Incredibly So!

     Each and every day I can see so many, many ways that the Lord provides for me, cares for me and blesses me so very richly!  Do you see His hand in your life, dear one?  Open your eyes and look about you.  Watch for His provision.  Watch for His tender mercies.  Watch for the host of blessings He has in store for you.

     We slept in this morning, quite late, too.  Dani, Corin and I had an unexpected girls night out with my sweet two month old granddaughter at the local emergency room last night.   Sweet Baby Girl is just fine, and I am so thankful!  She broke the hearts of several ER nurses as well as the lovely, sweet ER doctor, with her winning smile and enchanting cooing.  I am so blessed to live close enough to Corin that we can meet her at the hospital or medical office building when she needs us.  In our typical fashion, we visited and laughed and had a merry time together despite our concern for sweet baby.  Again, baby is just fine and I am thankful, but I am not a night owl and my years for going to bed past midnight are long past!

     Due to our late start, my boys had a light day of homeschooling today.  They both did a math lesson and a bit of reading, and Dani gave Will a piano lesson.  The rest of us spent the better portion of the day, enjoying the cooler weather, gentle breeze and occasional sprinkle. 

      It has been so nice this year, now that Aaron is able to run the big tiller.  It not only makes it possible for us to do some tilling while my husband is at work, but it also frees up my husband to do other work here at home on his days off.  Aaron extended our garden just a bit further today.  I wanted to plant our pumpkins on the outskirts of the garden since the vines tend to run all over the place.  He tilled the soil, worked in some compost and I planted.  I’m planting a new variety this year, one that will be good for pies as well as for fall decorating, and the variety also has hull-less seeds that can be roasted as well.   He and I also worked together on a row at the end of the garden for giant sunflowers.  I planted the seeds and we should have sunflower seeds this fall, too. 

     We harvested the first of our onions today, pulling about two dozen and laying them out in the sun for a day or two for the roots to dry.  I broke one while I was pulling it, so I brought it into the house to use right away.  I can’t wait to see how they taste.  They smell extraordinarily delicious! 

     Today’s harvest included about a dozen radish, some of which were really large and should have been harvested several days ago.  We’re still enjoying harvesting leaves from our spinach and Swiss Chard, too. 


     Dani picked six baskets of black berries this morning and then spent part of her afternoon making and baking four, two crust berry pies.


     Dani took the little bit of extra time, and used her creative bent, to make the vents in the tops of the pies lovely rather than ordinary.  She also thrilled her little brothers by making cinnamon sugar strips from the left over bits of pie dough.  The left over dough is rolled out and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.   The dough is then cut into strips and placed on a cookie sheet to bake until just beginning to brown.


     We bake our freezer pies until they are bubbly, but pull them out before the crust is really quite brown.  We wrap these carefully, and tightly in foil and then pop them into the freezer to enjoy this winter.  When we bring in a frozen pie, we bake it until it is bubbly again and the crust browns nicely then.  It makes a freezer pie look and taste like fresh baked!

     In the main part of the garden, I planted our third planting of corn, and about 60 bush variety green beans.  We have not had very good seed germination from the first packet of bush beans I planted, so I’m trying another variety now.  The pole beans, however, are growing well and flowering already.  Our tomatoes are setting fruit and the peppers and some of the squash are blooming, too.  The cantaloupe has its first flower as well.  It is such a delight to walk out to the garden a couple of times a day to check on its progress.



     The cutting garden has begun to produce, too.  The poppies and daisies are blooming prolifically, and the Zinnias are beginning to flower in earnest as well. 

     We have a few ornamental sunflowers in the regular garden, and the first of those is now blooming as well.  It’s a rather strange twin blossom, but it’s lovely!   I love being able to cut flowers in our garden to bring in and enjoy in the house.  It won’t be long before we’ll be able to have flowers in several rooms at the same time!

     My husband spent most of his last day off weeding our asparagus bed, which is a never ending job.  By mid-afternoon he’d had enough stooping and sun, but he still took care of cleaning the pool filter before leaving for an evening meeting.

