Slow, Plodding and Pondering

     I’ve not been around much, either here in my own little online home, nor visiting with many of you.  My days are blessedly full.  Brim full.  Spilling over full.  It’s not a hurried,  busy-work kind of thing, either; but rather it’s a slow, plodding pace.  It’s a pace that might have once frustrated me, but it doesn’t now.  At least not as much as it once would.  There is a benefit to growing older.  It’s easier to not sweat the small stuff.  It’s also easier to realize just how much of life really is the small stuff! 
     I’m slowly, slowly, slowly recapturing some order in my home, though as I type this from the couch of our school room, it does not look like there is much order at all.  I sort of like my school room to be cluttered with books and projects and nature finds.  The big desk, however, is another thing. 
     It’s also been a season of pondering.  The Lord is gently, tenderly, lovingly leading me in several different areas and the slowness of these days has been good for pondering and praying and thinking through all of that. 
     It’s been good for William, too, I think, to have a mama who is not too busy with other things.  I’ve had time to help him slow, and quiet and obtain some self control, and that’s a hard thing for him in October every year.

      Oh, my, my, my, my………his compulsion to spin anything that will spin – my school supplies caddy, the desk chair, a pencil lying on the table, HIMSELF.  His NEED to repeat movements that make noise – tapping his fingers on the table, tapping his toes on the computer desk, squeaking the desk chair, and pounding the eraser end of his pencil on the table.  His vocal tic that is really nothing more than a really loud roar….watching him trying valliantly to suppress the tic, or  to at least make it not quite so loud…. but that’s really not working for him too well….and then the LOUD roar is out and he smiles with the relief (and I want to cry for loving him so much). 
      I keep telling myself he’s our boy…precious in the sight of the Lord, and made in His image. 
      Instead, I emailed Corin and asked her if she wanted to swap ticing, compelled, loud boys for the day.  She just laughed.
  So did I!
     If I owe you an email or have failed to respond to a private message, please forgive me.  You’ve not been forgotten!  I am catching up there, too, albeit at the slow, plodding pace I mentioned earlier.  The Lord has been so very faithful in this season, and I’m pleased to walk the slow, plodding pace set before me.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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3 comments to Slow, Plodding and Pondering

  • Slow and steady wins the race.  I am reminded of that when I read your topic heading.  I keep reminding myself of that as well.  Thank you, as always, for your words of wisdom, Cheryl. 

    God Bless,


  • Oh dear sister!  I certainly understand the slow, plodding pace!  And I wholeheartedly agree that our Lord is so gracious to bring us through them.  I used to hate “slow”…I thought “slow” meant “weak” or “without direction” or somehow “less than”.  Now I know that God works in the slow times just as much – if not MORE – than in the fast-paced seasons.  Thanks for sharing this post.  You have encouraged my spirit. 

    Obtaining Mercy

  • Hi there Cheryl,

    Thinking about you and praying too.  Glad you are enjoying a slower pace.  We love to block out that type of time for ourselves as well to think and connect.  : )

    Much love,

    Rebeccaleading little hearts home