We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Life….

     We interrupt your regularly scheduled life, to bring your summer!  Those are the words that best describe my life right now.  Sweet! 
     We homeschool year round.  Our family is best served not by a rigid schedule, but rather by the comfortable, normal rhythm of our days and weeks.  Last year our summer months were spent in a somewhat relaxed version of that rhythm; but we didn’t vary from the normal too far.  The only exception was the one, action packed, adventure filled week we spent at Disneyland and California Adventure, paid for from the hours and hours of overtime my handsome husband worked.
     This year, with overtime shifts rarely available and promising to disappear completely by July 1, we thought we’d content ourselves with a few day trips – a couple of fishing trips, a big day at an amusement park, and a return trip to the beach.  We had a budget for these outings and were really looking forward to three or four days of fun.  Oh, but the Lord blessed us!!!!!
     Monday afternoon, Copper and I sat down with the calendar to schedule in those fishing trips, the amusement park day and a return trip to the beach.  Copper commandeered the calendar and a pen and I manned my trusty laptop to search on-line for information.  As it turns out, we have at least one great, fun outing planned for each and every summer week right on through the end of August!!  Though we were content to have just a few day trips, the Lord multiplied that for us.

     First, a local theater chain is offering free family movies for nine weeks.  A couple of us have seen a couple of the movies, but none of us have seen all of the movies, and some of the movies are new to all of us.  How’s that for a confusing statement of fact?  We now have nine movies penned onto our calendar.  Copper took the boys to the first of these this morning.  (The movies are at 10:00 a.m.)  Our budget is sufficient to cover a big, refillable bucket of popcorn and shared sodas for these movies.  How fun is that? 
     I’ll be sharing more about our other outings as they happen, but I am still just overwhelmed at the abundance of fun that my family is going to have this summer!  I am just so thankful to the Lord for showing us the wealth of opportunities available to us this summer, and for His provision of the way to make it all happen.
     While the guys were gone this morning, I made the best of things in a couple of tangible ways.  First, I spent some time leisurely enjoying emailing and messaging a couple of friends and my married daughter, all the while enjoying a second huge cup of tea while it was still hot!  Not lukewarm.  Not cold.  Steaming hot!!  Bliss!!!! 
     I also ran a couple of loads of laundry, started the outside watering for the day and watered all of my houseplants, as well as my front porch potted plants.  I’ve been purchasing a few houseplants here and there (using buy one get one free coupons from the Home Depot Garden Club), and I’m enjoying having them in my home.

     I rearranged a couple of my plants as I worked this morning.  I put this colorful plant, that has tinges of pink and red in its leaves, into one of my Old Country Roses china soup bowls and placed it on the chest in my entry way. 


     One of the African violets from my parlor is just beginning to bloom, so I took it into my bedroom and put it in front of a window that has an eastern exposure.  I’ll enjoy the blooms there when I open my blinds every morning. 

     I’m working on filling a couple of otherwise hard-to-decorate areas of my home with plants.  The top of our headboard and the top of the armoire in our bedroom are a couple of those areas.  I have plenty of wonderfully grand decorating ideas for those two places, but I’ve not had much success in finding what I want at prices I can afford.  Houseplants will fit the bill nicely in the meantime!

     Ideally, I hope to have the plants housed in lovely baskets or pretty containers of some sort, but in the meantime I’m enjoying the plants!  As mentioned in the quote from my commonplace book posted earlier today, we should never use an imperfect situation as an excuse for inaction. I could have waited until I could afford six or seven nice plants and their decorative containers, so that the plants would look lush and full in pretty pots.  I could have even waited until I could have decorated the top of our headboard and armoire to match the magazine clippings I’ve saved in my scrapbook journal so things would be just right. 

      However, that waiting would have resulted in nothing happening for a really long time!  Instead, I’m purchasing plants as I can.  Five dollar plants, purchased with buy one get one free coupons, are very budget friendly!  I’m keeping my eyes open for the right sorts of baskets or containers to house the plants. (I’ll know them when I see them.)  In the meantime, we have a few pretty plants that are growing and thriving and improving the look in there.

     This afternoon I pulled the spent marigolds out from under the Blood Orange trees on my front porch.  The soil was crawling with ants, which led me to discover that the minor scale infestation we had a couple of weeks ago, had spread.  A quick search on the Internet and I had my solution.  I soaked cotton rounds with rubbing alcohol and then rubbed it over the scale infestation.  The scale wiped right off.  The ants were not only tending the scale and using them to produce food for their colony, they were also discouraging the scale’s natural predators.  I’m not big on spraying a lot of chemicals, but the ants are gone. 



     The Portulaca I planted under the trees will love the hot, afternoon sun and they should soon fill in and fill the area under the orange trees with blossoms.  I am slowly, but surely, getting all of the flowers I bought last shopping day planted. 
     Dixie always keeps a careful eye over things on the front porch.  Lying, with her head in the front window sill, is her all-time favorite warm weather spot. 



     Our apple and pear trees were absolutely loaded with fruit. 

     On the surface it seems wasteful to thin so much fruit from the trees, but allowing the limbs to remain overloaded results in smaller fruit and possibly broken branches.  The crowded fruits can also harbor pests and disease, so thinning is a good thing, painful though it may be!  Dani and Copper have worked on this job for a couple of days.


      Dani gathered all the thinned fruit from the ground.  Leaving it can also spread disease and it will certainly invite pests.


      We are looking forward to late this summer when we can harvest the still plentiful apples and pears.  This is just one of four pear trees in our orchard.

      All of the winter planted onions have now been harvested and they are all curing.  I am hopeful that the winter onions will last us through the summer and into the fall when we harvest the spring planted onions.  The spinach finally bolted, so it has been pulled and tossed into the current compost pile.  My husband tilled the area where the onions and spinach were and I transplanted a couple of zucchini plants that were planted too close together.  We’re still harvesting sugar snap peas and the first of the Italian green beans, bell peppers, tomatoes and jalapenos are coming on strong.   

     I appreciate all your prayers and well wishes for my health these last several days.  That bug did not want to let me go, but I am at last feeling much better!  I am thankful for Dani’s loving care and her keeping things moving along in our home while I was under the weather.  And she makes me laugh, too!
     Ours days will be blessedly busy all summer long, but I am so thankful for all of the fun outings and day trips that we will enjoy throughout the summer!  Do you have any special summer plans?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Life….

  • Mother has been wanting to find a good home for a few African violets. Are you interested? Are you ever this way during the week or just on Sundays?

  • Hi Cheryl,

    Sounds like you are going to be busy this summer. I know everyone will have so much fun.



  • Your life sounds wonderful.  I’m sure it’s not trouble free but still I can see the blessings. 

    The houseplants (and your home) are pretty.  The other benefit, I’m sure you know, besides beauty is that those plants clean your air.  I have had some trouble with gnats breeding in my house plants because it is so humid here in East TX.  I found a spray that is safe for the plants & pets so we will see how that works.  Aside from the money saving benefits, I think it is fun to watch smaller plants grow into the larger ones.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

  • @georgene – Generally, just on Sundays, though my husband is in your town (at Perko’s) twice a month for a book study.  Email me if you think we might work something out.  I’d love the plants!

  • I enjoyed this post, but I always love reading the ways God is blessing his faithful and loyal children! Your blog has always been a reminder to me to keep my eyes in Him. Thank you!