Saturday Acrostic 3/21/09


     Spring officially arrived yesterday, very lamb like.  The day was sunny, quite warm and absolutely lovely.  Today, though, dawned cloudy and much cooler.  We had a sprinkle or two this morning, and then a steadier rain towards evening.  We won’t have too much rain, just a enough to water the ground just now dry from the soaking, heavy rains of a few weeks ago. 
     Analyzing some physical symptoms that Will has been experiencing, and trying to discern where this is all headed.  Our past experience tells us that he is either coming down with an illness or is about to experience a spike in his Tourette’s and its related conditions.  I’m praying for him and whatever the near future holds.

     Thankful, am I, for an honest, Christian mechanic right here in our own tiny town.  I’m thankful, too, for good, dear friends who allowed us to use one of their vehicles this week.  Our van was towed home from church last Sunday and has been in the shop, again, all week.  We bought our van, used, several years ago, and it is now 8 years old; but repairing it to keep it running is still the wisest choice.  Thanks to our mechanic, our van runs better now than it has for months!  Special thanks to EK, Lisa, and Don  for the use of the Bravada.  It was certainly a blessing to have wheels to get home Sunday afternoon, and Dani and I were able to go to town and do the mega shop yesterday due to their generosity.  MUCH to be thankful for!    
     Understanding, though, that we’ll need to mind our pennies even more closely in the coming days to recover the $1,000 the repairs ran.  I’m seeking His wisdom for this, and trusting Him to provide.  Whether His provision comes through the unexpected blessing of extra work for my husband or through the wisdom He gives us to stretch the household dollars further, it will still be from His hand on not of our own doing. 
     Recommending, highly, a couple of things to you.  First, pour yourself a cup of something hot and delicious, then settle in for 25 minutes with the 3/20/09 podcast, “God’s Plan for Hope and a Future” from Crown Financial Ministries.  You will be blessed!  Click right here to find it.  Second, but not less highly recommended, be sure to read Rhonda’s great article of encouragement for homemakers.

     Daredevils!  Trick tractor riding.  Insane swinging.  BOYZ!!!  They crack me up!

     Allowing myself a bit of time to rest and read late in the day today, as the machines in my laundry room continued to work for me.  Our clothing for tomorrow is ironed and hung ready for our Lord’s Day morning.  My potluck (pot providence?) chicken was in the oven and the bread for my side dish was thawing.  Dani already had tomorrow morning’s breakfast (baked donuts) and our potluck dessert (Brownies) ready to go.  My bit of rest came after 3o minutes on the treadmill….my speed, duration and distance have all increased this week!
     Yearning for the Lord’s Day tomorrow.  Looking forward to the recalibration and resetting that happens there.  Such joy!  Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

1- Will swinging
2 – Our van, the Bravada, and Bailey, the neighbor’s horse
3 – Aaron.  Yes, the mower was moving!
4 – Will.  Oy!
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7 comments to Saturday Acrostic 3/21/09

  • Your boys are SO brave!!! I will certainly be praying for Will.

    I plan to listen to the podcast you recommended. I am sitting her trying to decide if I will attend church…I had 3 hours sleep and Emerson just went down for a nap. I would have to wake her up to get her ready…..still deciding.

  • Thank you for the links – I’ll be visiting those soon. :o)

    I’m ever thankful how our Lord supplies our basic and not so basic needs from time to time. I trust He’s already got your needs ($1000 van repairs) in the works and will bless your desire to honor Him in His provision.

    Praying for Will. <>< It’s an honor.

    Daredevil tractor riding – oy! Reminds me of when I watched Lizzie (’bout 11 years ago) ride down a steep driveway into the street. What was she riding, you ask? A skateboard…with a lawn chair atop. eye rollage.

    About those donuts… yum.

    Off to ready for church…. bless you this day, Cheryl. :o)

    jAne at

  • those last 2 pics of the boys are definate…

    i now in the spring..something clicks in Jayna and her aspergers symptoms flare..a great friend who’s son has Tourettes says the same, spring and fall…sometihng happens and it’s like they need to be recalibrated…..but it is what it is..and they wouldn’t be the awesome kids they are without that as part of their make-up..

    take care

  • Praying for you and your family!

    I love all the pictures posted.  Your yard is sure greening up!  Beautiful!

  • Enjoyed your post and the link to the other blog.  Loved her article on homemakers.  Thanks for sharing.

  • @celinaboulanger –   “but it is what it is..and they wouldn’t be the awesome kids they are without that as part of their make-up..”   ——— Well said! 

  • My Family and I will be praying for Will as well as for the Rest of your Family.
    God Bless,