Freezer Guacamole Recipe


When one of our favorite markets advertised avocados for $.39/each last week, Dani and I knew we had to buy a bunch. We bought a dozen or so on our shopping day, and Copper went back on one of his days off and bought 18 more. We love avocados, and we love guacamole!



For today: Monday, September 28, 2009…     Outside my schoolroom window…The sheep are enjoying their breakfast, and a hen is announcing the arrival of her day’s egg.  The colony of sparrows that reside in the Sycamore just outside the school room window are all busily chattering their plans for the day.        I am thinking…that […]

Random Bits and Heart Attitudes


     Long time readers here know that my boys find some, ummmm, rather unusual places to read and/or do their school assignments.  High up in a tree.  Lying out in the pasture.  Atop hay bales in the feed barn.  These days Aaron, at just over six feet tall, isn’t […]

Just Sweet Enough Buttermilk Bundt Cake

I like Bundt cakes. They are pretty and decorative and need no fancy adornments. A drizzle of a simple glaze is all that’s needed for most Bundt cakes to be company perfect.

I’ve made this Bundt cake for years. It’s not too sweet. In fact, it’s just sweet enough to stand on […]

I’m Surrounded

           I am surrounded.  Not in the bad guys have me cornered and there’s no way out sense, but in a far more beautiful, yet just as intense, sense.  I’m surrounded by a beautiful, ready for harvest countryside.  I can travel in any direction from my home and see feed corn ready for […]

Breathtakingly Beautiful

     I am continually amazed at the wonder, beauty and vastness of God’s creation.  Sometimes I can only stand in awe of the beauty and praise Him for all of it, every tiny detail.       The Hubble telescope has enabled us to see even more of His glorious work.  The beauty of this “space butterfly” […]

Quiet Lives

     At 10:30 this morning, I was struck by the amazing quiet of my home.  It was quiet.  Really quiet.  There was sound, of course.  The hum of the pool filter came in through the open windows, and the breeze was just enough to sound the big, copper wind chimes in the back yard from […]



God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!Proverbs 31:27 


The Daring Of A Boy – OR – Why Copperswife Has Gray Hair

       This is a shot of the river where my guys like to fish.  It’s a beautiful spot, really.  Sometimes they fish from the beach and sometimes they climb these huge boulders and fish from that vantage point.     Look closely at the huge rock formation in the foreground.  See the red shirt?  That’s my […]

Summer’s Last Days

           We live in the valley of central California, in an area that is largely agricultural.  The growing season here is long, and summer-like weather can remain well into autumn. 

     Our family has had, what is to us, a very full summer season.  We enjoyed eight free movies at a local […]