Time Sensitive Work

     Mondays are relatively slow days for us.  We consider our Mondays to be almost the same sort of day that most folks have on Saturday.  We do homeschool on Monday, but Monday is my husband’s first at home day off of the week.  Today, though it has not been a rushed-busy kind of day, has still been quite productive.  Most of the work I did was of a time sensitive nature.   

     For the last couple of months, my children and I have done the majority of the day’s chores right after breakfast.  I print up a single list that we all work from.  The list includes the chores that much be done every day, as well as the weekly chores for that particular day of the week.  My personal chores aren’t on this list, but all of the others are.  With four of us working from the same list, the work seems to get done very quickly.  I generally also print up a list of the monthly, quarterly, etc. chores that should be done during this particular week.  We all try to grab three or four of those chores every morning, too. 

     With the majority of the day’s chores behind us, the boys and I were ready to meet together in the school room for the subjects we cover together.  Larger families call this circle time, but we just gather for “the stuff we do together”.   We work together on our hymn of the week ,  Scripture memory, the Westminster Shorter Catechism, and have our morning Bible/devotional time together.  There is a short bit of creative writing.  We have the foundation for our current Fine Arts study during this time, as well as a joint Language Arts study of some sort.  There are daily math drills from CalcuLadder to keep the boys computation skills sharp, too.  We have our morning read aloud time then, as well.   

     Do you enjoy a “circle time” with your children every day?  Oh, you really should give it a try!  It is quite possible to accomplish this with a variety of ages all involved together, and there is so much joy in learning together!  If you’re just not sure where to start in having circle time, or if you would like some new ideas to keep this sweet part of your homeschool day fresh, I would heartily recommend that you click on over to my friend Kendra’s blog and download a copy of her new e-book, Circle Time:  Plan the Best Part of Your Day.  We’ve enjoyed having a time of learning together during our school days for a few years now.  My only regret is that I wish I’d discovered circle time when my girls were still being homeschooled.

     The boys and I are working through a fairly broad study of poetry using the book,  R Is for Rhyme, as an outline and then supplementing quite a bit.  We’re using the great lessons from this book found at Serendipity, but I’m ramping them up just a bit for Aaron.  I’m not sure if Mrs. Foss will continue fleshing out the lessons for the rest of the book, but I’m extremely grateful for the four lessons available. They have given me enough inspiration that I can follow through with the rest of the book if she discontinues the study on her site.


     Today, as we continued our study of Acrostic poetry, the boys enjoyed beginning their own acrostic using our last name.  When I suggested that they try using a dictionary and/or thesaurus to help them, they looked at me as if I’d suggested that they cheat!!  They were quite giddy when I explained that a dictionary and thesaurus are writer’s tools and that not only “could” they use them, but that I encouraged them to use them!!  Such fun! 






     I had to laugh when Aaron used “indefatigable” for the I in our last name.  Apparently his acrostic for our family features us in quite a noble light, or maybe he just reads too much British literature.









     Copper worked on the bathroom for most of the day.  He’s doing such a nice job of laying the tile.  The only other tile work he has ever done was putting the tile floor in our mudroom (now sewing nook).  He’s always been particular about detail, and the work he is doing in the bathroom is proof of that.  It’s beautiful and it will be well worth the wait when the project is finally done.






     I’m so glad we chose the decorative tiles for the back splash.  I think it will be so pretty once we’ve painted the walls and the cabinets.









     The guys have to pick up a load of hay for our livestock in the morning, but my husband should be able to grout the tile tomorrow.








     Will hung out and did some of his school work in the bathroom with his dad today.  Check it out:  The pink post it note on the shower tells him which pages he’s supposed to read.  He has his Nerf gun handy on the side of the tub.  See the two dots on the back shower wall?  Nerf darts!  I guess he had some target practice going on in there, too!   

     I’d hoped to work on a couple of projects today, but it didn’t happen.  That’s okay.  My boys, typically, work on school work independently in the afternoons.  More or less.  Today was a more kind of day, especially for Will.  He didn’t have any problems, but most of his afternoon assignments required special instructions and/or help from Mom.  I spent most of the day quite near where he was working so that I could help him get his assignments going.  There aren’t too many days like this where I am needed so much, and I know that the frequency will only diminish with time.  I can sew anytime.  I didn’t get my Valentine banners done last year, and I won’t get them done this year.  Maybe next year.  What I did accomplish today was of much greater importance.  Teaching my children is time sensitive work.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to have spent the day just as I did.   

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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6 comments to Time Sensitive Work

  • I love that Will did his school work where Dad was. I am sure he picked up a few lwssons on tile while there. (and shooting practice…those darts always stick great on the shower!) Boys are such a blessing!

  • Oh, did I see a Daniel Webster’s 1828 dictionary in the pic with Aaron???  LOL!  I LOVE that dictionary.  It’s the only one I use for my study and writing times.  I also found the online version which just thrilled me to no end!!!

    The thesaurus, though, is my favorite tool when writing!  It seems my mind will get “stuck” and I know the idea I want, but not the word.  So I use the thesaurus on the Microsoft Office Word program and also one I found online.  The one that is online also has a dictionary that comes in handy when I’m unsure of my spelling (of a modern word that can’t be found in the 1828.)

    I love reference books!!!  They are my friends!

    And that tile is preeeeeeetty!!!  Can’t wait to see it finished!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  • @tjsNana – Yep, they are a blessing indeed!

    @ObtainingMercy – Webster’s 1828 is our “go to” dictionary.  We always check it first.  Reference works are such great tools.  After reading, I think that learning to use reference works is one of the most important things I can teach my children.  

  • Circle time or morning time is something I desire to implement in our home. I know all the great reasons for it. It’s just so hard to get started.
    Love your posts as always.

  • Love the study time in the bathroom.

  • So sweet my friend!

    “Indefatigable” is a perfect descriptor for your productive family!  Thanks so much for spending time with the girls on Sunday.  That was so special.    : )

    Blessings and Prayers,Rebecca