The Truth of the Matter

       The truth of the matter is that it is October, and I am very much enjoying our finally-here Autumn weather.  The high temperatures this week will struggle into the low 80’s.  Our mornings and evenings are crisp and cool, and our days are sunny and warm. 

       October also means that homeschooling is back in full swing.  We took several weeks off this last summer, which is out of the norm for us.  The truth of the matter is that we have struggled to build a new routine for the year after our lengthy break.  I’ve made changes here and tweaked things there, but I’m not certain that our routine/schedule is quite right yet.  I’m watching carefully, day by day, and sometimes hour by hour, for ways to shift things just a bit to make them work for us.  It’s slow going.

      The change of season is always hard for my William, too.  I’m not sure if it’s the shortened days, the change in the weather or what, but I can count on his having a very hard time every year in early – mid October.  Most years it catches me by surprise.  This year, however, when he began struggling, I realized that this was part of his seasonal pattern and began helping him work through the various frustrations and issues that make his life so difficult.  The truth of the matter is that it is a hard thing to deal with, but the Lord strengthens, encourages and enables me to keep pressing forward, even when I feel I’m at the end of my rope. 

     In fact, He especially strengthens, encourages and enables me when I’ve come to the end of myself and have nothing left to give!  I should know better than to try to do things on my own strength and wisdom.  The truth of the matter is that I’m slow to learn these lessons of life, even though my ever-patient Teacher is always before me showing me His better way. 

     Copper and I have spent several days in doctors’ offices and procedure rooms these last couple of weeks.  I’d love to share all of the details, but it would require far too much time.  Suffice it to say, the Lord went before us and opened up an appointment time for a diagnostic procedure before our very eyes.  Just as the nurse was telling us that the next available date was months out, a cancellation appeared on her screen for the very next day!  We were so thankful for that.  So, last Wednesday, my husband was sedated and underwent an Endoscopy.  Some abnormalities were discovered, and the doctor biopsied some tissue.  My husband has been diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, and he has been prescribed two medications that he will have to take for the rest of his life.  The truth of the matter is that we’re still in the research and fact-gathering stage in trying to understand this disease and its implications.  A good deal of my time has been spent this week on line, looking at web sites, researching his medications, etc. 
     I’m beginning to catch up, just a bit, on things around my home.  Fall is always such a “nesting” time for many of us.  The cooler weather and shorter days draw us inside more and more, and our hearts turn from gardening and outdoor activities to homemaking, baking and sprucing things up.  The truth of the matter is that harvest is in full swing all around my home.  Field corn is being cut and transported down the road.  Hay is being cut, baled and transported down the road.  Harvested fields are being plowed in preparation for replanting, and the dust clouds can be quite spectacular as they blow across the roads.  There are hundreds of acres of wine grapes grown in vineyards all around us, and the grape harvesting equipment can be heard running all night long as the grapes are shaken from the vines.  The truth of the matter that all of that harvesting, cutting, mowing, plowing, transporting and vine shaking covers absolutely everything in dirt.  Our cars look horrible, and so does the inside and outside of my home.  Within hours, a freshly dusted surface will be dusty again!  It’s a sign of the season to be sure. 

       The truth of the matter is that life is just very, very full right now.  It’s full of struggles and difficulties, but growth comes from trial, and I long for that growth!  There is nothing more important for me to do right now than to continue to do what I always do – look well to the ways of my household by:

  • Working out homeschool and daily routines for my family. 
  • Helping Will as he struggles through yet another difficult time. 
  • Researching my husband’s illness and educating myself on the disease and its treatments. 
  • Doing my best to keep the inside of our home as clean and dust free as possible. 
  • Nesting and baking and sprucing things up in my home as we all begin to spend more time indoors.
  • Thanking God for the precious gift and incredible blessing of being able to be the one here, every single day, to take care of all of the above!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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11 comments to The Truth of the Matter

  • And that really is the truth of the matter
    Thanks for sharing Cheryl.

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I feel for poor little Will. I know what he is going through. I have struggled with my OCD this past few months. He is blessed to have you to take care of him.You are the best mom in the world.

    I understand what you are going through with Copper. I spend many hours researching Dave’s illness and adjusting his foods.Isn’t it wonderful that we can stay at home and take care of our families. We are so blessed.

    Let me know if I can help you in any way.



  • *** full of struggles and difficulties, but growth comes from trial, and I long for that growth! ***

    What a ready reminder. Thank you. It has been so nice catching up a bit on what’s been going on in your life. How wonderful to embrace that our Lord is always faithful, always merciful.

  • Loved this post!

    ok, I read the link you sent.  will they be doing allergy testing on Mr. Copper?  changing his diet might be easier that the side effects of meds (as is often the case).  I just want to encourage you that if you take on changing the way he eats, don’t get discouraged.  It will be such hard work at the beginning; but as you see improvements, that will prod you forward to keep it up.  It’s never easy to change a diet, but it’s usually very much worth it!

    I know Copper is so GLAD to have you researching for him!  What a relief to know that his helpmeet is busy working out the details as her Lord gives her wisdom.  I’ll be praying for that, and also for mental stamina for the road ahead.

    You are such an encouragment!  God bless!  (oh, and yes, me – on wheels – quite the sight!!!) 🙂
    Obtaining Mercy

  • I am known here to be part of the HEC medical gorup. (HEC are the last name initials of myself, my mom and my sister) Good to see I am not the only one who likes to find out info on their own. It is wise!

    I, like Alesha, loved this post. Full of encouragement and truth. Be Blessed as you take care of your family and home!

  • @tjsNana – Corin will often call me and ask, “Is the advice nurse in?”.  

  • Cheryl, my 18 year old struggles with the change is seasons–I don’t know if it is the barometric pressure, or allergens–I just don’t know!  Even as a baby, she had a rough time with changes of that sort.  It just made her grouchy and hard to deal with.  I finally noticed it was a regular occurence with her when the weather was about to change.

    I don’t know how you feel about homeopathic remedies–I know the use is controversial in some Christian circles–but I was very successful treating her with a Bach flower essence called Walnut.  (This is by the same makers of “Rescue Remedy,”  which most people have heard of.  It comes in a small dropper bottle, and I just add a drop to her drinking water if she is having trouble.  It is natural, will not interfere with any medication, and cannot harm in any way. )  The Walnut is specifically used for changes, even a change in routine or circummstance.  I use it on my other children to smooth the transition into school for the year, or when a new baby arrives, etc. 

  • @Charisbella – Thanks!  We’ve used a combination of vitamins and herbal supplements with Will for several years now, and have had some fairly good results.  I’m always open to looking into something new!

  • HI Mrs. Cheryl! I awarded you a “gorgeous blog” award, and wanted to share!

  • Cheryl, I’d love to hear about the different types of vitamins and suppliments you’re trying with Will.   About Rescue Remedy…a friend of mine uses it with her patients (she’s a midwife) when their BP is just a little too high.  Such a neat little homeopathic thing in a bottle.   

  • I’m learning the transition of a slower pace too, that I am also liking.  But it is still a change and change takes a while to get used to.  I enjoyed reading your past posts…I will have to try that freezer guacamoli.