Marvelous Monday & Bloglines

     I’m not sure what’s been up with Bloglines lately.  I use Bloglines to keep track of the blogs I follow, and I’ve noticed that some of your posts aren’t showing up there for sometimes a day or two after they post.  I did write a Marvelous Monday post this week, but Bloglines didn’t pick […]

Marvelous Monday – Spelling & Handwriting

     I have four children.  Two of my children are fairly natural spellers, and two have a difficult time with spelling.  You’ll not wrangle which two are which out of me!  Though I’ve used some graded spellers in the past, I am now completely sold on Spelling Power.  Though the initial $60 investment may seem […]

You DO Have The Time

     My dad used to say, “If I had a nickel for every time someone said…..”, and he’d continue on with whatever it was that he thought folks said too often, assuming that he’d be a rich man if he’d been given a nickel every time he heard the statement.  I don’t know that I’d […]

Marvelous Monday – English & Grammar

     There are a couple of things I want to mention right up front.  It is important that our children learn to express themselves well.  It is vital that they are able to communicate their ideas verbally.  It is equally important that they are able to convey their thoughts in written form.  Our children need […]

We’re Not All At The Same Spot On The Mountain

         Lately I’ve been pondering a few things, and they’ve weighed a bit on my mind.  As the economy has worsened, we are all looking for ways to stretch our dollars.  I’ve noticed that while most everyone wants to live more frugally, that frugal lifestyle does not look the same for everyone.  […]

Thelma’s Egg Noodles Recipe

Homemade egg noodles are quick and easy to make. They have a different texture than store bought noodles, but they are so good. No preservatives or additives, just good, wholesome ingredients from your kitchen. These are great in soups and stews, or boil them in water with some butter and use/serve as you would […]

And Yet…..


     A strong north wind blew all day today.  I’ve always found the north wind to be irritating.  It causes static electricity in my home.  It dries the ground and causes trees and plants to become parched, and I’ve spent a couple of hours outside today keeping garden seedlings watered, irrigating the […]

Marvelous Monday – Literature

     Those of you who know me, in real life or on line, know I’m all about the books!  I homeschool my children, primarily, through the use of living books.  Our approach to history is a literature approach.  I even shun textbooks for Science, at least until the high school years, and even then they […]

Just What I Needed

     When I first spotted this little book, the title grabbed me immediately:  Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter.  The list of contributing authors was also appealing.  I had been longing for something that would point me to Calvary and remind me of the incredible, sacrificial death of […]

Timeless and Timely

     Our lovely, sunny days in the upper 70’s have been replaced by rainy days in the low 60’s.  It’s actually quite nice to have a fire in the the wood stove again in the evening and to not feel guilty for ignoring the weeds growing outside.  There will be time enough for weed pulling […]