Beautiful Music – Joyful Contentment

     The day is mostly sunny and quite warm, but there’s a delightful light wind blowing.  Storm clouds are, once again, gathering on the horizon, but the sun is bright for the time being. 

     My windows are open and my home, normally filled with recorded music, is instead filled with the wonderful music of God’s creation.  I hear the wind rushing through the leaves of the trees.  Just weeks ago those trees were bare, but they are now lush, green and beautiful.  That same light wind is rustling my several sets of wind chimes, hung here and there around the outside of my home, and the sound is so pleasing.  Bird song also fills the air.  The robins out front, the colony of sparrows in the Sycamore just outside my school room, and the nesting birds roosting in the eaves outside of Dani’s room are all singing joyfully.  I can open Dani’s closet door and listen to the pair converse as they await the hatching of their young.  Such beautiful, God sent music! 

     The chickens have not been given as beautiful a voice as the robins and sparrows, but their contented clucking as they mosey about is pleasant to my way of thinking.  And their joyous, LOUD, announcement of their success in laying the day’s egg sounds so proud!

     Dani has been gone for a week now, helping out in the home of friends.  She left last Thursday morning and I expect her home late this Friday evening.  I miss that gal when she is gone!  I treasure her afternoon phone calls and the quick emails she sends my way. 
     I’ve been busy about my home all week, busier than normal with Dani away.  It’s a peaceful, content way of life that I love so much.  The peace comes from the dailyness of it all.  Oh, do you know that sweet peace of being faithful to the Lord by serving your family in the little, day to day things that keep the home life on track?  It is not drudgery.  It is precious!  There are moments of such joy, too, when you know that your family really appreciates your efforts on their behalf. 

     Aaron took this picture yesterday.  I made Breakfast Burritos for lunch, served with sliced peaches and bananas.  It was a simple lunch, really, of a warmed, flour tortilla filled with grated cheese, scrambled eggs, crumbled bacon, and sauteed onions and bell pepper.  I rolled the burritos up and topped each with a few slices of avocado and a snip of Cilantro.  Aaron was so thrilled at that littlest bit of garnish, that he took a picture!!  Yes, that brought me joy; but it also served as a sweet nudge, reminding me to take an extra minute or two throughout the day to add those extra little touches that make our family members feel special.  It takes such a little bit of extra effort on our part to make such a big difference to them!


     A bit of garnish on the dinner plate.  Candles lit for an everyday family meal.  Serving your boys tea from your wedding dishes every day.  Putting a treat on a hand painted, antique plate even when it’s just you and the kids.  Your family is special.  Each and every one of them were made in the image of God!  Look around for easy ways you can show them just how special they are.  (In fact, while we’re on the subject, let your husband know just how special he is by sending an email to work, or leaving a voice mail on his cell phone, letting him know that you’re looking forward to his being home this evening.)


     We’ve had a lot of rain the last week or so.  The garden is loving it, but so are the weeds!  Aaron rescued my Romano green beans that are just now popping their heads up out of the dirt.  The weeds were so thick and lush that I could almost have called the beautiful.  Almost!  The soft, damp ground yielded the weeds easily today.


     We’ve had a couple volunteer sunflowers around the edge of the garden.  We didn’t harvest any seeds last year, as the wild turkeys beat us to the task.  Apparently a few stray seeds fell to the ground and have begun to grow.  Aaron found another in amongst the green beans as he weeded.  I’m not sure that it will transplant, but he’s giving it a shot!  The volunteers reminded me that I had not bought any giant sunflower seed this year, but I’ve a pack ready to plant now.


     Aaron and I decided that it was well past time to start hilling our potatoes.  It should have been done last week, but it was just too wet out to work.  Aaron used more of our precious compost to being hilling the potatoes.  I love that the compost will be worked into the ground once the potatoes have been harvested, nourishing the soil for whatever is planted there next.  It’s such a wonder to me, as I ponder God’s plan for everything.  Compost!  Compost is part of God’s wonderful plan, breaking down the dead plant matter in such a way that, what some folks might see as garbage, can renourish the ground. 

     As Aaron worked on the potatoes, I checked on our orchard and vineyard to see how the trees and their tiny little fruit had weathered the rain and winds we’ve had.  What a delight!  My trees are filled with fruit – plums, peaches, nectarines, lots of apples and pears. 

     This tiny little Gala apple tree, planted just this January, has five apples on it!!  I will have to remove those, of course, because the tree is just too tiny to support it.  I didn’t have the heart to do it, today, though. 


     The beginnings of grape clusters are beginning to appear, too.  The grape leaves are vibrantly green, and they are just beautiful! 


     Back in the house, I made a treat for our afternoon tea, washed things up a bit, and then sat down to the task of taking the pictures off of our almost full camera card.  That’s a task that should take only a few minutes.  It should, but it didn’t because I had too much fun looking at all of the pictures as I worked!  Pictures like this one.


        And this one of Dani, loving every minute of being able to “play” with her sister’s camera!

      Three beauties in red!



     A delightful conversation with my wee, youngest grandbaby!

     The beautiful music of God’s creation entertained me all afternoon as I worked outdoors and in.  I am thankful that He has given me ears that can tune out the roar of the school buses as they pass by, hearing only the birds and chimes and the wind in the trees.  He has blessed me with contentment, a joyful, sweet contentment, as I tend to my family and home.  What a beautiful thing!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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9 comments to Beautiful Music – Joyful Contentment

  • Thank you for this wise inspiration this morning. It came in a very timely manner, and I have taken to heart some of the things discussed.

  • Thank you for this wise inspiration this morning. It came in a very timely manner, and I have taken to heart some of the things discussed.

  • Hi Cheryl,

    What a wonderful post.Yesterday when Dave came very close to dying I saw how quickly we could lose someone we love. In the mist of this storm I feel content knowing God is working out His plan for our good. I am looking forward to getting him home and getting back to keeping house once again.



  • Ah, the sweet music of spring. I love those sounds. Right now the window is open and I hear the sweetness of the birds and it is only 8:30am. Sigh.

    Your days are gentle reminders to me of keeping my treasures well polished and secured. I will continue to say thank you.

    Love & Blessings, Jean

  • My heart just tugged when I saw your pictures with a longing to help you weed the garden, feeling the freshly watered soil in my hands, and help feed the chickens and ‘hunt’ the eggs! I remember these chores from when I was younger, and there are many happy memories of the garden and our chickens.

    We went to Atwoods the other day and saw the baby chicks, ducklings, and turkeys. I (should I say ‘we!”) were sorely tempted by the baby bantys, but reminded myself that now is not the time nor the season for these little creatures! I was surprised by how many of the things which would before have been galvanized steel (chick feeders, waterers) have now been replaced by plastic apparatus. Hmmmm.

  • Oh how nice to be able to see your posts. Sometimes they hint at uploading then dodge your xanga blog for parts  unknown. I refreshed the page and goodness there were more pictures but bits and pieces of your posts. Your heart shines through beautifully, even though xanga is doing a few flips lately. :o)

    Bless you,


  • @ladyjanesjournal –  Has this been ongoing for you with Xanga, or just yesterday? 

  • I’m always refreshed by your posts.  I just love your place!  Makes me dream about having my own someday!