What Fun!

     I have certainly enjoyed reading your entries for my little give away.  What fun, it’s been!  You all are an impressive bunch.  Books on theology.  Devotional books.  Homeschooling books.  Special Needs books.  Homemaking books.  Cook books.  Some good encouraging books for moms.  Several of you are hoping to buy books related to skills you’d like to learn or improve – food preservation, photography, sewing.  Even some books that you’ve found recommended here.   I’ve loved seeing you younger, single women entering, too.  It’s great to build your own library of good literature and “how to” books before marriage.  I’m so pleased with all of your choices, I wish I could give everyone a $25 gift card.  If you haven’t entered yet, click back to this post and enter now.

     I’ve had a few questions and comments recently that I’d like to address.  It’s so easy for folks to read my blog and get an idealized impression of what our life is like.  First of all, Jujee, I do sleep!!   More hours than I should, as a matter of fact.  It appears as if I’m burning the midnight oil; but I will, quite often, schedule my blog posts.  The April 1 give away, for instance, was written one day last week and scheduled to post at 1:00 a.m. Pacific on April 1.  The post you’re reading now was started during the day on Wednesday, and finished in the evening, but I’ve scheduled it to publish during the overnight hours while I sleep.
     The sort of gardening and putting in of new growing areas that we’re doing this year is a blessing.  We do have fun working together, but it’s also a LOT of work!  Dirty work.  Back breaking, muscle straining work.  I used our gas powered weed whacker yesterday.  I’ve never used a week whacker before, but yesterday I decided that it was a necessary skill that I wanted to learn.  Dani showed me how to start the thing.  In fact, she started it for me, and then I went to work cutting the weeds from the area where I wanted to start a new compost pile, and cutting the weeds around the edges of the existing compost piles.  The arthritis in my hands ached from holding the heavy thing and having to squeeze the levers to operate it, but I did it!  I am thankful, I  really, truly am thankful, that I am able to do this sort of work.  I came in filthy and covered with grass, and my family ended up eating a very late supper.

     That was not at all glamorous or “fun”, but can I admit something?  My husband was quite pleased that I’d cut those weeds and then mowed all around our garden, berries, and burn pile.  His comment was along the lines of , “Look at you out there weed whackin’ and mowin” !”   I sure felt “glamorous” from his attention, even though I was dirty, sweaty and covered in grass!  I was pleased to know that using the weed whacker is one more thing that I’ve learned to do.  The mower, the weed whacker…..next up, the rototiller!  Ummmm, No.  I don’t think so!  At least not while I have sons home to do it for me!

     I am not wonder woman!  I am a sinner, saved by grace, and I rely on the strength of the Lord to complete the tasks He gives me to do each day.  The simple answer to how so many things get done is that we just do it.  The Lord will never put more on our plate than we can do.  If your plate is overflowing and there is not time to accomplish everything, then something is askew.  Step back and take a good, hard look at things.  Are you wasting too many hours of your day, here and there, on meaningless pursuits?  Are you taking on tasks that the Lord does not mean for you to do right now?  They might be good things, but are they really what you should be doing during this season of your life?  However, if your home is in shambles and your children are running amuck, then perhaps it’s time that you step back from that position and get your priorities back in order. 
     I know, I know, I know….if you don’t do this particular task, who will?  If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that line!  I’m not trying to be facetious.  You cannot know if this is really the task for someone else while you are taking it on.  If your plate is full to overflowing then you must step down.  It’s all the Lord’s, remember.  If He doesn’t mean for you to be doing a particular task, rest assured that He has someone in mind!  And if no one comes forward to fill a task, it’s still not yours to worry about.  Your concern, your priorities, are first to your Lord and then to your family – husbands before children, too.  I’m a broken record, on this, I know; but it’s a truth that bears repeating. 
      I’m referring to those whose lives are a never ending cycle of over scheduled, overly filled days.  I’m not talking about those days that come every once in awhile where things just spiral out of control.  I’m not talking about the days where there is a big project to be done that takes you away from your higher priorities.  We all have days like that!  In fact, I had one of those days today.

     Though there was a wicked north wind blowing all day, today was the day that we put in a good portion of our garden.  We’ve passed our last expected frost date, the soil was ready and my husband was home.  Perfect!  This is what the garden looked like this morning.  The Swiss Chard, Onions and Garlic were planted last fall.


     Copper gave us some direction on where the pathways should be, and Dani and I went to work raking the pathways clear.  (For those who have asked about our property as shown in the pictures…Our property ends at the fence just behind Dani.  The folks on the other side are the folks I often refer to as “our very good neighbors”.)


     While we worked on that, my husband mowed our vineyard.  The dirt area, with the little blue flags in it, is our new asparagus bed.  Just out of site in the foreground is the garden where Dani and I were working.  Our property extends to the buildings in the distance, which are just on the other side of a narrow dirt road from our fence line. 

    Copper also mowed the orchard today.  The orchard is just behind the grape vines, which are just to the left in this picture.  The fence line on the right is the back of our property.  We have a few Dr. Seuss trees in the foreground.  They are the unfortunate victims of prior wind damage and really bad pruning done a couple of years ago.  I’m chalking that incident up to “temporary insanity”, and no it wasn’t me who pruned them that way.  I’m not naming names.  Wild horses couldn’t drag it out of me!   We hope to replace them someday in the future, but in the meantime, we take the best care of them we can, and they still produce reasonably well.

