Hither and Yon

     While I’ve been under the weather, I’ve enjoyed some time catching up on my blog reading.  A few posts have been worth sharing. 

     Is your life art?  I think it is.  Remember earlier this week when I shared the quote about changing the eyes that see reality?  Perhaps you just don’t see the art that is your life.  Read what Ann has to say, and ponder anew.

     Brenda continues her Pantry Talk posts, this time dealing with fancy foods.  I heartily “amen” this post.  Having special ingredients, fancy cake sprinkles, and the like can make the everyday extra special.  Check Brenda’s side bar for links to all of her Pantry Talk/Recession Pondering/Stocking Up posts.

     Barbara Curtis tells it like it is, and I like that!  I don’t always agree with her, but she does make me think about why I disagree.  This post is pretty hard hitting, and I’d recommend you read it all.  However, if it’s just a bit too over the top for you, do me a favor.  Scroll to the bottom of the post and read her list of ten things you can/should do.  It’s excellent advice no matter what the times may bring!

     My friends in real life know that I am struggling to figure out exactly what I think of all the new technology that’s out there.  I’m thankful for one friend in particular who is challenging me, in love, to reconsider my position on Facebook.  She might be making in roads with me, but I still enjoyed sending her this link to further the conversation.  I’d love to hear your opinions on Facebook.

     While I may be hesitant about Facebook, I do embrace  most modern technology.  I love the ready access to information on the Internet, I love email and I especially love my laptop!  However, there’s a time and place for everything, no?  Before disagreeing with the author, be sure you read all of his thoughts on the matter.

     No matter how far technology may go, nothing will ever replace perfect technology in my book.  Pun intended.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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10 comments to Hither and Yon

  • Very, very interesting articles about technology.  I downloaded a classic book to my iPhone so I could use wasted moments on something worthwhile, but it’s slow going because I have very few wasted moments 🙂

    I’m probably an old-fashioned girl, but I too think a good old well-loved, well-read Bible is the best thing for a worship service, but I don’t begrudge those using a digital form of Scriptures.  Heavens, there have been so many changes over the years, all of them frowned upon as we had to get used to them.  Soon they become old hat and not worth fretting over.  Hymns on overhead come to mind.

    I was raised in a lovely old traditional Presbyterian church with the Gospel side of the altar and the Word side of the altar.  Stained glass windows, wood pews.  It was lovely and inspiring (you can see it here: http://fpcfresno.org/).  Nary an overhead there, but I try hard not to let what I am comfortable with color the fact that new doesn’t mean inferior or less spiritual. 

  • @PreschoolersandPeace – There you go again, being that one friend in particular who keeps challenging me in love to reconsider.   

    I don’t begrudge anyone their electronic Bible (whatever the gizmo they’re reading it on), but I’m hoping that these articles raise some awareness and cause those who use these types of technology to think a bit, just as those of us who aren’t using them need to consider the possibility of using them.  It’s a good thing, for all of us, to keep our minds, and more importantly our hearts, open to others.  We want to assist one another in our Christian walk, not hinder each other.

    While I agree that there’s nothing in the world like a good old-fashioned book, I love the availability of audiobooks that I can upload to my Zune.  In the last few months, I’ve been able to exercise and garden while listening to a Charles Dickens novel and I’ve almost finished a 14 hour non-fiction work about a woman raised in the Islamic religion.  It’s great!

  • very interesting articles.  I usually don’t care for Barbara Curtis’ tone…sometimes I feel like she’s yelling at me, even if I agree with her!   LOL!  And I DO agree with her article and her 10 points were excellent!

    I LOVE Facebook!  The thing that is the greatest pull to me is that I can choose my friends.  I can only accept family, if I so choose; or I can accept everyone who sends an invite; or something in between those extremes.  I have been very blessed to come from a large church, and have made many friends through the years.  Facebook has allowed me to re-connect with some of them. 

    I’ve also had to deal with some “issues” I’ve had with people over the years:  some I thought I had forgiven, but upon seeing their picture on Facebook or being contacted by them on Facebook, I realized that I had not properly dealt with the emotions surrounding my relationship with them.  Does that make sense?  So I had to, once again, choose forgiveness, and move forward.  It was an interesting journey for me. : )

    Btw, I had a Facebook page for over a year before I really learned how to use it.  I took me a while to wrap my brain around it.

    Now, about technology…I think it all boils down to the senses!  I love the “feel” of a Bible – the cover, the pages, the curve of the spine in my hand.  And the smell of the leather is a very big pull for me as well.  I love the way Bibles are lined up on the page.  I’m an old fashioned girl and love the two column editions.  And to hear the old King James read out loud is a sound of comfort to my ears.  Nothing can replace that I think – for me.  Those senses are connected to memories.  (I don’t know that I would ever choose a Kindle device, because I just have a sensory love affair with the literal printed page.) 

    However, for today’s generation…I’m not so sure they would feel the same way.  I see sensory disfunction in young adults and teens all the time.  We have to have therapists to teach our children how to use their senses.  Our world is more sterile.  A dusty, moldy, smelly library book just does not hold the appeal for younger people that it holds for me.  I love the yellowed pages and ratty covers.  I don’t think most teens would feel the same way.

