Gee, But It’s Great To Be Back Home

     I loved the words to that old Simon and Garfunkel song, “Gee, But It’s Great to be Back Home!  Home is where I want to be-eeeeeeeeeee”.   It was great to be home all day today.  My heart frequently sighed, “Ah, that’s more like it!”. 
     As I mentioned in my post this morning, we all picked out some music, put it on the stereo and got to work about the house.  We didn’t catch everything up, but we certainly made some very good strides in the right direction.  Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and gave our music choices their best guess.  It was fun to read what you thought each of us picked, and we giggled a lot as we read them.  No one entered a 100% correct guess, but I’ve used a super secret, highly scientific mathematical formula to choose a winner.  Announcement later today!


     This was the produce brought in last night and this morning from our garden.  The stuff brought in this morning was still dirty when I took this picture.  One of the most important things to do today was to work on these veggies before they were past their prime.  There was one green zucchini that was too big for most uses, so I gave the chickens a treat by breaking it open for them.

     The rest of the green and yellow zucchini were sliced into 1/4″ to 1/2″ slices, salted with freshly ground sea salt, and put into the dehydrator for zucchini chips.  They’ll dry for about 24 hours at 125°.  These make a delicious, healthy snack.  As the summer progresses and I have more of these, I’ll seal them in vacuum bags to keep them fresh.


      Corin and my grandbabies normally come on Thursdays for Library Day at Grandma’s House, a craft project and/or swim.  They were a bit under the weather today, so they didn’t come.  We sure missed them!  We can explain there absence to everyone except the dog.  How Dixie KNOWS when it’s Thursday baffles me; but by noon every Thursday she is watching for that big van to pull into the drive way, from one window or another.

     I used all ten of the small Roma tomatoes that came in from the garden for tonight’s dinner.  Around noon I simply chopped fresh basil to equal 3/4 cup, minced six garlic cloves, and diced the tomatoes.  I mixed in about 1/2 teaspoon of coarsely ground sea salt and a few turns of ground pepper.  This was tossed and then left, covered, on the counter for the rest of the afternoon so the flavors could blend and the tomatoes could juice a bit.


     The basket of green beans were tipped, blanched, put into a freezer bag and popped into the freezer.  This time of year, my Ball Blue Book is in almost constant use!  This little book is really all you need for learning to can, dehydrate and freeze almost any food. 

     I sliced up three cucumbers and put them on one of my Mother-in-love’s milk glass snack plates.  I poured a bit of Dani’s homemade Poppy Seed Dressing into the cup to dip into.  We had a yummy snack to munch throughout the late morning and early afternoon.

      Dixie was breaking our hearts all day, watching for Corin!  She loves my grandbabies!

      My husband really enjoys pickled Pepperoncini.  We’ve never grown them, and I’ve never canned them; but there’s a first time for everything, right?  Our little Pepperoncini plant is producing furiously and the first four jars of pickled peppers were canned this afternoon. 


     We caught up on a bit of housework today, too.  Aaron straightened up and dusted the living room for me while I worked on the produce in the kitchen.

     Danielle vacuumed.  Will worked, too, cleaning up and straightening the school room and clearing his paper making kit off the breakfast bar.  He did a good job getting all the stuck on paper pulp off the counter.



      Will emptied all of the wastebaskets in the house and then we gathered up all the waste baskets that can be washed.  Aaron took them outside and washed them all up with a bowl of hot water, Dr. Bronner’s  Castille Soap, and a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to disinfect.  We left them out in the sunshine to dry and allow the sun to further disinfect them.

     We did a lot of outdoor watering and irrigating today, too.  The garden requires a good watering every day during the summer.

     Our cutting garden is producing more flowers than we can keep up with!!!  That’s a good thing!! 

     I’m not quite sure why Aaron takes such great delight in sneaking up on me and scaring me, but he does.  GREAT delight.  He made me scream today, which is why he is running away before I can catch up with him.  Just you wait, buddy-boy, just you wait!

      Somewhere during the day today, Dani managed to make a pan of delicious Brownies.  She usually makes a treat for Thursdays when the grandbabies are here, and I guess that Thursday habit is a hard one to break. 
     Late this afternoon we all headed outside to pot the flowers and plants that I purchased almost a month ago!  When I first brought them home, I realized that I didn’t have any potting soil.  So, two weeks later on our next shopping day in town, I picked up the potting soil.  Then my husband’s adventures with the kidney stone started.  Today, at long last, the flowers were potted!  Aaron brought the rusty old wheelbarrow out from its spot in the back yard to where we were working.  Will filled it up with Petunias.


     Will fetched pots for me and dumped the spent plants and their soil into the compost pile.  Aaron filled the pots with fresh potting soil, while I planted the flowers.  Dani took the filled pots to the backyard and arranged them for me around the small sitting area near the pool.

