Saturday Acrostic


     S – Since it’s been so long, I thought I’d just recap the last week or so.  We’ve been blessed with work here!  My husband was blessed with a twelve hour overtime shift.  Overtime has become a rare commodity, and we are thankful that the overtime came his way.  The May rains and warm weather were wonderful for our garden, but they also provided the perfect conditions for our weeds to flourish!  This is our cutting garden.  Dani has labored many, many hours here tending the seeds she sowed a few weeks ago.  When this photo was taken, she had freed a few plants in the foreground, but she still had a long way to go.  A couple of days later the project was complete!


     A – Adorable!!  My wee youngest grandbaby girl on Mother’s Day.  She’s wearing a too cute outfit that a dear blogging gal pal sent to her.  She said the pink cupcake reminded her of Dani.  Yep!  This picture is awful, with way too many odd body parts in the mix.  Buy, hey!  At least you can tell that I enjoyed some time with my feet up on the coffee table on Mother’s Day, as I sat next to Corin and admired this sweet baby girl.

     T – Tuesday of this week, Copper hosted a garden party.  He’s famous for his garden parties!  This was a wonderful occasion, three hours in the morning and another couple of hours in the evening.  We pulled weeds and we hoed.  Then we hoed and pulled weeds.  The weather was lovely that day and the five of us worked together and made terrific progress.  We also got a jump start on our farmer’s tans! Copper blessed us all by taking us out to Taco Bell for lunch and then we all accompanied him to the sheriff’s department firing range for his quarterly qualification shoot.  He did splendidly, of course; and it’s always fun for the boys to watch Dad shoot!

      U – Unlimited love!  As the grandbabies arrive, we find that our love is not divided between them.  Rather, the Lord multiplies our love!  Copper, with his grandsons sharing his chair, enjoys watching the Wii fun on Mother’s Day!  My boys are always thrilled when big-brother-in-love Rob brings his Wii over.  These three spent their time in the chair cheering the players on, and I enjoyed their antics as much as I did those of the players.  Copper’s poor old chair.  The right arm is broken and the back is loose, but those “defects” have been borne from the use of this chair by his sons and grandchildren in much the same way that you see here.  We’d much rather make these memories than have a perfect chair!

     R – Red, ripe strawberries!!!!  Our strawberries have begun producing, and the first berries have been harvested.  Oh, they are so juicy and sweet.  We have about 100 strawberry plants and they look great!  We’ve each enjoyed a few strawberries fresh from the garden, and a few sliced with our homemade Angel Food cake one evening for dessert.  A full quart were sliced and put into the freezer today.  We are so blessed to already be filling our freezer with this year’s harvest!


     D – Daily watering and irrigating.  The weather has been delightfully warm for the last week, but it is now officially hot!  The temperatures are in the 90’s and tomorrow we will hit 100°.  The daily routine of watering and irrigating is in full swing.  I’ll admit that it is quite an unpleasant chore on these very hot days, but I am thankful for our deep, abundant well and the power to pump the water out for our use.  We have superb growing conditions for tomatoes and peppers and all sorts of fruits and vegetables, but no summer rains to keep them watered.  My children help with this task as they can.


     A– Asparagus!  Will worked very hard during the garden party.  He hoed all the weeds from the rows between those teeny, tiny just-getting-started asparagus plants.  We planted 60 crowns last winter.  At last count, 57 have sprouted.  I can’t wait until we can harvest those first yummy, tender spears next spring! 


     Y – Yesterday Dani and I accomplished the every-other-week Mega Shop.  It’s an all day affair for us as we do all of the necessary shopping and errand running for the household for a two week period.  She drives, we chat, and I knit a few rows.  We venture into the big city with all of its traffic to make a stop or two, and we enjoy the smaller city, a bit closer to home, as we complete our stops.  It’s a terrific girl talk day and we always have a wonderful time, but we are glad to drive up the driveway at the end of the day, too.   (Photo:  Dani enjoying Copper’s Tuesday garden party!)

Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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7 comments to Saturday Acrostic

  • Thank you for sharing such  wonderful pictures. I dream of land, as you have to sow and reap from! All in the Lords time 🙂

  • @blessedwithfour – Yes, indeed, and only in the Lord’s time.  We dreamed and prayed for many, many years before the Lord blessed us with this little piece of ground.

  • Hi Cheryl!

    I need to host a garden party! LOL! Your strawberries look so beautiful! I’ve been getting a few but most seem to be the snack of the birds or something so yesterday I put a net over that raised bed.

    How wonderful that you have so many asparagus plants! It’s something I’m thinking of growing but I just have to figure out where to put them. Anyway, your garden looks great!

    It’s wonderful that your husband got some overtime especially since that seems to be scarce these days. I worry for all these auto dealershp people losing their jobs with the closings. It’s a blessing to have any kind of steady employment these days!

    The baby looks scrumptuous!


  • Cheryl~

    I love the way you did this post.  Would you mind if I borrowed the idea for doing one of my own in the future?

    I’m always refreshed after reading your posts!

  • Those strawberries look sooooooo delicious!!  There is nothing like fresh home grown strawberries!!

  • I enjoyed this posting tremendously. I especially like the description of the old chair. My grandfather had one in an off gold color. It wat HIS chair and when you sat in it you just could feel the arms of the chair enveloping you in its warmth almost as well as Grandpa’s arms would when he drew you in for a hug. I spent many summer mornings snuggled up in tat same chair on vacation when I’d visit. He went to work early, and I would go sit in his chair. It was always comforting and I always felt close to him in that spot. Grandpa passed over a year ago now, and the memories of that old chair, broken and tattered, but warm and inviting are just as special to me as ever. And the posting of your DH in his old chair with his grands reminded me about how very special that similar spot was for me.

  • I love the chair picture!!!– This is soo true, a broken chair (broken in love mind) has sooo many more happy memories then a perfect pristine untouched chair! 😉 And is of course, to be valued much more through its wear and tear.