Stacking discounts from the natural foods co-op in the big city.  A 25 lb. case of Blueberry Flax Granola, 15% member discount for the case lot, 10% seasonal bonus applied to my share purchases.  If I’d been thinking, I would have saved my May quarterly discount (another 10%) to apply as well.  Next time!  Yes, we can (and do) make our own granola, but freeze dried blueberries are prohibitively expensive, so in this case (with my discounts) it’s less expensive to buy it.  I filled nine gallon size freezer bags and stacked them in my freezer. 


     Arranging flowers cut from our new cutting garden.  Poppies, daisies, sunflowers and Zinnia, simply arranged in jars and glasses, with a bit of green from the wild plum trees, and placed in rooms throughout the house.

     Trying to keep up with the berries!!!!  They are ripening quickly and just as quickly the berry season is coming to an end.  Just after noon today there were twelve baskets and one gallon size bowl of berries on my counter.   Today’s  berry count:  11 cups of berries went into the freezer, three 9″ inch pies also in the freezer, one gimormous berry cobbler for church potluck tomorrow, and one regular size berry cobbler for us tonight.


     Unpiling, at least partially, my ironing pile, while listening to podcasts on my Zune.   



      Remembering, like it was yesterday, how Corin and Dani loved playing in boxes.  At age ten, I know that Will’s days for enjoying the simplicity of a plain old cardboard box are numbered, so I treasure the moment.



      Damage!  One of the features that sold us on our fridge a few years ago was the very spacious deli drawer.  It’s huge!  An entire decorated half-sheet cake fits in it with room to spare.  It accommodates the big bags of cheese we buy, along with lunch meats, the Velveeta we use to give the dog her pills, left overs, etc.  The door to the drawer was broken a few months ago.  My husband fixed it.  Then it broke in the same place, and he fixed it again.  It’s broken again.  It looks like the glue is just not going to do the trick.  The problem is that this is a separate cooling area in the fridge so we really need to get the door fixed.  I’m hoping the replacement piece will not be too expensive. 


     Admiring my newly trimmed weeping willow trees and the six foot tall boy mowing the grass.


      Yellow! A big bag of lovely lemony goodness was given to us by a computer buddy from years ago.  Any old members of the Homeschool forum on CompuServe circa 1993 or so lurking??? I’ve not seen her for eleven years, but we had a wonderful time talking and catching up in her daughter’s home in the nearby big city.  What a treat!  Dani and I have big plans for the lemons next week.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to Saturday

  • A truly wonderful Saturday!!!

  • Wow!  Look at all of that granola!  That’s a commitment!

  • I have fun making my own lemon curd from the lemons we used to get off my backyard trees there in California!

  • A simple but lovely home-blessing post! Your flowers are delightful.

  • Hi, I’m Pat, in East Texas.  I’m enjoying reading your blog and checking out the recipes too.  I don’t know how you get so much accomplished.  I do recall that I used to get much more accomplished when I had more to do than I do now.  I wonder why that is?  I home schooled my son, Shane, who is serving in Iraq right now.  He is 22 now.  You may have seen posts about him when you visited my site.  Shane is much younger that my 3 older children and I did not home school them.  Looking back now, I sure wish I had but the thought never occurred to me back then.  I won’t say that home schooling was a piece of cake all those years but oh, so worth it.  What a blessing!!  May the Lord provide you strength and guidance in your many endeavors.

    PS:  Beeeuuutiful flowers.