Just A Quick Note or Two

     The Internet can be a cold, impersonal place.  It can also be a warm, friendly place.  Last night I mentioned that I would send the brown knit hat to the first person who left a comment asking for it.  Ace was first.  tjsnana (Bren) was second.  After reading about the serious COLD that is happening in Bren’s part of the world right now, Ace told me to send the hat to Bren!  What a gracious, caring thing to do!  Thank you, Ace.

     Heather mentioned the other day that the homemade Buttermilk Baking Mix recipe was not in the side bar.  She was right!  I had to search quite awhile to find it myself, but it is now in the recipes section of the side bar.  It has its own heading, and I’ll add recipes that use the baking mix as time allows.  Thanks, Heather, for letting me know it was missing.

     We are continuing to enjoy unseasonably warm, wonderful weather, and we are still keeping quite busy.  Our wonderful work horse BCS tiller had to go to the shop today.  It began burning oil and smoking something fierce this afternoon when it was started to till the row for the new raspberry canes.  I’m praying that it will be a quick and inexpensive repair. 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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3 comments to Just A Quick Note or Two

  • Sigh… it was -18 when I got up this morning.  Even the schools that were going to go on a two hour delay decided to cancel.  Of course, all the county schools were already closed as this is not the weather to have kids on buses.

    By the way, one of the reasons the Net is such a warm place is YOU.  🙂

  • I wish I could make it over here more often to tell you what a blessing and inspiration your blog posts are to me.  Not only in how you run your household and your homeschool, but in how you are with your husband, and how you deal with your children.  I learn something each and every time I visit.  I subscribed, so I get to read every post, I just haven’t had much time to come and tell you how special you are to me!  I’m grateful for women like you that share their lives so that the rest of us can learn from them, and hopefully make a difference in our own homes.  You are loved Cheryl!  You’re a treasure!

    Much love ~ Kathryn

  • Hi Cheryl,

    You make me blush! I didn’t even know it was Bren, so she emailed me and we had a great laugh! You are too sweet.

    Many Blessings 🙂