Bite Back! – Sunday November 29, 2009


            Ever spent the night with a mosquito buzzing around your room?  It can be pretty miserable. Hearing that incessant whining buzz all night long might be annoying, but it is certainly not a life threatening incident.  Unless, of course, you are a child living in Africa.   

     Please […]

Sanctuary – Home & Church

     I finished two books this week.  The first deals with the notion of our homes being a place of sanctuary.  The second is a wonderful expose on why so many of those in their 20’s are leaving the church, many never to return again.             Sanctuary: Creating a Blessed Place to […]

Contentment & Thankfulness

     From my Commonplace book:

“All our discontents about what we want appeared to me to spring from the want of thankfulness for what we have.”Daniel Defoefrom Robinson Crusoe


     Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!


Are Your Windows Clean?

           The days are cool and our woodstove is in almost constant use.  We rarely open a window or door these days; and when we do, it’s for a very short period of time.  We’ve gotten used to the idea of closing our blinds against the darkness before dinner time.  It’s a cozy […]


FOR TODAY –      Outside my window – My trees still have their leaves, but they are no longer green.  Various shades of yellow,  from golden to an almost butter yellow, adorn every tree in my front yard.     I am thinking how wonderful our Lord’s Day was.     I am thankful for His grace.      From […]

House or Home?

From my Commonplace Book:

“Unlike a house, whose value is usually determined by the neighborhood where it sits or the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it has, a home’s intrinsic value is made up of the intangible things that cannot be determined by amenities.”Pamela J. Bailey, in Sanctuary: Creating a Blessed Place to Live and […]

Books, Books, Books!

     My recent bout with the flu was, of course, unpleasant.  However, I was able to spend a lot of time reading and that really did make it seem a lot less worse.  Okay, maybe not, but I did enjoy being able to put my feet up, cozy up with warm blankets and read.  I […]

And Finally…..After

     Just a quick reminder of what the bathroom looked like before:




     Dani and I will be keeping our eyes open for some pretty artwork for the bare walls over the commode and towel hooks.  I’m not sure what I want, but I’ll know it when I […]

A Very Long During

           Home improvement projects have always been done here on a limited basis.  The projects have usually been funded outside of our normal household budget, which means they were funded through monetary gifts received at Christmas or on birthdays, or, more often, through my husband’s gracious willingness to work overtime.  However, overtime work […]


                Our main bathroom.  Before.        What you can’t see:  A large, chipped area in the sink, rusted almost through.  Oak cabinets with their finish badly damaged.  Formica countertops…..textured in a sort of fake, wrinkled leather surface.  In the bathroom.  Ahem.  Yuck.        Yep.  This was our main bathroom at […]