Blessedly Busy & Incredibly Blessed


     We have been blessedly busy.  I say that a lot, I know, but it’s so true.  There is a kind of busy where one is just scurrying from place to place or activity to activity.  That kind of busy is just tiring, and it is generally not too productive.  However, when I refer to being blessedly busy I am referring to the everyday work of a household.  Children learning, playing and engaged in meaningful work and play.  The adult members of the household find themselves also meaningfully employed doing the tasks before them.  The whole family is working hard, but we are working on tasks in and around our home as ordained by the Lord for us.  Some of the work is of the sort that must be done every day – laundry, meal preparation and clean up, dusting and sweeping.  Some of the work is of a longer term, more maintenance oriented nature – rinsing out the filters for the heating system, cleaning the dead leaves out of the flower beds, and having the van serviced.  Yet it’s even more wonderful when really long term and/or long-awaited projects begin to come to fruition!  We’ve had a bit of all of this today!  (Photo:  The buds beginning to swell on one of our cherry trees.)

     My husband and I left this morning to drop the van off at our local garage.  The initial estimate for all of the necessary repairs was less than my husband had anticipated.  We continued on to the nearby city in his car to take care of some errands for our church and to pick up a couple of items at Home Depot.  While we were gone, Dani and the boys took care of all of the daily chores, all of the Monday chores, and made a good-sized dent in the monthly chores assigned for the week.  What a wonderful surprise all of that was to come home to! 

     I kept the laundry running and did some necessary school planning for the next week as well as looking into and planning a few things for the coming weeks.  It’s great fun to have an ambitious high school literature student in my homeschool!  Aaron is tackling some books that I’ve never read, and I am looking forward to prereading some classics for him this year.  I’ll be starting The Good Earth this evening, and I’ll need to hurry a bit as he’ll be ready for it in a week or so. 


     After lunch, the boys did some weeding in our winter garden.  The onions and garlic are looking good!  Aaron weeded the onions, while Will tackled the Rainbow Chard.  Will also cleaned the dead leaves out of the front flower beds for me.





     A bit of planting was accomplished on our homestead today, as well.  Our tiller, with its brand, spankin’ new engine, was given a bit of a work out.  Copper quickly tilled a new row in our berry patch, and Aaron planted all eight of my raspberry canes.  We purposely left room for an additional row of blackberries between the existing blackberries and the new raspberries.  I like to think ahead about how many total rows of something I want as we’re expanding.











     My bare root asparagus crowns arrived on Saturday.  I was so thrilled to see the FedEx truck pull in that I ran out to meet him!






     Copper went to work on a new planting area that will be our asparagus bed.  Lord willing, the tiny crowns we plant this year will grow and supply us with asparagus for the next twenty years!  Isn’t that amazing?  We want to be sure to plant them just as instructed to maximize their potential. 







     Oh, it will be so hard this year to not harvest too many spears.  It’s very important that we harvest just enough, perhaps, for one, scrumptious sampling so that the spears can develop into fronds that can mature and send nourishment back to the crowns for future years. 

     We’ve not had much rain, but the ground was wet enough to make the deep tilling and trenching necessary difficult.  My husband worked quite awhile on it, then let it dry a bit in the warm sun before returning to the task just before sundown.  It will take several days to do the job.  That’s okay.  The crowns are sound asleep, for now. 





      Copper is a wonder, I tell you.  When he was not tilling out in the berry patch and garden area, he was in the house working on a long awaited project.  I recently mentioned to you that our home was bought in pretty rough shape.  One of the things we’ve wanted to do for quite some time is to begin redoing the bathrooms.  The sink in the the main bathroom is almost rusted through, though that fact is just out of sight in this shot. 












     This is the bathroom most likely to be used by guests, and it is also the bathroom that Dani and Will use. 







     The formica counters in the bathrooms, as well as in my kitchen, are a textured, fake leather look that is just not at all suitable for these areas.  Nooks and crannies are not a good feature!  Our well water is quite hard, and we have enjoyed the hard water stains on the textured counters since we bought the house. 






     Once the water shut off valves were replaced under the sink, my husband made short work of tearing out the sink, faucet and counter top.  The big mirror was also removed and set safely aside.  By supper time, he had the new plywood top cut for the counter.  

     The new counter top will be white ceramic tile, with a few decorative tile worked into the back splash.  The color scheme is two shades of blue and the accents are all brushed nickel.  Believe it or not, this will be a fairly inexpensive job.  I’ll update you as we go along.  Dani and I are very excited to see this project finally coming to fruition!   

     The last several days have seen things in my home begin to return to their proper order and we are already seeing some good fruit born from that.  Isn’t the Lord good?  He is so faithful to me, even when I can be so wayward.  Copper spent some time today with the boys resetting some house rules that have been allowed to slacken and reminding them of their own priorities in our home.  Even there the Lord blessed, giving the boys soft hearts to hear their dad’s words and to accept his authority and counsel with good humor. 

