Childhood Creativity

     I’m rather choosy about what I put into my reading basket.  My reading time is precious, and I am loathe to see it wasted on books that are not encouraging, edifying, informative or entertaining.  I generally only choose books that have been recommended by a source I trust, or that have been mentioned in books that I have enjoyed.  This practice means that I will, usually, like the books that I read, and that I will, usually, give them a favorable review.  Usually.
     A Time to Play: Reflections on Childhood and Creativity, written by Miriam Huffman Rockness, was a book I’d long looked forward to reading.  Having previously enjoyed her, Home, God’s Design: Celebrating a Sense of Place, I looked forward to reading her book on children and creativity.  Though Mrs. Rockness writes from a christian perspective, I found her book contained far too many references to child psychology and far too few references to Scripture.  Mrs. Rockness is also decidedly pro public education and seemingly against homeschooling.  The two hundred page book, divided into quickly read chapters of two or three pages, contained some good practical ideas for providing a nurturing environment for your children that would inspire their creativity.  However, there are other books that do a much better job of this while at the same time promoting Christian home education and endorsing a biblical view of parenting and child training.    
     A Time to Play: Reflections on Childhood and Creativity (* *)

     Please read this post and this post for more information and to understand why I think it is so vitally important that you are reading! 

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1 comment to Childhood Creativity

  • Soooo true…about “twaddle” books!!!

    Thank you for this review, Cheryl. It’s so very important to choose our books wisely. This process may certainly whittle down our choices but in the end that is a very necessary step to establishing what’s truly excellent.

    I’m so thankful for you. :o)