Reality Revisited



     My desk was a mess.  It’s tiny to begin with, so having it littered with stuff didn’t help.  I took everything off of it and emptied all the drawers.  I polished everything with orange oil and now it glows (and smells heavenly!).  I tossed tons of stuff, and have three completely empty drawers.  Empty drawers!  Bliss!
     I switched the locations of our telescope and the tiny little table.  I can now place my laptop on the table when I’m writing at my desk, but I can pull the laptop over to the desk when it’s needed there.  The top shelf of the table holds my Bible study materials and the bottom shelf holds my scrapbooking journal, and a couple of oversized binders we need for school.
     I’ll need to keep my eyes open for a better chair.  I’ve had my mom’s sewing rocker at the desk, but a rocker isn’t a good desk chair.  I tried an extra kitchen chair, but it’s too tall for the low writing surface of the desk.  In the meantime, I can still enjoy a wonderful work area! 

     Hoping that your husbands and fathers will all enjoy a wonderful Father’s Day.

     Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to Reality Revisited

  • I love *keepin it real* posts!  Your desk *before* pic wasn’t too bad really..but the *after* pic is beautiful!!! Love that orange aroma, too.

    Got your email – will respond a bit later.

    jAne at

  • I need to do the same to my desk!

    I spoke with Mom last night about the violets and she was thrilled to find someone who will ‘adopt’ them. She has 4. I’m going to try and pick them up sometime before Sunday. Now we just need to figure out a plan. Any ideas?

  • What a lovely writing/ working space! And you just gave your own personal touch and made it yours. Love that! I will be praying fro you to find the blessing of the perfect chair.

  • Hi Cheryl,

    How pretty. I had a few areas around here like this week. It feels so good to get order back in the house.Thank you the card. I knew you would love that book.