And So It Goes!

     The most oft quoted Copperswifeism is, I believe, “hold your plans loosely” or “don’t hold your plans too tightly”.  Either way, the meaning is the same.  A man, or woman, can make his plans, but the Lord must establish them.  Amen?

     I sent my husband a quick email at work on Saturday telling him that Monday, November 30 was an official holiday.  Deck the Halls Day, 2009.  He emailed back indicating that his calendar said the same thing!  Cool, I thought, we’re on the same wave length.  We would all be home Monday.  What a fun way to end the long Thanksgiving weekend by “decking the halls” and spending the day putting up our Christmas decorations.
     My husband actually hung the outside lights on his days off last week and we’ve been lighting up the outside of our home since Friday night.  They’re beautiful at night.  An across the road neighbor says our house looks like a gingerbread house at night.  I’ll have to take a picture to show you soon.


      The boys helped me take down all of our fall decorations Saturday.  All the fall linens have been washed, dried, folded and packed away for next year, as well.   My stack of storage tubs wait in the garage to be put away as the Christmas tubs are brought down from the loft in the little barn.  
     We were all looking forward to our annual Deck the Halls Day.

     In God’s good providence, we needed to have two vehicles at church yesterday.  It was such a blessing because twenty minutes into our worship service, William started not feeling well.  He was a bit fevered, quite pale and had terrible dark circles under his eyes.  Boy, it was quick!  Dani drove Will home and the rest of us spent the afternoon at church as always.  I was hoping that Will would feel better by Monday and be ready to deck the halls.


      However, today dawned and it was quickly obvious that no decking of the halls was going to happen.  My boys, both of them, have Chicken Pox!    Will broke out last night, and Aaron this morning.  They both have low grade fevers and feel generally pretty miserable.  So far the break out is quite mild, but Will gives me an hourly update on his “spots”, and I seem to find a new one on Aaron every time I check his fevered brow or rub his back.
     Dani was off fairly early this morning to help her sister out a bit as poor Corin was ill, too.  In fact, she left before we’d even discovered that Aaron was sick!
      We’ll still have a Deck the Halls Day, and it will be fun when it happens.  In the meantime, I’m holding my plans loosely and doing what I can to keep my boys comfortable and my oldest daughter bathed in prayer.  I have received lots of wonderful tips, natural and medicinal, from the other moms at church who have had recent experience with Chicken Pox.  I appreciate their hints on how to keep the boys as itch-free as possible.


     The boys were comfy and cozy on the couches in the living room, enjoying holiday movies from our modest collection, listening to Christmas music and otherwise having a quiet day.  My plans?  They are loosely held and not so important after all. 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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6 comments to And So It Goes!

  • Aaron, too?  Oh my ๐Ÿ™  What can we do for you?  You have our prayers, but we can bring treats and a few guys who’ve already had the pox to play a board game or two.  Let me know if you’re needing company later this week and we’ll even bring Starbucks for the resident nurses there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @PreschoolersandPeace – Love you, friend!!!   I’ll be emailing you.

  • A pox upon them both!  I hope they’re feeling better soon!

  • Hope your boys feel better soon. We too did our outside lights last week, but our “Deck the Halls” day will be Friday. My dh is going on a hunt this weekend, adn taking the Explorer, so the kids and I wll be tucked safely inside the house while he is away…. sounds like a perfect time to wrap, decorate,  and maybe even do some preholiday baking and freezing.

  • Two down at one time, and chicken pox ta’boot. sigh. Praying for quick recovery and for the itch to not be absolutely insanely horrid. :o) But if it *is* absolutely insanely horrid, buy some Sarna (Sarma?). It’s a little spendy ($8 a bottle I think) but a little goes a long way and it works wonderfully! Only drawback is the color. They’ll be pink! ;o)

    Our decorations are up. Simple, plain, plAin jAne style.

    jAne *

  • I’m so sorry to see both of your boys have chicken pox!  They say it can be harder on them when they have older as opposed to when very young.  I hope they are able to be comfortable and not itch too much.~~