     Several times today as I saw Will working, I heard him singing softly as he labored.  “A joyful heart makes a cheerful face!” (Prov. 15:13)  It certainly made me smile, and it was a sweet balm to this mama’s heart!  Later, when my husband needed to make a second trip to town to exchange a couple of ill fitting parts, William was heart broken.  My husband was gone all of last week in mandatory training, and he was missed.  I quickly called my husband on his cell phone and asked if he wouldn’t please turn around and come back for our youngest.  Will and I walked quickly down the road to meet Copper on his return.  A happy little boy hopped into that car with his dad!!   “He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers….” (Malachi 4:6) 


    Will has been working very hard on digging a subterranean area into his fort.   He spent hours on it last Saturday.









Today, while Copper and Will were in town, Aaron headed out to the fort and dug out quite a bit, surprising and delighting Will on his return.  This was even more sweet, sweet balm to my heart today.  The last couple of weeks or so have not been good for these two brothers and their relationship. 









      It blessed me greatly today to see my six foot tall, growing-up-way-too-fast fifteen year old, do something so sweet and fun for his little brother!

     Oh, we are blessed, greatly blessed, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still having our share of worldly woes.  As the day progressed, the original estimate for repairing our van rose with every phone call from the garage until it was tripled.  One bad wheel bearing is really two, and there is more there that requires repair than just the wheel bearings.  The electrical woes in the lighting harness that allows us to pull our utility trailer continue to vex everyone concerned.  Unfortunately, all of these repairs, save the repair of a broken power window on the driver’s side, are necessary.  We rely on our little trailer for transporting hay for our animals, as well as for various other necessities around the homestead, so the lighting must be fixed.  It’s painful, of course, but I know that the Lord will show us ways to cut a bit here and there to cover the cost.  He provides for us so abundantly that we can certainly pare back a bit to keep our van rolling along.  

     With no more overtime likely for quite awhile, we will enjoy having Copper home through Wednesday this week.  He’s anxious to see how far he can get with the bathroom project.  The children and I will resume our normal homeschool routine, and we’ll all be working on the normal, everyday tasks that the Lord blesses us with each day.   

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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13 comments to Blessedly Busy & Incredibly Blessed

  • It did my heart good to read your wise words today. Isnt’ it amazing how God moves in just in the right time to stir our spirit to get our home back like it should be?! May you be blessed beyond your belief this week!

  • It did my heart good to read your wise words today. Isnt’ it amazing how God moves in just in the right time to stir our spirit to get our home back like it should be?! May you be blessed beyond your belief this week!

  • I enjoy your blog very much.  Have a great week friend!

  • What beautiful pictures of a lovely day outside!  Our weather is still to cold to plant, but we are so anxious to build our square foot garden beds and get started.  We have done our share of bathroom remodels – always a mess but so worth it in the end 🙂  Have a blessed week with your sweet family. 

  • Another great blog post.  I am excited to see how the bathroom turns out.  Have a blessed week IN HIM.

  • The GOod Earth is the last novel that I read, it’s been a couple of years already.  I really did like it.  Do you pre-read your son’s books to see if they are appropriate?  You may be surprised at some of the sexual content of this one (nothing graphic, but the still there).  I was.  Let me know what you think.

  • Great to hear you are doing well, if busy. Sorry to hear that the van is needing repairs. Seems like its always something. Isn’t it wonderful that we have the Lord to rely on. Can you imagine the stress and trials of people who don’t? Pretty sad.

    Looking forward to seeing how the bathroom work progresses.


  • I’m sure that you will miss the income from the overtime days, but at the same time, I know you’ll enjoy SO MUCH having Copper home for his days off!  He reminds me of Bren’s hubby in that he accomplishes SO many things while he’s home!  Wonderful examples to the sons following in their footsteps! 

    Can’t wait to see the bathroom when it’s done!  Very exciting!!!

    Praying for your unexpected needs to be met in an unexpected way,

  • Looks like a beautiful day out there! I really enjoy reading your blog. It’s such a joy to see you’ve a new topic when I check my subscriptions. You have inspired me to check my garden today for the things I can get busy with. It’s much too cold here to get much planting done, but that won’t stop me from planning! Thank you for the inspiration and the sprinkling of God’s word certainly uplifts my day as well. 

  • Having Copper home through Wednesday is a sweet trade-off for no overtime. I know that the Lord will supply all your needs according to His will. He’s so faithful, isn’t He? :o)

    Such sweet sentiments about the boys and how Copper came back for a very happy Will.

    The bathroom project is exciting!

    My heart longs for a bit of land to enjoy a good sized garden, but the Lord has gifted me with a small (eensy tiny) area to grow a few choice things and in that I must be content and thankful. :o) When you shared about the asparagus I immediately thought of it being saute’d with garlic and pepper in butter and olive oil, with a sprinkling of parmesan just before serving. yum.

    Enjoy your time with your sweetheart, dear friend.


  • Wow! That’s amazing! You all are getting so much done.

    Beautiful dirt Cheryl! We need, “I love dirt” shirts.

    Can’t wait to see pics of lush vines, stalks and stems!

  • Wonderful post today…as always!

    Those boys both warmed my heart today.

  • @SunnySideoftheRoom – We do need those shirts!!  I do love dirt….rich, black, good smelling, wonderful dirt!