Summer Rhythm

     Our days and weeks will take on a different sort of rhythm for the summer.  It’s my responsibility, of course, to keep that rhythm from becoming so fast paced that we cannot find the time to catch our breath.  Though the rhythm’s pace may pick up during the summer, it’s my responsibility to keep the rhythm as steady as I can to help Will to not become too overloaded.  We will still homeschool throughout the summer – just not everyday, and just not everything on the days we do.  We will still keep up with the homemaking chores that keep us healthy in mind and body.  We will still tend the garden and orchard and berries, watering, weeding and harvesting as needed to be faithful stewards of what the Lord has blessed us with.  We’ll still enjoy the pool and quiet times at home.  
     One of the things that I’ve done to help Will deal with the next few weeks is to pen each day’s events onto the calendar.  I plan to keep the calendar filled in a couple of weeks in advance.  The BIG events were all on the calendar for the whole summer, but Will needed a bit more fine tuning to his schedule.  Half school days, and the things we will cover on those days, have been penned in.  The days when extra chores will be required to cover for the days we’ll be gone are noted as well. 

     Actually, the idea of penning things on the calendar came after my husband requested that I give him a “daily reminder” of each day’s plan the night before.  His memory circuits are overloaded, you see, with no capacity for any additional information.  The idea of my ancient memory circuits remembering to remind him each evening of the next day’s agenda didn’t seem like a reliable plan to me.  When I considered Will’s probable response to our busy summer, the calendar idea seemed like a good fix all the way around.  It’s not rocket science, but it works for us!  Will was so cute, he brought his own calendar to me from his room and asked me to fill in the squares on his calendar, too.  I was happy to oblige.

     All the calendaring of events and chores and homeschooling has given me the desire to redo my own planning systems a bit.  It’s nice to change things up once in awhile.  I have the better part of the summer to decide what I’d like to do and how I’d like to do it.  I’m not sure if I’ll continue keeping my planner on my computer, or if I’ll move back into a paper planner. 


     And if I move back into a paper planner, will I buy new pages for my pretty Day Runner?

     Hello gorgeous planner.  I think I’ve missed you.


     Or will I move back into my homemade Mom’s Brain in a Binder?  Or will I choose something completely different?  Or a mixture of previous ideas? 

     The possibilities are limitless and the process of pondering and deciding is actually a great deal of fun!

     It seems the Lord has restored my health fully just in time, or rather perfectly in His time, because Copper, Dani and Will are both coming down with my little bug now.  That makes me sad.  So do the emails my husband is sending me from work thanking me for sharing.  sigh……..

     Our beautiful new cat, Spats, is not well, either.  We’ve never really been cat people, though we love all of our animals.  We are definitely dog people.  Spats, however, is a really great cat, and he has won most of us over with his charms. 

     We’ve only had him for a few weeks, but he knows his name and comes when he is called.  He follows us around when we are outside, sometimes generally making a nuisance of himself while we are trying to work.  This picture is a good example – Spats thought I should play with him rather than continue to move the hose I was dragging toward the strawberries.  He is very affectionate and Will adores him.  Dani shares the details, and the frustration.


     The rhythm of a home is important, even though we don’t all enjoy the same rhythm.  I think it’s fun that the Lord has given each family a different beat to march to!  Some families stroll along at a leisurely pace, while others move at a quick march, and still others fall somewhere between.  Whatever your family’s pace, it’s important that you, as the keeper of the home, manage that pace well.  We all experience seasons where the rhythm of our home, and of our family, changes for a time; but it’s crucial that we look well to those particular seasons and manage them carefully, looking out for the well being of those we love.  It’s also important for us to find ways to bring the normal rhythm back into our homes as soon and as often as we can. 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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6 comments to Summer Rhythm

  • My husband and son have been studying the idea of a family calendar and how to change ours to adapt to our changing family. My son is moving his to his laptop in preparation for his move to college. His Dad and I are moving to a more paperbound system that we can both see to keep up with all the changes. I revisited Grace Works website to find some additions to my handy daytimer more suited to what I need. I love the pictures of all your garden and orchards. Thank you so much for sharing. Your summer sounds like fun, enjoy.

  • I’m not sure why, but I like paper. I have a couple of really pretty Day Runner’s, but I like something a little bigger than that even. I am thinking of a cheap calendar notebook. For now I use a calendar on the side of the frig. My Homemaking tasks are in the binder and box. I like the idea of writing out what we will do for homeschool that day. I will have to implement that. It will also help to not “skip” it that day cause it is summer and we can always do it another day….my own thought system. Somehow having it in writing makes it more important.

    Your summer sounds busy and full, but blessed. I read about Spats over at Dani’s blog. He is so lucky to have found you! I do love cats but Sweetheart does not.

  • I am so glad that you are feeling better and I will pray for your family that they get to feeling better soon!
    {I actually think that I am getting a summer cold~ so irritating!}

    I love your Day Planner, it’s so pretty!  I think that I like a paper planner best.
    But there are some wonderful alternatives out there, aren’t there?

    Spats is so cute!  I am more of a dog person too but Spats looks like he’s (?) got a lot of personality and very loving!

    Wishing you a day filled with sweet and simple joys!

  • Thanks for inspiring me to get out and re-fill my super-size planner.  I (and probably my household) have missed its use.

  • “The idea of my
    ancient memory circuits remembering to remind him each evening of the
    next day’s agenda didn’t seem like a reliable plan to me. “

    tooooooo funny, Cheryl!!!

    My mom says (about her and my dad’s aging “memory circuits”) “It just gets funnier over here every day!”

  • @ObtainingMercy –   “My mom says (about her and my dad’s aging “memory circuits”) “It just gets funnier over here every day!””

    I LOVE that she has such a good sense of humor about it!!!  It’s more fun to laugh than cry anyway!