A Very Long During

     Home improvement projects have always been done here on a limited basis.  The projects have usually been funded outside of our normal household budget, which means they were funded through monetary gifts received at Christmas or on birthdays, or, more often, through my husband’s gracious willingness to work overtime.  However, overtime work was discontinued at my husband’s work site months ago as the county made serious cutbacks to the sheriff’s department.  We are thankful that my husband’s job is safe and that he is able to continue in his same position.  

     We started work on our main bathroom ten months ago.  Over the course of several months, we had saved money from other budget areas, accumulated enough My Points (*) gift cards, and a bit of money received over the holidays to start the bathroom.  My husband removed the old sink, counter and light fixture.  A new sink was installed, along with beautiful new faucets.  The light fixture was also installed, but there were no globes for the bulbs. 


     The yucky old fake leather formica counter was replaced with beautiful, new tile.  Seriously, I do not know who would ever put a textured formica surface in a bathroom or kitchen.  I still have it in two of my bathrooms as well as my kitchen.  The hard water from our well water stains the stuff horribly and we have to use Comet and bleach to get it anywhere near clean.  Yucko!

My husband did an excellent job on the tile!  Our funds ran out just as the sink and counter were completed.  However, I just kept on earning with My Points (*).
     (*) My Points is an incredible program.  My Points has enabled us to purchase multiple Home Depot gift cards simply by spending a few minutes a day reading emails, and occasionally 10 – 15 minutes filling out an online survey.  We’ve earned further points by making online purchases with merchants through the My Points system.  I’ve purchased on sale dress pants for my boys from Old Navy, shoes for myself through Payless, printer ink through e-bay, and gift items for others.  These are purchases I would have made anyway so why not score a few points in the process?  I almost always redeem my My Points points for Home Depot gift cards, but there are oodles of other merchants and restaurants that you might redeem your points with.  Right now, this is the only way that any home improvement work can be done here.
     If you think that My Points might be something you’d like to try out, I’d be pleased for you to allow me to send you an invitation.  You can join directly through My Points, of course, but if I may send you the email invitation, I earn a few points, too.  If you’d like to give My Points a try, email me at copperswifeATsoftcomDOTnet (replace the words in caps with the appropriate symbols, please).  Thanks!!

     Since February, the bathroom has remained unchanged.  I’ve continued earning Home Depot gift cards and making purchases with them for the bathroom as I could.  Paint for the walls and cabinet.  Globes for the light fixture. Hardware for the cabinet.  New baseboard material to match what we’ve done in other parts of the house.  New towel hooks.  Dani chipped in with some gift cards of her own toward the project.  We kept our purchases stashed away until we had everything we needed.

    A couple of weeks ago, Copper began painting the bathroom cabinet.  That first stroke of Cathedral on the bathroom cabinet was so beautiful!  The cabinet was finished and the new hardware was installed. 

     The walls were painted with a gorgeous shade of aqua blue called Ocean Kiss.  (Both paints are Behr paint colors.)


     We priced out replacement hinges for the cabinet and bathroom doors, as well as a new door knob for the bathroom.  The old “antique brass” hardware was horrid with the new brushed nickel finishes, but replacements were pricey.  Dani suggested we try spray paint.  We had a couple of false starts with paint that was too silver or too sparkley, but Copper found a paint for us at Jo-Ann that was perfect.  Two cans purchased with two separate 40% off coupons, saved us a bundle.  We used the spray paint on the bathroom door hinges and door knob, the cabinet door hinges, the brass hook on the back of the bathroom door, and the spring door stop.


     I really wanted a small lamp for the counter in the bathroom, but thought we’d have to wait until we found one we could afford.  Then it dawned on me that I had a lamp that was just the right size on the little desk in the school room.  It’s mate is in the master bathroom, and I use that lamp every evening.  The one in the school room was rarely used.  The lamps are gold with cream shades.  We’d had such great success with the spray paint, I figured it was worth a try.  It turned out great!  A bit of white spray paint applied to the shade and the lamp is perfect!  Even better – this pair of lamps was a free gift with a purchase from a year or two ago! 


      The shower curtain and bathmat, which were the inspiration for our color scheme,  were purchased over a year ago at Target.  I’ve been saving up nickels and dimes for the last several weeks and last Friday, during our regular mega-shop, Dani I were able to purchase new towels, a few odds and ends for the counter, and a pretty little plant.

     My husband is installing the baseboard today, and then the bathroom will be done.  Pictures tomorrow.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to A Very Long During

  • It looks great and I love the blue.
    I also sent you a request via email for a my points invite.  :o)

  • I was reading along so looking forward to the pictures of the finished bathroom, but NOOO, I have to wait until tomorrow!!  🙂  Have a blessed day.

  • Loving it and can’t wait to see new pics tomorrow!  Thank you for sharing the process…many of us out here are raising kids on one income and usually, we read about immediate changes, makeovers, etc for a room.  What a blessing to see a woman of maturity displaying faithful and frugal penny saving, and enduring 10 long months before seeing a project completed.  That’s probably what our budget would require too.  Good to know I’m not alone.  Enjoy your lovely new bath!!

  • Cannot WAIT to see tomorrow’s pics!!! 

    Obtaining Mercy

  • The bathroom is BEAUTIFUL! It belongs in a magazine! Truly! I love your colors. Great job!

    The book reviews were ‘yummy’! I’m reading a few you might be interested in. “Get Outta My Face” By Rick Horne is proving to be very, very good! Also, How to Overcome Evil by Jay Adams. I’m reading Crazy Love to Kevin in the car and he’s loving it.

    I signed up for My Points. Do you have a daily routine to make the most points? Do you check every day to see if they have something for you or do they email your readings? How long did it take you to earn a gift card and did you work at it every day?