Timeless and Timely

     Our lovely, sunny days in the upper 70’s have been replaced by rainy days in the low 60’s.  It’s actually quite nice to have a fire in the the wood stove again in the evening and to not feel guilty for ignoring the weeds growing outside.  There will be time enough for weed pulling in the months to come.  As my family begins to prepare for Resurrection Sunday, the time spent indoors is productive and it’s given me some extra quiet time, too, to spend more time in the Word as well as finishing up some other reading. 
     Sunday is not only Resurrection Day, but it also my sweet Corin’s birthday.  Unfortunately, she and one of my grandbabies is sick with a flu bug, and I’m praying that she and my almost two year old granddaughter feel better in time for church on Sunday.  We’re planning on celebrating Corin’s birthday on Monday, but we’ll postpone plans if she’s not up to partying.  In any event, we’ll be plenty busy, blessedly so, in the coming days.  Lord willing, I have some things I’m hoping to share with you next week.
     In the meantime, I’d like to offer my thoughts on a couple of books to  you.  I finished both just this afternoon while I put my feet up for a bit.  One included this little bit that I’ve entered into my commonplace book:

  “There is an old cliche that I like to use when describing God’s rescue: “never late, rarely early.””
 – Larry Burkett, from The Coming Economic Earthquake

     I first read The Coming Economic Earthquake in the early 1990’s shortly after it was published.  It was, of course, quite the best seller at the time, and “everyone” was reading it.  Ah, but did we heed the advice given at that time?  I think some of us did and some of us did not.  Others of us, as time has passed, have forgotten what the late Mr. Burkett’s book was all about.  I fall into that last category.  While I was listening to the Money Life**  podcasts from Crown Financial Ministries a few weeks ago, host Chuck Bentley mentioned the book.  He spoke of how Mr. Burkett had thought that the economic “earthquake” would happen at the turn of the century, but how much of what the book spoke of is happening now in 2009.  I pulled the book off the shelf, added it to my reading basket and made starting it a priority.
     Mr. Burkett did not claim to be a prophet, in fact he was very careful to declare just the opposite.  However, he was able to look at the vast amount of financial data at his disposal, compare it to past economic cycles, and surmise just where the U. S. economy might be headed.  As I read, I was amazed at the number of events that he thought might happen around the year 2000 that have taken place since last fall.  In fact, Mr. Burkett mentioned in his book that certain factors could delay an economic downturn for several years, and most of those factors have taken place in the last decade or so. 
     His book is not meant to send folks running for the hills, in fact he gives a great deal of counsel against such behavior, especially for Christians; but he does offer some sage advice for what we can do to avert some of the economic disaster in our own situations.  He carefully includes Scripture to back up his words.  His attitude was humble, but his warnings were based on solid data.  My favorite quote, “If I am wrong and you do all the things I have suggested, the worst that can happen is that you will end up out of debt and be more involved with our political system.”  Many of you might have this book gathering dust on your shelves, and I would think that a good number of your church libraries will also have a copy or two on their shelves.  Take it off the shelf, dust it off and give it a go.
     The Coming Economic Earthquake , by Larry Burkett (* * * *)

(**I HIGHLY recommend these podcasts from Crown Financial Ministries!  The daily (Monday – Friday) broadcasts run just 24 minutes and are incredibly rich in sound, biblical financial information.  Listen on line, download to your computer or upload to your MP3 player (my choice!).  I generally listen to one or two during the week and then catch up as I do laundry, iron and take care of other chores on Saturdays.)

     There’s a complete list of the books I’ve read so far this year in the side bar, as well as a list of the books still in my reading basket.  Proverbs 10:14 – Wise people store up knowledge   Be wise, read!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27 

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