Our Saturday


     Submitting my on-line order for bare root strawberry plants and seed potatoes.  Thankful for God’s provision of the funds to purchase these in a timely manner.

     A ton of laundry washed, folded or hung, and put neatly away.  

     Trying to catch up with this week’s Money Life podcasts on my Zune.   I’m enjoying the useful tips and Biblical perspective on today’s economy.

     Using that Zune listening time to fold laundry and iron.  Flannel shirts for my husband.  Church clothes for my sons.  Cloth napkins, lots and lots of cloth napkins, for our every day use.

     Readying church clothes, packing play clothes, preparing three dishes to share at potluck, making a pot of soup for Sunday supper and a coffee cake for  Sunday breakfast, packing Bibles and notebooks and serving utensils,  and preparing my home in advance of the Lord’s Day.  Dani and I will go to bed tonight tired, but we will wake up in the morning with most all of the work necessary for our Sunday behind us.  

     Diligently working on lesson plans for the coming homeschool week.  Why do I always wait until late in the day Saturday to start this? 

     Allowing muscles, made sore earlier this week planting five dozen asparagus crowns, to rest a bit, but knowing it was good to give those “planting muscles” an early work out.

     You have a blessed Lord’s Day!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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14 comments to Our Saturday

  • A very fruitful S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y!!!

  • Mama Cheryl, you made me tired just READING about your Saturday!

  • What a full, wonderful day you’ve had!  May you and your family have a blessed Lord’s Day. 

  • Busy Saturdays are something to embrace because Sunday’s *should* be restful so it’s worth the exhausted fall into bed, especially if the sheets are freshly line dried!

    Even though my headache persisted, things needed to be done. I was able to make a very large pot of chicken stock and portion it out in freezer bags then into the deep freeze they went. On Thursday I purchased hamburger, steak and chops from C*stco so need to portion that out as well (and freeze). I organized the freezer and made a list of what was added (for the inside grocery list) then I made a menu for the week. I still need a few items from Trader Joe’s but Lizzie will go pick those things up tomorrow. I did two loads of whites and a load of bath towels. Did you know I make my own laundry soap? I find it to be far superior than the manufactured variety!

    and… I rested that head of mine. This morning the train still runs through my head at a pretty good clip but at least my eyeballs no longer hurt.

    Bless you this precious day of rest…   Jane

  • ***steak and chops from C*stco so need to portion that ***

    ooops. that’s “needed”, as in, already done. :o)

  • Busy, but so productive! I can’t wait to read about your strawberries
    and potatoes! Our place is very small so I am looking into container
    gardening this year and those are two things that I want to try and

  • such a lovely day…thanks for sharing it with us.

    my Lord’s Day was wonderful this morning – good services and wonderful hymns today.  We sang some of my favorites and I always love it when that “happens”.  (We need to find a word that describes a lovely surprise from the Lord that seems like a coincidence to the world, but we know it isn’t!)

    I pray your week goes well, especially that Will feels more comfortable with the schedule again, since he got to spend more time with Dad last week.  You know, I’m sure you were all feeling so glad to have Copper home, and hated to see him make a run for supplies, but Will was just transparent enough to say so!  I love the open faces of these children of ours.  So uncomplicated even though they are quite complex.  Makes me long to be more “open faced” myself – bottling up emotion is very stressful and exhausting.  You always feel much better after a good cry.

    I really don’t know why I’m rambling along with this comment!  I guess I just wanted to chat with you today. 

  • How creative Cheryl!!!! What a wonderful, blessed day you had-as usual!!!!

  • How creative Cheryl!!!! What a wonderful, blessed day you had-as usual!!!!

  • Cheryl,

    The reason you wait until later in the day Saturday to start the lesson plans is because of all the other things you do earlier! LOL.  Something has to be done later in the day saturdays as everything can’t be done at the same time.  Have a blessed day!

  • @ladyjanesjournal – Yes!  The Lord’s Day should be a day of rest, and that is why we strive to do as much as we can in advance.  I’ve always compared it to the Israelites collecting a double portion of manna in the wilderness on the day before the Sabbath.  I hope that headache is better soon.
    @craftymom4 –  I will certainly be sharing about our strawberries, potatoes and everything else as the year progresses.  Container gardening is a wonderful idea for those with limited space. 

    @ObtainingMercy – I’m glad you were up for a chat.  I enjoyed it very much.  You always have such great insight into things.

    @mamabeanof4 – Amy!! Long time, no see!!

    @beehiveof8 – I’m giggling, but you are right; the lesson plans do wait while the things that need to be completed earlier in the day are done.

  • Cna you tell me how I add Money Life to my zune???  Thank you very much!

  • Very clever! Thanks for sharing your day with us. :o)

  • How funny that I didn’t notice your acrostic until after I read your post about your boys doing one! As I scrolled on down I saw that you had used the word Saturday. I am a little slow sometimes! LOL!