    For them, graphics are important.  And if their sensory issues are very involved, holding a Bible would be more distracting than helpful.  Their having black type on a white screen might be a better way for them to focus.  I don’t know…it’s just my personal theory.

    All of that being said, every person should own a real Bible.  We should also strive to hide God’s Word in our hearts.  We have no guarantee if we will continue to have the freedom of the internet, and cell phones, and Kindles.  I’ve read the book of Revelation…things are going to go downhill at a pretty fast pace.  We do not know what freedoms we might lose before we get to Heaven.  The Bible in written form, in our own possession, may become a precious comodity, as it is for Christians all over the world who are now persecuted for that very “crime”.

    Sorry to have been so lengthy in my comments today, Cheryl.  I guess I had a lot on my mind.

  • @ObtainingMercy – You were not too lengthy, my friend, I welcome the thoughtful dialogue here in the comments box!

    “We should also strive to hide God’s Word in
    our hearts.”  Amen!!!!  As you stated, there are parts of the world where the possession of a Bible is a criminal offense.  We are very spoiled here where most of our homes contain multiple copies of the Word, but we should do all that we can to memorize His Word so that it can never be taken from us.  This is one thing that I’ve been really working toward for awhile now, but it is so hard to teach this old brain to memorize large portions of Scripture!

  • I think technology has both blessings and curses.  But what I think it all boils down to is what the founder of Prairie Bible College L.E. Maxwell said.  (yes that’s my alma mater)  “In everything keeps balance.”  Facebook can be a witnessing tool, a tool of encouragement, and a great and terrible time waster.  Its all about keeping balance, and your focus on what God wants.  For me right now, just within the last hour I blogged on xanga, posted it at Facebook, and was given counsel I desperately needed to hear from a person that would have never read my xanga, and trust me I needed it.  So its all about balance.  

  • Personally I love Facebook! Before joining there I didn’t connect with people I knew in real life online ever. I had lost touch with many friends over the years as our lives went in so many different directions. I joined Facebook because some ladies in my homeschool group were on there. Within a week, I was talking to ladies I hadn’t spoken to in years. Now several of us and our families are having a cookout at the end of the month, play dates are planned and I can keep up with so many of them in quick little snippets. One of my friend’s brother is stationed overseas and we all get to talk to him, play games with him and “see” him daily on FB, that would be very difficult through a blog or emails. His children and wife get to do the same and that alone is a wonderful blessing! Sure, it can be a time waster, so can almost anything given the right circumstances. I know that I love it because I don’t have to devote huge chunks of time to it like I did with blogging, so I can pop on and rest my back for 10-15 minutes here and there, talk, play a game or two and then get up again and do my work having managed to keep in touch with friends, make plans and make new friends all while sitting near my kids. I’d have to sit anyway and it’s better than tv which will keep you at least a half hour if you get sucked into a show.

  • I *heart* Facebook.  I had lost contact with all the people that I went to High school with and while sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes it is nice to reconnect with people who shared part of my life.  I am a TOTALLY different person than I was in high school!!

    I also keep in contact with some family that I only see every couple of years.  It is nice to see what their day to day life looks like.  It is lovely to see pictures of my niece and nephew. 

    I attend a very, VERY large church and sometimes this means that I don’t see my friends while we are there.  I love being able to “see” them on FB and encourage them, pray for them, etc. 

  • I’m a Facebook user and have been for several years now. It was a great way to connect with my children when they were away at college (see photos they posted, keep up on their day-to-day activities, etc). Now that more adults my age are using it, I’ve reconnected with lots of high school and college friends of mine that are scattered all over the country and some in Hungary, Australia, and Costa Rica! It’s such a fun way to communicate as long as I don’t let it consume too much of my time.

    Also, several years ago, I had a Palm pilot with the Bible loaded onto it. I enjoyed using it in church for a time, but happily went back to my regular Bible because I could find scriptures faster and also mark notes better there. However, I liked carrying the Palm Pilot in my purse and having access at any time to my “Bible”. What a great way to read and be encouraged throughout the day, no matter where I was!

  • @SentimentsbyDenise – I think I’d like the idea of an electronic Bible for my purse.  If I ever “graduate” to a phone or device that uses a feature like that!  My little paperback purse-size Bible takes a beating in my big, ol’ purse!

  • “We’ve paid the price for our speeded up lives with a loss in the quality of our time. Our chronic lack of time has robbed us of the ability to understand that the truth of living is found in the experience of being, and that life cannot be
    put on hold while we’re trying to produce more.”

    ~ Alexandra Stoddard ~

    … and just a note about facebook. It’s been my personal experience that facebook lends itself to a somewhat superficial tone. Sure, I’ve come across friends from high school and some folks from our church are on that online venue..but for me it’s a tich impersonal, actually.

    … i’m preferring to pick up the phone or pen to maintain relationships, meeting for coffee or even a meal (out or here at home) as time allows, rather than depending on an online network to record contact (fb). it’s a personal decision and preference.

    jAne at tickleberryfarm.blogspot.com