So, What’s New?

     So, what’s new?  Let’s catch up!
     Outside my window it’s a stormy day!  Don’t laugh!  In central California that generally means a cold rain and lots of wind.  Then, when the clouds clear, we can enjoy seeing snow on the not-so-distant Sierras.  Today, however, we awoke to just the tiniest, teeniest bit of snow.  The rain quickly melted it away, but Will and I enjoyed the very brief excitement of it.  My boy, in his bare feet (of course), went outside and made a tiny little snow ball. 

     I am thinking the Lord is so sweet to give a little boy just the tiniest bit of snow to enjoy and to give me, at 52, a boy little enough to be thrilled at such a tiny thing.

     I am thankful that both of my boys had Chicken Pox at the same time.  When Will broke out last Sunday evening, I was sure, absolutely sure, that Aaron was not exposed at the same time and would likely get them from Will.  I love my boys, and yet I can truly say that I was thankful when Aaron ran a fever and started his own poxy outbreak last Monday morning.  Yep, truly, truly thankful!

     From the learning rooms – a week of fevered, lethargic boys has kept homeschooling completely out of the picture.  Today I’m hoping to regroup a bit, figure out where we left off before Thanksgiving, and plan out the rest of the week.  Spotty, healing boys need an occupation! 

     From the kitchen – Copper’s Monday Mornin’ Waffles.  Did you know that my husband makes waffles every Monday morning?  Yes, he does!

     I am wearing…navy blue knit slacks, a red turtle neck with a lacy-sleeved black pullover layered over it, warm socks and my running shoes.  (Thankful, thankful, thankful for church friends who bless me with clothes they no longer need!)  I’m also wearing 4″- 6″ less hair on my head.
     I am creating menus for our third annual Christmas Eve Soup Buffet and our traditional Christmas Day Dinner.  I love big, family celebrations!
     I am reading – You know me, there are always several books going at the same time.  These are the books I have open most often these days: 

      I am hoping to be able to squeeze a couple more mosquito nets out of my shopping money this week.  Life is precious!

      Most frequently played items on my Zune these days:

     Around the house – enjoying the warm light from the lit garlands I have hung all around the living room.  No lamps for us, just the lovely, warm light of the white Christmas lights.  It seems just right.


     One of my favorite things – farm cats cozied up in their buckets in the garage.


     A few plans for the rest of the week – a long-delayed outing with my six year old grandson.  Illness, family plans, illness, interrupted schedules, illness (get the picture?) have delayed his birthday outing with us for four months.  Four months!!!  Good grief!  It looks like, Lord willing, it will happen this week.

      Here is a picture thought I am sharing.

      That’s what’s going on here, courtesy of The Simple Woman’s Daybook.  Be sure to click over to the Daybook for more entries, or to post your own.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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10 comments to So, What’s New?

  • I so enjoyed reading this.  Wonderful picture of the kitties staying warm! Blessings to you and your family for a wonderful week.

  • I just love the picture of the cats; too cute! πŸ™‚  Have a wonderful week! πŸ™‚

  • Snow sure does something to my kids every year when there is the first snow.  It’s so exciting.  All of my kids go out and try to catch snowflakes on their tongues.    Then there is the inevitable…trying to stuff snow balls down the backs of each other’s jackets.  Wow!   Oddly enough, even though we had a very scant summer this year, my kids still reacted with the awe as they have in years past when seeing the first snow.  It never ceases to amaze me.

    My kiddos haven’t had the chicken pox yet.   

  • Show us a picture of you with your 4-6″ cut off….pretty, pretty please?!?

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I have enjoyed catching up with you. We got snow last week end too. I am so glad the boys are better. Yes boys can be gross at times. LOL I am looking forward to seeing what you cook for Christmas.



  • You’re going to love “When People are Big and God is Small”. I read it a few years ago and actually picked it up recently and read over select sections again! Wonderful!

    Thank you for your prayers! We’re on a wild roller coaster ride of faith these days!   I hope you are feeling well! Big hugs!

  • Just popping in to send warm Christmas wishes to the Copper’s Family! 

  • I do enjoy reading your blog Cheryl hope all the family is better now, Love Margaret UK

  • Oh man, do I ever remember those chicken pox days [many moons ago!   LOL]

    Hope you’re having a good New Year!

  • Happy New Year, Cheryl!  Did you have a wonderful Christmas? I hope each of you is feeling well and looking forward to the New Year! What do you suppose God has in store for us this coming year?