What To Do Next Tuesday

     I wanted to let you know now what we’ll be doing next Tuesday, March 31, in the hope that you will join us. 
     Dani brought home red envelopes yesterday.  We will begin addressing them to President Obama, one or two at a time in spare moments, beginning today.  Tuesday morning we’ll use every stamp left in the house on those envelopes, and we’ll put them in the mailbox.  I like the idea of this campaign.  The White House mail office will, prayerfully, be flooded with red envelopes during the first week of April.  Do I think that this will change the President’s mind on abortion?  No, only God can do that.  We are called, however, to declare God’s truth to the world and the message of the red envelopes is the truth that life begins at conception.
     Read more about The Red Envelope Project.  Will you join in?

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3 comments to What To Do Next Tuesday

  • Wonderful idea.  I’m heading over to the link now.

  • Have you heard about the irony in the recent plane crash that killed the two families?

    They were the grown children of a man who owns a chain of abortion clinics.  The plane crashed close to the area of the Catholic cemetery where there was the memorial to children who lost their life due to abortions.

    I received an e-mail about it a couple days ago and it made me shiver.

    It is still sad to think of those two families losing their lives so young.