Special Guest Today @Library Day at Grandma’s House

     Thursday is Library Day at Grandma’s House.  Today, though, we had a special guest for our read aloud time, and she brought her favorite picture book from her own childhood to share with us.  What a treat!!

     Our special guest was Grandma Meg.  We were doubly thrilled because she came in time to have lunch with my children and I before Corin and the grandbabies arrived.  We enjoyed chatting a bit over lunch and then Meg joined me for a walk around our growing areas.  

     After our normal time of silliness and talk, the children settled onto the couch with Grandma/Great Grandma Meg to hear her read Keeko, by Charles Thorson. 



     Meg still has the copy of Keeko that she owned as a child.  The book, which is sixty years old, began falling apart a few years ago; but Meg salvaged it, and has preserved it for posterity.  The book’s cover and all of the pages have been put into protective sleeves and the book is now housed in a sturdy binder. 

      She has also included a letter, written to her great grandchildren, at the front of the binder, along with a collage of photographs of herself through the years.  What a precious, precious treasure!!  I am thrilled to be given the task of being the caretaker of this sweet book and lovely heirloom.

     This photo collage is typical of Meg’s artful way of doing things.  She really has a knack for making everything special.

     In fact, Meg brought out craft supplies for the children to use next week.  In the story, young Keeko is searching to find feathers to fill his headband.  Next week, we’ll hide the feathers she brought out, and help the little ones to feather their own headbands.  She brought out some terrific braid and lining material for the headbands, as well, and asked Dani to stitch them up for the little ones.  Like I said, she has a knack for making everything special.


     Just look at those faces!!!  She’s even drawn the not quite two year old into the action!

     Don’t they look intense?  Meg’s reading was full of great questions and commentary that not only drew the children into the story, but also pointed out details in the illustrations that they might have missed.  I sat near by, listening and making mental notes, as I listened to a real read aloud pro!  Corin and I had a great time listening and exchanging giggles and smiles as we watched the children enjoying every moment with Grandma Meg.


     In the meantime, my wee youngest grandbaby was hanging out with Aunt Dani in another room.  Dani is happy, but baby is not.  Dani has been working on a special project for this sweet, tiny baby girl.  Dani is happy because the project seems to be working out well.  Baby was not happy with the fussing required for Aunt Dani to make that determination.  Curious about the project?  Not to worry, I know that Dani will blog the project upon completion. 

      Dani treated us all to some of her delicious homemade cupcakes – vanilla today with her wonderful buttercream frosting with more of our fresh picked, home grown strawberries blended into the frosting, and the tops dusted with just a bit of colored sugar sprinkles.  Bliss!!!  We visited with Meg out under the sycamore tree until mid-afternoon.  The children played on the playground and trampoline, blew soap bubbles and drank lemonade.

     Uncle Aaron enjoyed holding his youngest niece, sweetly shielding her face from the sunlight coming down through the sycamore leaves.  I love that boy!

     We were so pleased to have had Meg join us for our Library Day.  What a blessing it is to be able to include my children’s Grandma Meg (and my grandchildren’s Great Grandma Meg) in one of our weekly homeschool adventures.  She asked awhile back if she might join us on one of our Thursdays; and I’m ashamed to say that the thought of asking her had never occurred to me.  I’m so glad that she asked! 

     Are there ways that you might include your own children’s grandparents, or even their great grandparents, in your homeschool activities?  Don’t assume, as I did, that they might not be interested.  Do they have some special books, mementos or photographs that they can share with your children?  Are there areas of expertise (gardening, photography, drawing, sewing, pottery, etc.)  that they possess that they might be willing to share with your children?  Meg was a public school teacher at the middle school level before she retired.  Today, just in conversation, she shared a fun idea she used with her own students to teach them the value of proper punctuation, capitalization, etc., that I might use soon with my own boys.  We can all learn if we’ll only listen!

     Don’t lose the opportunity of making precious, sweet, lovely memories with and for your children with the older members of the family!  I am thrilled that we made some of those memories today.  I hope Meg will join us again.  Soon.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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6 comments to Special Guest Today @Library Day at Grandma’s House

  • Precious – all of it. Those grandchildren of yours are too cute for words and your Will looks so at peace laying on the back of the couch. :o)

    Please tell that great-grandmother that she doesn’t look old enough to be a great-grandmother. Goodness.

  • What a fun and special time!

  • Oh that they were only interested in being a part.  I’m praying for surrogate grandparents …

  • @Wendy –   Pray for those surrogate grandparents, yes; but even better, pray for the real grandparents!  Nothing is too difficult for God.

  • I just LOVE the pictures of the kids so mesmerized by Grandma Meg’s story….but the one of Aaron shielding sweet baby girl’s eyes from the sun is just PRECIOUS!  What a sweet boy you have Cheryl…

  • Aaron’s photo made me all teary— such a sweet guy.  He’ll make a marvelous daddy someday.

    Mrs. Meg is wonderful.  I want her for my gramma!  (and I’m “ahem” a gramma myself)  I took some mental notes for when my grand-girlies are here.