Saturday Acrostic


     Scrambling to keep up with the harvesting – strawberries, blackberries, cherries and the first of the blueberries are turning purple, too.  Berries in the freezer.  Berries in the pie!  Cherries in our tummies! 

       Acknowledging the fact that since the garden, berry patch and garden are just really getting started with production, planning meals too far in advance is not possible.  I love the simple meals of summer based, at least in part, on what is coming in from our own growing areas.  (A basic recipe for my favorite simple summer supper is just below this post.)   Right now I’m longing for that first, fresh picked zucchini to arrive in our garden.  Remind me in July that I said that today. 



     Taking some extra time today to organize the school room a bit.  Though things didn’t look too bad out there, I couldn’t find one of our favorite geography resources.  Everything is now in its proper place and readily accessible to everyone.  I used a bit of orange oil on the school room table while I was at it, giving it a warm glow and a lovely scent.


     Utility and Beauty.  Notice I didn’t say Utility vs. Beauty.  I love it when utility and beauty co-exist.  Perhaps it’s just a practiced way of seeing things, but why can’t the lost sock bucket be pretty?  I do spend hours in my laundry room every week.  There’s no reason to sacrifice beauty for utility.



     Remembering that a dear girl close to my heart is one year and 364 days old today.  Tomorrow my fourth grandbaby will be  two.  Two!!  How did that happen?

Dani made me a bumper sticker.  She did!  I mentioned the other day that she could buy me a bumper sticker with a particular question on it, even though I knew no such-a-thing existed.   She, being the generous creative woman that she is, immediately searched the Internet, found a site that would allow her to design her own bumper sticker, and had a couple made up for me.  I love it!  You can get one, too!

     A great deal of reading is going on here.  Though summer is a very busy season for us, busier than our normal busy, these longer days seem to give me more opportunity to read.  I’m enjoying all five of the books that I’m currently reading, but I’m especially enjoying two of them.  You can expect reviews soon.


Yummy!!  The first fresh berry pie of the season.  Bliss!!!

Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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8 comments to Saturday Acrostic

  • Oh yum, yum, yum!!!  I made a cherry pie tonight (pics on my FB page) with cherries from our tree and a cherry stoner my kids gave me for Christmas last year in hopes that pie would be the result.  I don’t even like cherry pie, but the bite I had?  Oh, delish.  Recipe from Baker’s Illustrated (although, how hard is it, really?)

    I was SO excited to see flats of boysenberries at my local stand.  Not the trucked-in-from-the-coast variety, but real, locally grown beauties that a wonderful Vietnamese family grows.  I had stopped for their strawberries I love so much, and those boysenberries elicited an actual, adauble gasp from me!  She even gave me a dollar discount 😀 

    I’ll go to bed tonight dreaming of what exactly should be done with those lucious little jewels.  Cobbler?  Pie?  Jam?  Sauce?  The jury is still out, but tomorrow is a good day to do any of those things, don’t you agree?

  • Those berries look absolutely heavenly!!   Now I have to ask, WHO is John Galt?

  • @PreschoolersandPeace –   Tomorrow….the perfect day for any task!     Our berries are still mostly red on the vines, so I’m still dreaming of what all I’ll do with mine, too.

    @jengi33 – Ah, now that is the question, isn’t it?  Read Atlas Shrugged (scroll back through some past posts for my review) to find out Who is John Galt?  Then you’ll understand why I want to know where he is now!

  • Next year will be my first year homeschooling… a second grader, 4 years old, and 1 year old… so I immediately noticed your table in your school room… I am adding a table… did you find a table is easier or do you also have desks? I was wondering if you have any advice or pictures of your room. I have chosent the curriculum, but now I am working on organizing it all… activities for the little ones… and actual physical space to stay organized.Thanks for any ideas. I enjoy your posts. We will harvest our wild blueberries here in a few weeks… our garden is in full swing… lots of zuccini, squash, tomatoes, and corn. Beans did not work for some reason… Thanks. Andrea

  • Oh Cheryl,I will gladly come and help with all the harvesting! It would be so much fun! Ü

    Oh and that berry pie looks to die for!

  • Hi Cheryl.

    The berries look so good.What a yummy pie. Sounds like you are going to be very busy summer.



  • Looks like there’s a fair amount of pie left for lil-ole-me. ;o) Yum!

    I love how your take your readers along for a recap of your days, here and there, Cheryl. There’s plenty to read, digest (including the pie) and think on and click on.

    jAne at

  • I see you are reading Ellis Peters!  I love the Brother Cadfael series.  I devoured them at our local library!