Our Home

     We moved into our home in March, 1998.  We were blessed beyond belief that the Lord provided this home and these 5 1/2 acres for us when He did.  We were blessed even more when we heard from neighbors and other folks in the community and learned how His providence played out in our ability to purchase this place.
     I am blessed to call this home still. 
     One thing, though, that I did not anticipate was the amount of work this home would take to maintain and improve.  Though the home was custom built for a local pastor, he never lived in it.  Instead, he took advantage of California’s booming real estate market of the early 1990’s, and flipped the house as soon as it was completed.  I’m not sure at what point in time he made that decision, but the craftsmanship that went into the completion of the house was pretty poor. 
     We have fought battles with dry rot and peeling paint our entire time here because of the poor construction used.  Most of our home improvement money, not to mention my husband’s time, have been spent preserving the exterior of our home and doing what we could to improve its function.  Roofs that don’t leak.  Replacing rotting porches.  Installing windows that actually keep the wind out when they are closed.  An HVAC system that works.  That sort of thing.  Practical.  Necessary.  Expensive!
     Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE this house and I thank the Lord often for His provision.
     Still, God created women with a desire for beautifying our homes as one way we tend and care for our families.  So, as we’ve done what we can to keep, literally, a roof over our heads, we’ve learned to overlook the interior walls that need paint, the sinks that are chipped and peeling and the carpets that will no longer yield their stains to the steam cleaner.  Landscaping?  Forget about it.  Country grass (aka the common weed) has its own charm, anyway.   
     I still dream, though, and plan how I will decorate or make over a room when the funds become available.  I just don’t hold the time table for the completion of those plans tightly.  We still have folks over, and hope they overlook the imperfections.  We hope they overlook *our* imperfections, too! 
     This home has done much for teaching me patience and appreciation for what I have.  It’s also given me a whole new heart of thankfulness for when a redecorating project is brought to completion. 
     Who says a house is just a house?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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6 comments to Our Home

  • As usual, you have spoken right to the heart of the matter. 🙂  Our house here is sadly lacking in so many ways, and it is VERY discouraging some days!  Like TODAY!  Just this morning, I was having such a pity party over it.  I chose not to continue my party, because I know it’s not productive, but not because I had changed my mind about my house!  You know – I’m just obeying because it’s the right thing to do ?!! 🙂  Anyway, thanks for reminding me that this is common to everyone.  I’m not alone in my wishing for changes that just can’t be done now, AND I don’t have to lose my contentment while making plans for those changes.

    Obtaining Mercy

  • My visits to other blogs have been scant at best. I’ve missed your encouraging words and description of a day well spent in seeing well to the ways of your household – the structure and those residing therein. Thank you for sharing and allowing me/us to come and sit near the heart of your heart. You’re a dear.

    jAne * tickleberry farm

  • btw … i’ll be hosting another *junque sale* soon. will let you (and Dani) know the date, etc.

  • Hi Cheryl,

    Oh I can relate. We moved into our home in 2001. It is about 45 years old. I love our home however it has required much work over the past 8 years. We have just a few more major repairs and then it should be just maintaining from there. I too like to dream of decorating our home as money and time permits. How is your DH feeling. We think and pray for him often.



  • I can totally understand where you are coming from in many ways…we have lived in this house 10+ years and it is only by the sweet grace of God we got it and still have it. The interior we have projects started where the money ran out and we never got to finish, the exterior need work done as well thankfully it has held up except a couple of minor roof leaks. I pray for God to bless my family again with a home that furfills their needs and wants ;), but if there is anything I have learned this year it is thankfulness for what I have like you do :). Enjoyed your post…thanks


  • Our home was built in the 60’s and I swear everything is seems to be nearing it’s life expectancy this year! I can’t tell you how many things we’ve had to replace this year along that have stopped working entirely!

    I wish I had as many acres as you (well maybe I don’t) LOL! I sure would have lots of plans for all that land but I don’t know how many would be realized!

    Cheryl, did you get the book?