Simple Assurance

     A simple bit of assurance for you to ponder in the days ahead:

     “Luther was once found at a moment of peril and fear, when he had need to grasp unseen strength, sitting in an abstracted mood tracing on the table with his finger the words, “Vivit!  Vivit!”  (“He lives!  He lives!”).  It is our hope for ourselves, and for His truth, and for mankind.  Men come and go;  leaders, teachers, thinkers speak and work for a season, and then fall silent and impotent.  He abides.  They die, but He lives.  They are lights kindled, and, therefore, sooner or later quenched;  but He is the true light from which they draw all their brightness, and He shines forevermore.” 

     Alexander Maclaren, from today’s reading in Streams in the Desert.

     Have a blessed Lord’s Day!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to Simple Assurance

  • Where to find it?  Can you tell me where to find the kindness and love that I saw and felt in the church of my childhood?  Right now is a lean time in all ways.  The church of my childhood is no longer there and it was not perfect but it was a safe place.  We cannot find a safe place among believers.

    My daughter is in her early 30’s and the last church we went to was very small and we loved it there and knew many of the people from the past.  This guy kept watching my daughter….odd.  He would get up come over and shake hands with our row.  After weeks of him watching her, following us to our car we checked him out on the internet only to find out that he was a sex offender that had been sentenced for 17 years and served 5.  The pastor a young man had invited him to church and he and his young wife saw and knew all that was going on and said nothing.  My aunt one of the workers in the church knew and also said nothing.  In fact, the pastors wife who is snooty and arrogant had tried to set my daughter up with this man knowing his background.

    We left and have not gone back.  The churches near our home are large and are all about money.  Money to build this and that but the church itself is not full.  Money for missions is a huge pull on the people and yet the single mothers who are striving to feed there children, people we set next to in church get nothing.  No word of encouragement, no bag of groceries, no sidewalk cleaned of snow when they come home after dark from a full days work.  Where can we find a caring place that has is priorities in the right order.  I won’t go through what my life has held in the last 10 years but I am so weary and just want to belong to a church where I can help and feel cared about.

    Thanks for listening.

  • @rwendt – 

    Dear One,
        As I read your comment to my post this morning, I heard the pain in your voice.  I cannot tell you where to find the “perfect church”, because there is no perfect church.  All churches, my own beloved church included, are filled with sinners, saved by grace.  We are all imperfect this side of glory.  You mention nothing of your own personal family situation, so I don’t know if you are married and/or if your husband is a Christian.  I admonish you to seek the Lord about your church situation.  Lay your fears, concerns, etc. at His precious feet, which is where such things belong.  If you are married to a believing man, pray for him and trust him to lead your family to the church where the Lord would have you and then make the most of that situation! 
        In the interim, what can you and your daughter do to minister to some of those in need that you see around you?  Can you, perhaps, deliver a hot meal to a working, single mama just as she arrives home from work?  Can you invite she and her children to a meal with you?  Can the two of you sneak over during the day and clear her walkway?  The “church”, God’s church, is made up of individuals, all of whom are called to minister to the sick, hurting and needy around us.  I know funds are probably tight, they’re tight here, too.  I’m just saying to do what you can yourself.  Others may follow your lead.

  • @copperswife –   Thank you for responding.  We do for others in the ways you describe and will continue to.  My mother is in a nursing home having never recovered after a massive stroke in ways I do not have the space to explain here mom still needs a lot of my time, my husband left 18 years ago and I teach 31 first grade students each day.  We are just looking for a smaller place to feel safe where we can help I guess.  I could just be overwhelmed and tired.  It will pass.  Thanks!

  • Thank you Cheryl for sharing that thought with us. How wonderful to know that He is in control and always will be! Amen!

    rwendt – I will be praying for you too. We all have those times of being overwhelmed by what goes on around us! Keep your eyes on Jesus! He will carry you thru.

  • @rwendt –   The best advice I can offer you is to pray about your chuch situation and ask the Lord to make it clear where you should be worshipping.  Be open to His plan, remembering that where He may be leading you might be quite different than what you have in mind for yourself!  In the meantime, be sure you are spending some time every day in His precious Word….soaking it up and drinking it in.  I know your days are very full with teaching and caring for your mother, but make some time to be in the Word.  It’s vital!