Baby Countdown COMPLETE – updated 7:30 p.m. Pacific

     For those that are interested, I’ll be updating at the end of this post throughout the day.  You can check the time in this post’s title to see when the most recent update was posted.   I would, of course, covet your prayers for my daughter and her wee babe yet to be born. 

     The phone rang at 2:00 a.m.  Grandbaby #5 had sent the first signal that he/she was ready to make his/her appearance.  A second phone call at 2:30 let me know that Corin and her husband would be bringing the other four grandbabies out shortly.  Copper and I got up, set up the porta crib for the 22 month old, shifted Will from his bed to a pallet on the floor, and turned down his bunk and Dani’s bed for the others.  (Dani is out of town until Sunday.) 
     By 4:15, all of the children were tucked into beds and Corin and Rob were on their way out of my driveway heading toward the hospital. 
     At 10:00 a.m. Corin called to say that things were not progressing as quickly as the doctors would like and that they would be starting her on Pitocin soon.  The OB/GYN on duty for the day is my own, and a doctor that Corin has had some good contact with as well.  I’m praising the Lord for that tender mercy.   As of now, Corin is chipper and chatty and doing well.
     1:00 p.m.  They have upped Corin’s Pitocin a bit and she is now, at last, beginning to feel the contractions.  I know, I know… really isn’t fair that she gets to labor pain free for hours, but that’s how the Lord has guided most of her births!  As her mama, I’m thankful that the Lord has blessed her in this way.  Baby is progressing along, but slowly. 
     Tired of waiting for news, I called the hospital at 3:30 or so and spoke to Rob.  They were in the middle of a shift change, and I could hear Corin laughing in the background.   Rob said it looks like it will be another 2 or 3 hours!  I asked if Corin had had any sleep, and he said she has slept an hour here and there, which is good.  Looks like it will be evening before we have our new grandbaby.
     At approximately 7:22 this evening, our fifth grandchild, a girl, arrived.  No stats yet!   Rob says it was rough there at the end, and I appreciate the prayers lifted on Corin and baby’s behalf.  Thanks!!  I’m a very excited Grandma!! 
     I’ve baby’s four siblings here, having milk and a cookie in their jammies, and then we’ll tuck them into bed.  Uncle Aaron will be in charge of the sleeping sweeties while Copper and I run into the big city in an hour or so to hug our daughter and love on that new grandbaby girl!  After breakfast tomorrow, I’ll take the others in to meet their baby sister.
     Praising God tonight! ~ Cheryl


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