     Oh, I know they’re not much to look at now, but we have a long growing season.  These will grow and fill in nicely in the weeks to come.

      It was so wonderful to be home today!!  I enjoyed every bit of the work that I was blessed with. 

      Dani’s done a couple of posts, here and here, to tell a little bit about one of our summer family outings and our Independence Day celebrations.  Fun stuff!

     We are homebodies by nature, my kids and I.  It was such a blessing to be home all day today.  We’ve taken a bit of a break from our homeschool schedule until the middle of this month (or so), and we hope to use the time to do a few more projects around the house. 

     Our day today was blessed with work and fun, but the boys had their share of squabbles and troubles, too.  The day was wonderful, though imperfect.  Looking well to the ways of my household includes discipling and disciplining children, even more than it means cooking, cleaning, putting food by or gardening.  It is all part of being a keeper at home, and there is no place I’d rather be!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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9 comments to Gee, But It’s Great To Be Back Home

  • Wonderful post. How awesome to have a full day at home. I have had many full days at home this week, but hosting VBS makes it feel like they are not FULL days.

    I read your post from yesterday in the middle of my sewing marathon and told myself I would come back and put in my guess….I forgot! I think I may have gotten most of them correct!!

  • what a lovely day you had!

    we’ve never done squash and zucchini chips before…we’ll have to try that!  I hope they’re tastier than the sweet potato chips…we didn’t really care for them at all.  Now the banana chips were yummmmmm!

    and I cannot WAIT to see your petunia-filled wheelbarrow in blossom!!!  it’s going to make the prettiest pictures, I bet! 

    thanks for sharing your day!
    Obtaining Mercy

  • I’ve missed your posts the last few days. Whew! You wore me out. I do believe you have quite made up for the time away. Isn’t it a joy to get back to the homefires.

    I’m currently working on pulling out the reading books (Civil War period) for this fall, in my highly unorganized library. Organizing that is on my list for this summer, we shall see. I also need to finish getting my game closet in order, now that I have the needed supplies – that retrieval has taken about a month as well. I’m hoping it works better.

    I was honored by the friendship post. The feelings are completely mutual, but you know that.

    I was reading up this morning on planting garlic in the fall. I plan on being prepared this year. I think we can plant them in our climate for fall. Dare I even dream of asparagus next spring…

    A blessed day to you dear friend. Love, Jean

  • Uh-oh mom!  The peppers are floating!  EAT THEM ALL FAST BEFORE THEY SPOIL!!!!!!!!  **panics and runs in circles**

  • @The_Botzy_Blog – Oh, you are SO funny!  Geesh!

  • Great minds!  I started up my dehydrator today too.  I found some reduced-price sliced mushrooms at the market and ended up with 2 trays in the dryer.  Then I shredded 3 rolling pin-sized zucchinis and put most of the shreds on trays for cake and breads this winter.  I had just enough left over that I can make a cake tomorrow for Sunday.

    I have cucumbers almost ready to pick; tomatoes setting on; Swiss Chard & Basil going great guns; and a sweet neighbor has beets and more cucumbers for me to pick up tomorrow.

    It is preserving the harvest time around the country! 

  • Good to see you post again. I was getting concerned.

    Your Aaron sounds like my oldest son. He always loved to give me a good scare. I’ve begged him, now that I’m over 50, to consider my heart these days! LOL!! So, now the grandchildren scare me instead.

    Did ‘our’ picture turn out okay? Would you mind sending me a copy when you get a chance?


  • Hi Cheryl,

    I so understand what you mean about being home. It was great to have sometime at home today to feather my nest.



  • Wow!!!  Whew…. I’m tired just seeing all you’ve that ya’ll have been doing! 

    Hi!  Here I am!  I thought it was time to check in & see what you’re up to & writing these days.  -Great things, as usual!!  😉

    Man.. you’ve been a-homemaking, and a-cleaning!!  😉

    -Us too!!  We’re busy trying to get everything squared away w/ ORDERLINESS!!  I want order, BEFORE I begin school,   And all the while working on one organinzing project after another, we also, are trying to keep up w/ the garden, and learning how to can, preserve, etc.  I canned my first 2 batches of beans & tomatoes!  Balance though…..  ugh…..I’d reallly, really like to learn THAT.   😉

    But you are right!!  The rest of our life is dependant on our relationship w/ our Lord!  We learn & relearn this over and over and over again don’t we?  That has been my most recent verse…. “Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God & His righteousness…. and all these things shall be added unto you as well.”  -Indeed!  😉

    We’re enjoying our last few days of Summer too!  😉

    Blessings to you & yours, Katie