Living a Beautiful Life

     I have a blogging buddy whose book recommendations I generally enjoy.  Over the years she has recommended books by Alexandra Stoddard several times.  A couple of years ago, I checked out the only book by Alexandra Stoddard that was on my local library’s shelf at the time.  It really didn’t appeal to me.  However, this gal’s recommendations usually are the stuff I enjoy, so when she mentioned Living a Beautiful Life: 500 Ways to Add Elegance, Order, Beauty and Joy to Every Day of Your Life awhile back, I picked up an inexpensive used copy at Amazon and added it to my reading basket.  I am so glad that I did!!

     Living a Beautiful Life is filled with wonderful, doable, lovely ideas to enhance our everyday lives.  You know that I always encourage you not to save the china and pretty dishes for company, but rather to enjoy them with your family.  Alexandra Stoddard takes this even further and looks at the three areas of our homes that we spend time in every day – the kitchen, the bedroom and the bath.  Many of her ideas are quite practical and doable, even on a tight budget.  The heart of the book centers on those three rooms, but other chapters challenge us to create something special out of the ordinary and to share our lives with others.  Each chapter ends with “Grace Notes”, which are lists of practical ways to implement the ideas found in the chapter. 

     Living a Beautiful Life inspired me in many ways.  I’ve already implemented a few ideas, and I’m looking forward to using even more!

Living a Beautiful Life: 500 Ways to Add Elegance, Order, Beauty and Joy to Every Day of Your Life, by Alexandra Stoddard (* * * *)

     I think it is vitally important that you read.  The Bible first and foremost, and that daily; but beyond that, you should be reading other books, too.  Please read this article to learn why.  The books I am currently reading, as well as the books that I have already completed this year, can be found on the side bar.  Read!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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8 comments to Living a Beautiful Life

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I love Alexandra Stoddard too. I have all her books and reread them often.Living a Beautiful life is one of my favorites.



  • Oh I am so glad that you shared this book!
    My library has a copy and I am going to check it out tomorrow {our library is closed on Fridays =(}
    I like Alexandra Stoddard’s books…
    Wishing you a weekend filled with sweet and simple joys!♥

  • thanks for this review.  i’ll keep an eye out for this one.

    i’m also eagerly awaiting your review of the Ellis Peters book.  i’ve seen his books around for years, but have never read them. looking forward to reading your opinion.


  • @ObtainingMercy – Watch for the review next week.

  • When I was first starting out, even before I had gotten a place of my own yet I read Living Beautifully Together. It was so helpful to me as a young girl about to be married and even to this day I still apply principles I learned in that book. I’ll be adding this one to my reading basket this week. Thanks for the review Cheryl!

  • Oh boy!! That book is just what I need!!  I read a few pages @ Amazon….  I am such a rusher in life, and am working on that!!  Are you done w/ that book?  Is it possible tha I may borrow it from you?  -I thought I’d ask before I go trying to find me one.  😉

    Thanks for the commentary & suggestion!!  -A gem for sure!

  • @katiebeth527 – Of course you may borrow it.  Hang on a second…….sounds of footsteps growing more faint…….sounds of footsteps growing louder……okay!  The book is in our church basket.  I’ll have it for you next week!  I am more than happy to share my books at church!

  • Amen! Amen! Amen!!

    Thank yoU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  😉



    Thank you!!! 😉

    BIG hugs, Kt