The Good Earth

     I started reading The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck, a week or so ago, wanting to pre-read it before giving it to my fifteen year old son to read for school.  I loved the book, but Aaron will not be reading it for awhile.  The story of a Chinese farmer, beginning with the day of his marriage and following the many years of his long life, was captivating.   The author’s familiarity with the Chinese culture helped make the story, set in pre-revolutionary China, come alive.  The brief chapters tempted me to always read “just one more” before closing the book for the night!   While there was nothing graphic contained in the story, there are references to the marriage bed, prostitution and polygamy that might offend some, and which have led me to set this modern classic aside for my son for another year or two.  However, I enjoyed this novel very much. 
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     Please read this post and this post for more information and to understand why I think it is so vitally important that you are reading!

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3 comments to The Good Earth

  • The Good Earth – oh, I adored this book.  I read it when I was a young child.  My mother was a voracious reader and passed that along to myself and my sister.  I am never without a book and majored in literature in college.  Reading is truly a gift from God.  I will have to pick up the book again, as it’s been ages since I read it. Thank you for encourging reading…it’s vital and so much fun! 

  • I have been very surprised with some of the books my kids were assigned in school to read.  My youngest (right now) only has two years left till she is finished.  my son graduates in four months.  Since I am expecting a child now I have been giving serious consideration to home schooling.  I do not like many of the things my kids have been exposed to.  Some of the language in the books is horrid.  My daughter actually brought one book to me and I could not believe the foul language.  She herself could not believe a teacher had assigned this book to read!

  • @buana –  Reading is vital.  The Bible, first and foremost, of course; but a variety of other reading is also quite good for us!!

    @juejee –  I would encourage all Christian parents to at least seriously consider homeschooling.  However, you will still need to be quite vigilant in preserving your own family’s standards.  While I enjoyed The Good Earth, it is not right for my son at this point in time (though there was no foul language or anything graphic).  The book was recommended on a homeschool book list for high schoolers that I have come to know and trust.  Obviously, I will have to be more careful in even selecting books from this trusted source.