Saturday Acrostic 3/28/09


     Sweet!  There is nothing sweeter than a grandbaby, and there are no calories, either.  Bliss!!!  I was doubly blessed to see my grandbabies twice this week, and I took every opportunity to cuddle any of them that I could lay my hands on.  Fortunately for me, there are still two little ones who still enjoy lap time with Grandma.  And the not-quite-two-year-old with her chocolate chip cookie………sweetness (& chocolate) spread all the way to her shoulders!



     Asparagus!!  I am learning more, with each passing day, of my complete dependence on God for everything.  Just a couple of weeks ago I was lamenting that the asparagus crowns we planted, five dozen of them, were probably rotting in their trenches, flooded from the heavy late winter rains.  The trenches dried out, the soil warmed up and the asparagus began to sprout.  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!  Copper and I counted, and it appears that 55 of the 60 crowns survived.  We’ve not given up on the last five quite yet.  Copper tilled the soil we dug out of the trenches to plant the crowns and we have begun the task of covering the wee sprouts.  In another week, or so, we should have the trenches completely filled back in.  Then we’ll tackle the weeds. 


     Trust!  Do you see that word peeking over Aaron’s shoulder?  My oldest grandson trusts his Uncle Aaron, to a point.  In fact, he was quite delighted to be on Uncle Aaron’s shoulders.  However, when Aaron began to dance around a bit, the delight turned to fear.  If you could see the entire sign on the wall, you would see that it says, “In God We Trust”.  I do not fault my grandson for not trusting his Uncle Aaron implicitly, though *I* know that Aaron would have never let that little boy fall.  I can’t help but think………does our trust in the Lord wax and wane with the ups and downs of life?  Are we only trusting when the ride is steady and we feel safe, or do we continue to trust, holding on tight to HIM, when the going gets tough?  Dear ones, I hope that you know that He has you safely in hand.  Trust Him when the times are easy and when the going gets rough.




    Utterly amazing, and incredibly beautiful!  Grandbaby number five.  Such delicious sweetness!

      Rob & ‘Rin!  Are they not cute?  Are they not blurry?!?!  They were being way too silly for us to get a clear picture.  These two bring me so much joy.  Eight years and several months ago, these two left their parents’ homes and established their own.  It is such a blessing to see a child wed and beginning her own family.  It is God ordained and a joyous thing.  Rob spoils my daughter in the very best ways.  Just ask her, she’ll tell you it’s true.

      Dad!!  We celebrated Copper’s dad’s birthday this week, with all the family here for dinner and fun!  Paw-Paw Lu is such a blessing in our family, and we certainly do love him.  He’s an energetic, young-at-heart man, who still rides thousands of miles a year on his motorcyle trike.  My kids call him Paw Paw, and Corin’s children call him Paw Paw the Great.  How cool is that?

     Always busy, blessedly so!  Like so many other boys their ages, my boys are drawn to computer games.  It’s an interesting phenomenon to me.  We limit their play to not more than an hour a day, and they don’t always have that.  What I find interesting, though, is the wonderful ways they find to occupy their time when they do not use their computer time.  Books are read.  Art or craft projects are pulled out.  Imaginative outdoor play ensues, which totally delights our across the road neighbor lady who watches from her front window.  Will did a lot of streamer work in and around the house before Paw Paw’s party.  Yesterday the paper recycling set was brought out.  To quote Will, “I LOVE making paper!”. 

     You – Be sure to stop by next week.  Monday will be the first Marvelous Monday, as Kendra and I review and discuss our experience with various homeschool curricula  curriculum  resources  materials  stuff.  Should be fun!  As always, I want to steer you toward articles that I hope will encourage you.  Click over and enjoy this article by C. J. Mahaney on “to-do” lists, and then breathe a sigh of relief.  Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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4 comments to Saturday Acrostic 3/28/09

  • Loved your post.  They newest grandbaby is indeed a doll.  My son is due in May and I have a granddaughter to be born at the beginning of July and at the end of July we will have another grandbaby but this one likes surprises as they have not been able to get a clear picture on ultrasound so we aren’t sure what it will be.  :)

    It should prove interesting have a son and grandbabies near the same age! 
    I am going to try and grow some veggies in pots on my porch.  Every little bit will help!

  • @juejee – My youngest son and oldest grandson are only three years apart.  You’ll have MUCH closer ages there, but what a blessing!!!!!  My ten year old loves being Uncle William.

  • What a lovely day you had! Adorable grandbaby!! What a great reminder and illustration of trust!

  • Wonderful post!!!!!! Loved every letter of it!