I Told You So!

      My children like to laugh about this.  Dani has laughed until she almost could not breath right in the midst of the produce at our local Costco.  Well, it turns out, as it generally does, that Mom was right after all.
     You see, it happens like this……We like our bananas a bit on the green side.  We also like to buy bananas that will remain a bit on the green side for several days so that we can enjoy them.  However, this means that we usually need to dig through those big boxes  of bananas at Costco to find bananas that suit us.  Dani’s good at this.  She can find the perfect bag of bananas almost every time.
     However, when Dani is digging into the bottom of one of those big boxes, marked as imported from some tropical location, I have been known to say, “Watch out for the deadly banana spiders!”.    In fact, I’ve concocted all sorts of variations on the theme, indicating that the sticky, brown goo sometimes found in the bags of bananas is squished deadly banana spider.  I also have the fond memory, I’m chuckling as I type, of telling Dani once, “Watch out!” in a shrill voice and making her jump.    Yep, I’m like that. 
     We’ve always thought this was pretty funny and have laughed ourselves silly over it.  In fact, my grown daughters have had a great time making fun of mom and her “deadly banana spiders” on more than one occasion, but I’ve always held my ground, insisting that these nefarious spiders do exist, lurking in the boxes of bananas.

     Today, Dani found this!

     Go ahead, click the link, watch the video; and next time you are searching for that perfect bunch of bananas, remember what Copper’s Wife always says,
     “Watch out for the deadly banana spiders.”

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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