An Excellent Mystery

     Mystery has not been a genre that I’ve read much.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy mysteries, I’ve just not read many.  This past January I saw Ellis Peters’ An Excellent Mystery: The Eleventh Chronicle of Brother Cadfael listed as the Book of the Week at The Bayly Blog.  Their hearty recommendation, added to my somewhat limited knowledge of the Brother Cadfael mysteries, caught my interest.  I found a used copy on Amazon for a couple of bucks and added it to my reading basket. 
     I won’t tell you what the Bayly brothers said in their recommendation because it was sort of a “spoiler” for me.  I will tell you that this story, beautifully written by Ellis Peters, is a wonderful tale of true devotion, unfailing love, and commitment.  The story, set in and around a monastery in twelfth century England, is well told and intricately woven.  I may not become a true lover of mystery novels, but I definitely plan on reading more of Ellis Peters’ wonderful Brother Cadfael stories.
     An Excellent Mystery: The Eleventh Chronicle of Brother Cadfael (* * * *)

     I think it is vitally important that you read.  The Bible first and foremost, and that daily; but beyond that, you should be reading other books, too.  Please read this article to learn why.  The books I am currently reading, as well as the books that I have already completed this year, can be found on the side bar.  Read!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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6 comments to An Excellent Mystery

  • I am a huge mystery reader, so I am delighted to find a series that others recommend!  Yay!!!  And I think I saw on wikipedia that there are like 20 of these mysteries!  THAT makes it even more exciting!!!

    Btw, I cut my “mystery reading” teeth on the Trixie Belden mysteries…never did get into Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, oddly enough.  I loved the Trixie Belden books and was even a member of their “fan club”…quite an exciting venture for a 12 year old in the late 70’s!  I felt so special!!!    Do you know that Trixie and her siblings and friends went to Sunday school in the series?  I just loved that as a kid!

    Oh, and one of my prized possessions as a young teen was a book that had belonged to my dad when HE was a teen, a collection of mysteries by Edgar Allen Poe, which included “The Gold Bug” and “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”.  Very spine-tingling reading for a youngster!  You can see why even now, I love me a good mystery!!!

    Thanks for the review…can’t wait to get started on the series!

  • I enjoyed the Brother Cadfael series as well.  I don’t exactly read them though.  I like to do crochet & embroidery so I get books on tape that I can listen to while doing my handwork.  I know you surely must have read The Mitford series of books.  If not, you are really missing something.  I only regret that there are not even more of them.

    I tried to click on your link, read this article, but it said bad request, whatever that may mean.

    I so agree with you, reading is very important, especially His word.

  • @txmom – I fixed the link.  That’s for letting me know it was broken!   I’ve not read the Mitford series, though I have a dear friend who loves them.  Maybe someday.

  • I enjoy the Cadfael books, although I haven’t read them for years.  There is a PBS series based on the books that is available at my library near campus.  I’ll have to check out a few of them again.  They were a favorite of my Texas friend, BB (Belinda).  🙂

    I love the fact he was a soldier and sailor in the Crusades before becoming a monk who grows herbs and solves mysteries.

    She has written other books under a real name, Edith Pargeter.  I have a Trilogy of hers called The Heaven Tree Trilogy in America (sold as three separate books in England) which is set in the 13th century.  Although some Cadfael purists don’t enjoy this as much, I’ve read other reviewers who list it with their “all time favorite” books.  There are interesting reviews on Amazon.

    Oh, yes… I love the Mitford books.  To really enjoy them fully, read them in order.  Now, my husband and daughter didn’t care for them enough to go past book one (Stephanie tried them as a teenager and hubby thought they were too feminine but he did enjoy her post-mitford book about Father Tim).  However, I put the series at the top of my “all time” list and I’ve read and reread them many times.  They are especially good to read when life has got you down a bit.

  • Thanks for this great recommendation.  I love mystery books as well and was/am a big hardy boys and nancy drew fan!

  • @ObtainingMercy – I like Trixie Beldon books too!  I’ve only read a few however as the library didn’t carry that many.  I will have to look up some of these others you mention.  Thanks!