     The seedlings that were started indoors were planted, and some seeds were sown directly into the garden today.  Some of the warmest weather crops are still to be planted; and we’ll succession plant things like green beans and corn all summer, before putting in our fall crops.  Our goal is to keep the garden, or at least a portion of it, producing year round.  This is the biggest garden we’ve ever planted.  We didn’t measure, but Copper guesses the garden is about 30′ x 50′.  We will have to till another small area in a couple of months to plant our pumpkins.  This picture cracks me up!!  Doesn’t this look like a graveyard????  We use a modified, raised bed  method for our garden.  This year the beds we raked up to plant ended up looking rather strange.  I trust they won’t look quite so morbid once the plants begin to grow.

     I’m tired.  It was a busy day and working in the north wind was especially tiring.  It was certainly a day when nothing else was done but the putting in of the garden.  We are very much looking forward to tending and keeping the garden in the coming weeks and months.  It will be a lot of work, and I will try to portray it as such.  You’ll have to forgive me, though, if my being thankful for the garden, as well as for the blessing of the work it provides for us, seems to make it seem as though it is nothing but pure pleasure.  We can, you know, be blessed by our work and content, even happy, with it, and still recognize that it is…..work! 

     Perhaps it’s all in how we look at things.  We can complain and grumble about the work that is before us at the start of each new day.  I’ve done that.  Guess what?  It does not make the work go away and it only makes the day’s work miserable.  Miserable for myself and miserable for everyone around me.  Yuck.  If we approach the day’s work, realizing that it is part of God’s will for our life for that day, then we can be thankful for it, even when it’s hard or dirty work.  How can we NOT be thankful for what the Lord gives us?  We are very unappreciative children indeed, if we are only thankful for the things we see as pleasant.  We miss so much by not realizing that our work, even the unpleasant tasks, are also from His own good hand.  Be thankful for your work!  Approach your day’s tasks as the gifts from God that they are, and rejoice!  Give thanks!  Then do those tasks as though you are performing them for Him, because you are.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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10 comments to What Fun!

  • Once again a great post.  I am happy to know you get rest!  Sometimes reading your posts makes me tired.  (hee hee)  It looks like you all had a wonderful day outside and I am sure it won’t be long until you are able to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor.  

  • I feel like a drought is over….the rains of Copperswife have come once again!

    Wisdom is something worth chasing after. She is better than gold and silver. Here is where there is a wealth of wisdom!!!!!

  • Cheryl, I am so glad to have found your site. Thank you Bren. I sure enjoyed reading about your garden fun. It is still too cold and wet for us to be in the garden, but soon. Winona

  • I really enjoy your blog.  I’ve noticed that some of your pictures cover a lot of your writing.  I don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out to you? Just thought I would let you know.

  • Another wonderful post!!  I too am looking forward to working in the garden, we still have a few more weeks before we can plant though.  I had to laugh at the “graveyard” pic too, lol!!!!  God Bless ~Gretchen~

  • Thank you, dear Cheryl, for sharing your heart and home with us. As for me, my eyes are open to drink in every word as it’s timely for my life, no matter the season. Being reminded of what’s truly important surpasses seasonal limits. Funny how God works that way, hm?

    Your garden areas are beautiful. The dark, soft soil reminds me of Amish gardens back in Pennsylvania. My husband’s aunt lived next to such a people and garden. When she got older, they’d come over and ready her soil and plant for her, visiting again to weed and tend and even harvested. She was able to do the canning herself. What lovely neighbors they were for her.

    Our wee garden is to be planted today and I’m thrilled. Once the necessaries are completed inside the house, I’ll be outside ready to get to it! It’s such a good feeling.

    Bless you this day, Cheryl.

  • @Elizabeth – I’m sorry that the blog isn’t displaying properly for you.  Everything on this end is as it should be.  Does anyone have an idea what Elizabeth might be able to do to change browser or other settings to help with this?  

  • I like the last section of your new post about being thankfull for the work the Lord gives us to do.  You are so right on that one.  My husband and I were pulling up in our driveway today when I remarked that I had alot of things I wanted to get done today but I really wasn’t in the mood to do anything….so instead of complaining I told him I should be thankful to have a HOME to work in!  I need to Praise the Lord for my home and family everyday.  Thank you for the reminder.

  • First of all, I love the picture of your son and hi “helmet” at the top of your post!  It just brought back wonderful memories for me of my own 3 sons making similar “helmets”. 🙂  Secondly,  I love all the pictures of your garden.  We are going to be expanding our own garden this year so that we can not only feed our family and grown sons but also help friends.  Right now our garden areas are buried under snow.  My husband had pruned our fruit trees last week when we had better weather.  Right now we have 1 pie cherry tree, 1 sweet cherry tree, 1 summer apple tree, and 2 peach trees.  I want to add a apricot and a plum tree to the mix but have to figure out where to put them since our yard is not that large.  Lastly,( is that a word?), you are so right about it being all in your attitude.  Working together as a family to make our homes and gardens a productive place is so important.  Children pick up their work ethic and attitudes from their parents.  Your children and grandchildren are so blessed to have you and Copper leading by wonderful example.

    Be blessed!