Outside my window – My trees still have their leaves, but they are no longer green.  Various shades of yellow,  from golden to an almost butter yellow, adorn every tree in my front yard.

     I am thinking how wonderful our Lord’s Day was.

     I am thankful for His grace.

     From the learning rooms – We’re finishing up a few things on Monday and Tuesday, preparing for a long Thanksgiving break.  The boys each built a model of a California mission (from a kit) this last week, and we’ll be putting the finishing touches on them next week.  They were kind of pricey.  The guys had such a good time putting them together, though, after a couple of initial squabbles, that I think it was money well spent. 

     From the kitchen – A 20 lb. turkey thawing in the fridge!

     I am creating – weaving in the yarn tails on the stack of knitted cotton dish cloths I’ve made, and deciding what to tackle next.

     I am going – to enjoy a day at home!

     I am reading – Already Gone: Why your kids will quit church and what you can do to stop it, by Ken Ham.  What an eye opener!  I’ll be posting a review soon.

     I am hoping – to start another book or two this week. 

     I am hearing (and enjoying)- an incredible version of House of the Rising Sun.  Dani and I had the opportunity of hearing these folks live at a huge craft festival we visited over the weekend.  Loved it!

     Around the house – My home is clean and tidy, and that always makes for a nice start to the week.  I’ve placed some lovely cinnamon potpourri in various open pieces of pottery and cute, vintage jars throughout my living room and school room.  Scrumptious!


     One of my favorite things – the warmth of our wood stove.

     A few plans for the rest of the week – Normal days through Tuesday.  Wednesday we’ll be busy baking pies, rolls and doing some pre-Thanksgiving dinner prep.  Thursday we’ll enjoy a quiet Thanksgiving feast at home, just the five of us.  Friday – well, Friday will be a big day:  A quick shopping trip to town just for groceries (no mega-shopping for us on Black Friday, thankyouverymuch!).  I’m sure the boys will have all of the boxes of Christmas decorations down by the time we get home.  Friday evening we’re looking forward to attending an Advent get together with friends. 


     Here is picture thought I am sharing – I LOVE my Dani-girl!!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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3 comments to Daybook

  • Cheryl, I’m sharing the picture of your fireplace with my hubby.  We’ve been looking for ideas of what to do with our upstairs fireplace.  Yours looks so nice too.  We don’t want it to take away from the beauty of the room by becoming an eye-sore by doing it wrong.  *sigh*  Decisions, decisions!  

    Anyway, another question for you…your Advent get together…is it a yearly tradition?  What do you do that’s centered around Advent?  I’ve not ever heard of anyone doing an Advent gathering or party or however you want to describe it, but it sounds worth looking in to.    I love new ideas! 

    I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderfully blessed and be careful out there on Black Friday.  I’ll be doing my shopping trip on Sunday afternoon as per hubby’s request, instead of Black Friday.  He’ll be hunting starting on Monday, so the vehicle will not be available.  I’ll need to finish getting all my hunting meal meats gathered. 

    Take care!



  • @Homeschoolmummyx3 – The Advent party we’re attending is hosted by friends of ours.  This will be our first year attending, and we’re very much looking forward to it!  Here’s a link to the host’s blog to get a better idea of what they’re doing.

  • Thanks Cheryl!  I’ll take a look at it.  I’ve never heard of an advent party.  It sure is a neat idea though!