Florida are having very cool temps…its 52 degrees at 8:12 am.  For us….freezing.  Have a blessed day and thank you for keeping me centered to what is truly important in this life. 

  • I, too, have learned to laugh when something like that happens.  It is the stuff of family legends… remember when?  I would have loved to see the look on your face, though.

    We are up to a balmy 16 degrees.  It was -18 when I awoke yesterday but parts of Chicago was -34!

    I look at the header on my blog and know there will be a day when it will be warm and there will be flowers in bloom.  Someday.

  • How I chuckled about your day – it was so like mine!  I had planned to whip up a quick batch of eggplant parmesan after our afternoon company left.  However, we had so much fun with our sweet friends that afternoon turned into 5:30.  Did I mention that we eat at 6:00?  I made a call to my sweet husband and asked how he felt about pizza for dinner.  He ordered the pizza, picked it up and brought it home.  What a guy!   Tonight – eggplant parmesan (maybe)!

  • This *is* beautiful weather we’re having but I have a feeling that a cold snap is around the corner and the false spring blooms will be in for a surprise.

    The pepper thing – been there – done that. Oy!

  • a new recipe to cure;;;;;;;;;;?  LOL– it would be nice to say that I have never done something like that but alas I cannot—

    but it still made a good memory—–hugs, Meme

  • Sometimes you’ve just gotta go with the flow! I’m glad your husband had a sense of humor about it and you too!


  • I think we’ve all had something like that happen. At least your budget had the breathing room for a back up plan. πŸ™‚

  • Um, remind me not to ask you to pass the pepper. πŸ˜‰ (kidding)

    Sorry that the broth was ruined, but I am glad that you were able to meet Copper and spend some time together on a work night. πŸ™‚

    We have SNOW today!  No bike riding for us. lol. Glad you enjoyed your visit with your friends. That’s always a great way to spend the day.


  • When I had been married for only 9 months I went to move a pot of spaghetti from the counter to the table….instead I threw it to the freshly scrubbed floor. The hormone relaxin can be a cruel thing (I was 8 months pregnant.) I did not laugh; I cried. My darling husband promptly jumped in to clean up the mess while I changed out of splattered clothes. Then he whisked me out the door for dinner out. At the restaurant… I finally laghed. It’s good to hear those stories. Thanks for sharing.