The Weather Is Far Too Glorious

     Our weather has been far too glorious to be under the weather, but I have been.  Just a little virus of some sort.  Just enough to let me know that I’m really not well, but not enough to be really sick.  Despite that, we’ve had a wonderful week, and we have all just been relishing the lovely, beautiful, not-too-hot, not-too-cold, but just right weather.  Dani commented yesterday that we were really having spring this year, rather than our normal hot, hot, hot June weather.  We are enjoying it while it lasts.

     A couple of weeks ago, my husband treated us to a day at the movies.  Though we had a wonderful time, that day, there was a bit of a glitch at the snack bar.  I noticed a sign posted saying that if expectations were not met to please let a manager know.  I politely approached the manager and told her about the glitch.  She was so nice and offered us two free movie passes.  As she was getting the passes out of her locked drawer we continued to chat and we both commented on what a rare treat it was for a family to see a movie in the theater and to buy treats at the snack bar.  I was so blessed by her sweet disposition and kind nature, but do you know what she did?  She gave me four passes!!!

     So, Tuesday of this week, we ventured to the theater again.  For the price of a child’s ticket for Will and a big bucket of popcorn and drinks, we enjoyed Night at the Museum II!  We enjoyed the movie, but I have to say that I thought the first Night at the Museum was much better.  These little day trips – our trip to the beach a few weeks ago, the two movie outings, and a few more day-trips later this summer – are the extent of our vacation this year.  We are enjoying the little outings scattered throughout the summer months. 

     Early this week, I cleaned up my dehydrator and a couple of its trays and brought it into the kitchen.  It will remain on the kitchen counter for the next several months.  Those beautiful lemons I was blessed with last week have all been processed.  I used my vegetable peeler to remove just the yellow of the lemon peel  from half a dozen or so lemons, and put those in the dehydrator.  They started out almost touching all the way around the tray.  My kitchen smelled so lemony-good!

     Twenty-four hours later, they were dried crisp!  I put the crispy lemon peels into my blender and whirled them until they were chopped into very small pieces.

     I juiced the peeled lemons, and Dani used that lemon juice today to make a couple of batches of lemon bars for Sunday’s after church potluck meal.

     I also started a large jar of pickled lemons.   I’ve never used them before, but they sound like a wonderful addition to all sorts of dishes – soups, stews, placed inside of a roasting hen, etc.  I’ll let you know how we like them once they’re ready to be used.


     The dried lemon peel from about half a dozen or so large lemons.  We have quite few recipes that call for lemon or orange peel.  This was so quick and easy we will be making our own dried lemon and orange peel from here on out.

     Dani started harvesting and drying some of our herbs this week, too.  The herbs took just a few hours.  The dehydrator has stood idle for a day or two, but later this summer it will be in almost constant use. 

     The first of our onions were harvested a week or so ago, and they’ve been curing in the garage ever since.  Our larger planting of winter onions will be ready to harvest Monday.  I’ve never grown this many onions before, so I’m curious to see how well they keep over the summer months.  We have a cool, dark storage building to keep them in, so I’m hopeful. 

     Until now, all of the funds we have allotted to gardening and home maintenance type purchases, have gone toward food production.  Seeds.  Plants.  Fruit Trees.  Seed trays and starter soil mix.  I have been glad that the money has been available to expand our garden this year, but I’ve missed having flowers, too.  I finally had the opportunity to buy some plants yesterday that we won’t eat!  Most of the flowers are perennials, too; so I’ll have them, Lord willing, for years to come.

     Do you know about Home Depot’s Garden Club?  I signed up last winter, and it has been a wonderful thing!  I’ve received several coupon mailings.  The coupons have been wonderful to have as we’ve put in our garden this year.  I even splurged in weeks past on a few new houseplants with buy one – get one free coupons.  Yesterday I was able to use a $10 off coupon to buy the last of the plants for the garden (Japanese Eggplant and Honeydew melon), and lots of flowers!  There is a wealth of great information at the garden club web site and there is no fee to join.  They’re not paying me to promote this.  I just think it’s a great program and wanted to tell you about it. 


     I wanted to show you how my clever husband repaired the  broken deli drawer in our fridge.  He’d glued it two or three times and it just didn’t hold, and I was sure we would have to buy a replacement part, but my husband had another trick up his sleeve.  Copper pulled out the handyman’s secret weapon and fixed it up just fine.  Almost like new.  I just heard Clint Eastwood say in a movie that a man can fix almost anything with WD-40, vice grips and duct tape.  Looks like he was right!  

     Extra credit to the first gal to comment telling where the term “handyman’s secret weapon” originated.   No fair doing a Google search.

     Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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11 comments to The Weather Is Far Too Glorious

  • OH me, me!!  Red Green says that all the time!!  He also says, “If the women don’t find you handsome, they shoud at least find you handy!”  LOL!

    Love the idea for dried lemon and orange peel!!  Going to try that!

  • My husband uses epoxy or that gorilla glue for everything so around here that is his secret weapon…

    Love the idea of the dried lemon peels…

    Thank you for your continued prayers for us!

  • @jengi33 –   Yee haw for Jenny!  She gets the EXTRA credit!!!!!!  Oh, the Saturday nights we spent watching Red Green!  Haven’t seen him for years, but he kinda sticks with me.  Must be the duct tape!

    @Kainos – Copper tried a form of epoxy on it, but it just didn’t stand up to the constant use.  My 15 year old is in that drawer constantly, always on the lookout for something to eat! 

  • Oh Cheryl I do hope that you get to feeling better very soon!
    I will be praying for you ♥

    Your post reminded me that I need to get out my dehydrator and get some orange peels and orange slices dehydrated…
    Thank you!

    I am so glad that you got your drawer handle fixed! =)

    Wishing you a blessed Lord’s Day!

  • When I met my husband he called duct tape “100 mile an hour tape…”  Meaning I guess that you can use it for car repair, not to exceed 100 MPH!

    Good idea for your lemon peels and herbs…

  • @betheelou –  Your husband’s name for duct tape made me laugh!!  

  • We missed you today Cheryl!! I’m sorry you’re not feeling up to par… ;(

    Cool lemon-stuff you’re doing… that’s very intriguing.  About the herbs… I’ve been trying different things… but what do you do?  Can we wash them first, before they are dried?  I was trying to dry mine outside (I don’t yet have any other devices)…. but I thought they might could mold if I wash them….    But then again… dehydrating them on a nice tray, evenly spread out… that should definitely work w/ out a mold problem….  I’d always wanted to do more w/ dehydrating…

    WE went to the movies this week too!!  It was so fun!!  I usually could care less for movies, but I”d actually been wanting to go recently, so I brought that up to my dear hubby… πŸ˜‰  It had been like 3 yrs it seems like since we’ve been to the theatres.   It was FUN!! And… I watched MY very first 3D movie! Can you believe that?!  πŸ˜‰

    What a blessing that woman was to you!!  Praise God! πŸ™‚

    I hope you get better way fast!! πŸ˜‰

    Hugs & love, Katie

  • You know nothing says to the single guys, “I’m taken”, like a duct tape repair.

  • Yep, hubby loves his duct tape and WD-40.  He just told me this morning that he planned to turn the old Lazy Boy on its’ side and WD-40 it tomorrow when we plan to be out for a couple hours. 

    I just heard a funny story on the radio recently about a woman whose little boy kept telling her he needs goose tape.  She couldn’t figure out what he meant until he showed her duct tape.  She could understand how he would confuse duct with duck but not goose!  πŸ™‚