Is Your Tank Full or Empty? – Why I Think Reading is Important for Every Woman!

I love reading. I always have. For some reason, my parents never felt the need to buy many books for our home, though I’m sure it would not have been a financial burden for them to have done so. Neither one of them were really readers. Oh, we had a […]

Is Your Tank Full or Empty? – Tuesday March 31, 2009

     I love reading.  I always have.  For some reason, my parents never felt the need to buy many books for our home, though I’m sure it would not have been a financial burden for them to have done so.  Neither one of them were really readers.  Oh, we […]

Check It Out!

     Be sure to come back here and click back to Kendra’s to read through the comments being left to the Marvelous Monday – Math posts.  I was truly hoping that we’d have some good discussion happening in the comments, and it is!  Tips are being offered, other math programs have been mentioned and some […]

Marvelous Mondays – Math

     Math!  Does the very word strike terror in the heart of most homeschooling moms?  I hope not.  However, there are oodles of math programs in the homeschool marketplace these days, with more new programs becoming available every year, and that can be very confusing.  Are they all the same?  When buying math curricula is […]

Saturday Acrostic 3/28/09

SATURDAY –      Sweet!  There is nothing sweeter than a grandbaby, and there are no calories, either.  Bliss!!!  I was doubly blessed to see my grandbabies twice this week, and I took every opportunity to cuddle any of them that I could lay my hands on.  Fortunately for me, there are still two little ones […]

Coming Soon

     This coming Monday, March 30, Kendra (Preschoolers and Peace) and I will begin a series of reviews of  homeschool curricula.  We’re calling it Marvelous Monday.  Each Monday, until we run out of topics, we will discuss what we’ve used and liked, as well as what we’ve used and not liked, in a particular subject […]


      What has been going on here?  Lots!  I’ll have a regular blog post up one day or another soon.  Our weather is glorious and we have been blessed with an abundance of work outside of the house, as well as inside.  It has been delightful!  We’re watering and irrigating and weeding and mowing and […]

What To Do Next Tuesday

     I wanted to let you know now what we’ll be doing next Tuesday, March 31, in the hope that you will join us.       Dani brought home red envelopes yesterday.  We will begin addressing them to President Obama, one or two at a time in spare moments, beginning today.  Tuesday morning we’ll use every […]

This Cracked Me Up!

     My blog is called “Copperswife” which evolved on its own from my calling myself “Copper’s Wife” here, there and yon around Blogland.  My identifying myself in this manner, as my husband’s wife, has been one of the things that has brought some of the more colorful comments left here, and at other places, about […]

Last Call For Animal Farm

     Barbara Curtis has opened the discussion of Animal Farm on her blog.  If you read along with us, click over to Mommy Life  and join in.  Barbara’s analysis of the book in her post is spot on!  My very brief review is found here.     We’re celebrating Copper’s father’s birthday here this evening.  There will […]