I’m Still Blogging

     I’m still blogging, or at least planning on it; and I’m still blogging here at Xanga (though the rumors of my relocating in the future do ring with some truth).  I’ve spent the last week or so trying to shake a virus of some sort.  It’s been one of those bugs that leaves me feeling less than great but not really sick, either.  Ugh!  I am, though, feeling much better today!
     Our days are incredibly full right now.  So full, in fact, that a few things that were not quite “necessary” have been pushed aside until they have now become matters of primary importance!  The last dormant spraying of the orchard, for example, and the pruning of the vineyard, roses and a few young landscape trees.  My hopes of having early spring crop seeds started indoors have not yet come to fruition, and we must get them going this week! 
     Copper’s days off are filled with trying to accomplish the many tasks that fall to him (like spraying the orchard), and he’s still trying to finish the remodel of the main bathroom.  Not much new on that front except frustration and multiple trips to the hardwork store (Will’s term for the hardware store) for plumbing parts! 
     We are here, we’re just blessed with an abundance of work in this midwinter season.  The Lord has blessed us, at long last, with a good deal of rain, and our wee bit of drought stricken land has finally reached saturation.  I’m so thankful!!
     I’m hoping to be back soon to share a bit about what we’ve been up to, and I have a few links to share, too.  I’ve enjoyed reading in the evenings, and you can scroll down to just below this post, if you’d like, to read reviews of the last two books I’ve completed.  I hope to see you soon!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!

Proverbs 31:27 

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7 comments to I’m Still Blogging

  • I love your posts, keep them coming.  You remind me a lot of a dear friend of mine in San Diego.  She doesn’t blog.  I enjoy hearing about your garden, homeschool and children.  You are blessed!

  • Gotta love those rumors that get started!

    Sorry to hear about the plumbing issues.  Yuck!  William’s name for the hardware store made me smile!

    I remember your talking about a Kindle a while back.  I thought you might be interested in reading this young man’s review of it.  He and his family recently returned to China from a 4-month stay in the US (deputation, I believe, although they don’t call it that, due to living in China.)  Anyway, here’s the post to his review.

    Have a great day!

  • I love your comments about the rain. It is such a wonderful thing to look in the back yard and see puddles because our dry ground is saturated with the good rain we have received over the last few weeks. I have pondering the concept of a rain barrel to capture the goodness for a drier day. I chuckled over your son’s description of the hardware store. When the daddy at our house goes, we say he’s going to “buy work.”

    Happy Tuesday!

    Elizabeth V.

  • Hope you feel 100% soon!


  • This rain is a welcome sight, isn’t it? Yesterday, Rocky and I were talking about picking up some rain barrels..found some on Craigslist for a very low price as compared to fancy ones found on the internet. It’d be nice to funnel this rainwater from the gutter into the barrels for use in the summer for our garden and such. We’re considering removing the grass from the front yard and putting down mulch instead as well as some more drought resistent shrubbery, etc. Rocky’s talking to our new neighbor about it so that perhaps we both can have like-yards. Can Copper spray the orchard even while there’s rain? Not sure how that works.

  • @ladyjanesjournal – Rain barrels are a very good idea, so long as you can keep them mosquito free.  Will they be watching your water consumption there in the city?  Water is a precious commodity!  The spray we’re using this year has a bit of a “sticking” agent in it so that it won’t wash off the trees.  However, it looks like today would be a good day either way.

  • Water consumption in the city is monitored and the price keeps going up. Joy. As to mosquitos, there are pellet thingies you can use in the water containers to combat that. We’re hopeful. What’s amazing is that the mosquitos in our area are alive and busy even in 35 degree weather. They must have invisible fur coats. hehe.