So, What’s New?

     So, what’s new?  Let’s catch up!              Outside my window it’s a stormy day!  Don’t laugh!  In central California that generally means a cold rain and lots of wind.  Then, when the clouds clear, we can enjoy seeing snow on the not-so-distant Sierras.  Today, however, we awoke to just the tiniest, […]

In As Much…

     There’s a line in Francis Chan’s book, Crazy Love, that has played over and over in my mind since I finished the book a few weeks ago.  Forgive me for not looking up the quote to give to you verbatim, but the gist of it is this.  We often question God and ask, “Why […]

Passionate Or Desperate?

      I’m a little behind the curve when it comes to reading new releases.  I usually have so many books in my reading queue that when a new book that appeals to me is released I just can’t add even one more to the stack.  Passionate Housewives Desperate for God was released at just […]

The Creche To The Cross

“His birth and his death are but one continual act, and his Christmas Day and his Good Friday are but the evening and the morning of one and the same day.  From the creche to the cross is an inseparable line.  Christmas only points forward to Good Friday and Easter.  It can have no meaning […]

And So It Goes!

     The most oft quoted Copperswifeism is, I believe, “hold your plans loosely” or “don’t hold your plans too tightly”.  Either way, the meaning is the same.  A man, or woman, can make his plans, but the Lord must establish them.  Amen?      I sent my husband a quick email at work on Saturday telling […]