     Just today the Lord has provided us with lots of sweet berries for pies, two dozen large onions for cooking and a good number of radishes to add to our salads.  We worked together to weed and plant even more.  He has blessed us with a deep pantry, full of wheat, flour and sugar, so that Dani was able to bake four pies from what we had on hand.  Well, almost.  Confession time:  Somehow we ran completely out of shortening.  Because we keep a deep pantry, there is always an unopened can of shortening on the shelf in the storage area.  Not today.  She had to make a run to the store in the midst of pie baking for a can of shortening.  It happens to all of us!  I’m still grateful that the rest of the needed pie making ingredients are available in abundance!
     I am blessed with the ability to work in my home and on our small piece of land.  I am blessed to know every day when I wake up that there are many, many needful and necessary tasks for me to accomplish.  Tasks that will enrich, nourish and benefit my family.  I am blessed to live not too far from my married daughter and grandbabies.  I am so thankful that I was able to be available to meet her last night, just as I am thankful for the ability to be home fulltime with my other children and to have them here with me for school.  That is a blessing!!  We tend to think that homeschooling is simply a choice that we make and then overlook the enormous gift that it is to us!  Homeschooling is not entirely about the academics, you know.  

     This has been a day where I have been aware, throughout the entire day, of God’s presence in my life through all the little things that made up my day.  Most days I feel blessed, today I felt incredibly so!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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14 comments to Incredibly So!

  • Oh Cheryl, thank you so much for this post…
    Yesterday was not a good day for me and I lost my focus and forgot to see the blessings in the small things=(
    I am so grateful to the Lord for a fresh start this morning!

    Your garden is doing wonderful~ I am sure that you are enjoying all the hard work coming to fruition…
    And Dani’s pies looked heavenly!

    Wishing you a day filled with sweet & simple joys!

  • MMMmmm…more of those yummy pies!  Enjoy your days for me as well.  Looks so peaceful there!

  • I love seeing the produce you are getting from your garden already!
    I started a very small garden this year and am excited about the prospects of that!
    My daughter (23 yrs old) is also the pie baker in our family – this is her creative outlet.

  • What wonderful “fruits” you are receiving from your garden.  It’s such a blessing to enjoy God’s goodness.  I loved this post…always strive for the beauty in life supplied by HIM. 

  • Cheryl,  How much land do you have? We live on an acre in Virginia.  The soil is rocky and our growing season is fairly short.  I’ve been contemplating how productive we could be on our small plot of land, in our small house.  The Lord has really been impressing on me that we need to be more productive stewards, but I’m having trouble figuring out where to start.

  • @momidazed – Start small!  We live on 5 1/2 acres in one of California’s inland valleys, so we do have a long growing season.  Raised beds are a great way to go because you can fill them with really good soil, and you can just keep adding more raised beds as finances and your gained experience allow.  Talk to the pros at your local nursery (not the big box garden center, but a real nursery).  Most will be happy to tell you what grows well in your area and when you should plant various crops.  Don’t be discouraged by a lack of land or having a big house.  The most productive woman I ever met lived in a very poor part of a large city, in a small home on a tiny lot.  She had an incredible garden that she rotated crops in throughout every growing season.  She canned and dried her produce.  She also raised rabbits and chickens for meat and eggs (and fur).  Work with what the Lord has given you and see how much you can do.

  • Oh my goodness those pies look delicious! Your family is so lucky to have such an accomplished baker in the house!  

  • Do you freeze them in the pie tins or do you take them out?  How do you keep from damaging the crust?

  • @Milehimama – We freeze them in the tins.  I have a whole stack of pie tins from Marie Callendar’s that my mom had, and we just bake our freezer pies in those.  We wrap them carefully in foil.  We take care to wrap the pie tightly to prevent freezer burn, but we are gentle around the crust edge.  Quite often I will wrap them in foil and slide them into a ziplock freezer bag, too.  They keep very, very well this way for up to a year.  

  •  Hi Cheryl.  My name is Tonia and I  just wanted to say hello.  I have been reading you blog now for a few weeks and want to say thank you for your encouragment and wisdom,  specially today’s post.  God bless you and your family.

  • @aussieton – Nice to “meet” you, Tonia!  

  • @Becky –  Dani learned to bake pies, first at my side, and then perfecting her technique through trial and error on her own.  But, yes, we are so very blessed to be able to enjoy the fruits of her accomplishments!   

  • I remembered you talking about partially baking your pies and freezing them. So glad I found this post! Thanks for the tip! :o)

    Yvonne :o)