Quiet Lives

     At 10:30 this morning, I was struck by the amazing quiet of my home.  It was quiet.  Really quiet.  There was sound, of course.  The hum of the pool filter came in through the open windows, and the breeze was just enough to sound the big, copper wind chimes in the back yard from time to time.  One of my hens clucked out her proud excitement that she had just laid an egg, An Egg, AN EGG!  But inside my home, it was quiet.  I’d forgotten how quiet my home can be!
     Our busy summer was noisy.  Splashing in the pool, loud voices playing games of all sorts, and mowers, tillers and edgers running almost daily.  This morning started off noisily, too, as we scurried about early feeding animals, making breakfast and eating together.  There was a half an hour of so of quiet as the boys and I spent some time in Bible reading, but then we were back to noisy work.  All of us work together for an hour each morning on most of the daily and weekly household chores.  It’s frantic for a time, but oh, so very nice to have the majority of the home keeping done before 9:00 a.m. when we meet to begin our homeschool time together.


     At 10:30, though, my entire family had settled into quiet, solitary work.  William worked on his typing.

     Dani, working in the living room, her face lit by the glow of her computer screen, began the arduous task of cataloging our home library.  Again.  If you don’t know her sad tale of woe from her first round with the library, you can read about it on her blog.



     Aaron was busy honing his artistic skills. 

     Copper was outside trimming weeping willow trees. 

     The sheep love tree trimming day!


     I enjoyed the time to tend to some of the daily, weekly, monthly and longer term tasks in my kitchen.  The silverware drawer was emptied, the dividers placed in the dishwasher and the drawer thoroughly cleaned.  I filled my sink with hot water and white vinegar (about half and half) and added several drops of essential Rosemary oil.  I mopped my kitchen, dining room, back hall, entry and the living room.  It smelled so good!  I oiled my wood knife block and my oak spice drawers, enjoying the sweet aroma of the orange oil.  The aroma of our day’s loaf of bread, fresh out of the machine, added to the other scents and made me hungry!! 

     It was less than an hour until lunch time, but I knew if I felt hungry, so did my family.  I pulled one of Dani’s gigantic chocolate chip cookies out and cut it into fourths, taking a piece to each of my hard working family members.  They were all surprised, and quite pleased with the unexpected treat.  I enjoyed doing that! 


     Spats followed me out to deliver the goodies.  He was absolutely delighted to wind his way around and through my feet, brushing under my apron and meowing gruffly at me.  Uh-oh!  Does the “no white shoes after Labor Day”  rule apply to flip flops on California girls?


      The day continued much as it had begun.  Flurries of boisterous family togetherness, interspersed with long stretches of quiet work of one sort or another.  I worked a bit with Will in discovering just how to retrieve information from an atlas, and how to keep track of that acquired information until it is needed.  These are new skills for him; but it was such fun for me to sit on the floor with my boy, using the couch as a desk (I love homeschooling!) sharing the atlas, a few post-it notes, and a pencil.

     I watched Aaron “attend” an Algebra II lecture and rejoiced that he was able to do that here in our home, in safety, under our direct supervision, and (with his feet on the desk) in obvious comfort, too!  

     Late this afternoon, my husband graciously did the rather nasty, but necessary, yearly job of pulling the fridge out, cleaning the coils and cleaning the walls and floor that are normally hidden by the fridge.  I used my vinegar/water spray and scrubbed down all the greasy-yucky stuff that has run down the side of the fridge between the fridge and the counter. 
     It’s a good thing, this quiet industry that we enjoyed today.  Lord willing, it will become a daily occurrence as the homeschool routine, which is the norm for my family, once again is established in our home. 
     I have a portion of I Thessalonians 4:11 stenciled on the wall in my kitchen,

“Aspire to lead a quiet life,
to mind your own business,
and work with your own hands”

     That doesn’t always happen here.  In this house, we are, every one of us, sinners.  Far too often one of us will get into the other’s “business” or we will let our hands wander into the other’s work.  It’s none too quiet around here when that happens, I assure you!  And yet, we press on toward the goal of leading quiet lives, minding our business and working with our hands. 
     It’s sweet when I see glimpses of our progress toward that goal, and I’m thankful.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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12 comments to Quiet Lives

  • I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog, what a lovely quiet day 🙂 we homeschool too!

    the sheep are very cute! Blessings, Deanna @ http://www.mrsmarcum.blogspot.com

  • I love these entries… reminders of all kinds of things that are good for the soul.  

  • It’s so good to get a glimpse of your daily life again after such a busy summer! Thanks for the peek!

  • It’s so good to get a glimpse of your daily life again after such a busy summer! Thanks for the peek!

  • Oh, it is so good to get small glimpses of progress, isn’t it?  When you are striving for a goal that seems so unattainable, then suddenly, you get a little look at what it’s going to be like at the end of the journey!  I’m thinking of those of us who are trying to get out of debt, or maybe someone who is dieting (!), or perhaps someone who is fighting a terminal health issue.  These journeys can all seem so-o-o-o long; but with faith’s eye, occasionally we see a tiny glimmer of just how sweet arriving at our goal is going to be!  Thanks for the reminder.  So glad you were able to glory in your journey today.

    Obtaining Mercy

  • I’m enjoying having Christopher living at home again but he is gone all day (of course) at the University.  Today I asked him if he wanted to meet me at the McDonald’s near campus in between classes.  I had a coupon for one of their new Angus burgers that he loves. 

    It was so nice to talk about what is going on with his life and his classes in the daytime instead of midnight when he arrives home from studying and my brain has gone to bed already.  🙂

    Hubby works for two more days.  I took advantage of my quiet afternoon to make pumpkin bars for him to take to the bookstore tomorrow (some left here for the guys or I wouldn’t hear the end of it).  Thankfully, it is one of those recipes that makes a LOT.

    I always enjoy hearing about your day. 

  • I could literally SMELL your home as you described it to your readers. Thanks!

  • Thanks for being transparent in your last paragraphs. It’s refreshing! 

  • I love quiet days too! And the verse you quoted is one of my goal verses for life… I love coming here Cheryl, you are such a blessing and encourage and inspire me with your honesty and transparency… Wishing you a day filled with sweet and simple joys! ♥

  • Lovely peaceful post Cheryl

    I am fascinated by your sheep.What breed are they.Haven’t seen them before.Quite different to our sheep.

  • @Rabbits_Nest –   The are Barbados Black Belly Sheep.  They do not need to be shorn as they shed.  They are rather wild, have useless fleece, and are not the best for meat; but they do keep our pasture/field chomped down and are very low maintenance.  Without them we’d have to pay someone to disc our field every spring to prevent grass fires.  

  • What a lovely day!