Add Another To The List

      I’ve added another author to my list of favorites – P. G. Wodehouse.  Dani has long been a Wodehouse fan, and is building quite a large collection of his books.  I read one title from Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster series last year, and I enjoyed it immensely.  Dani graciously allowed me to read a title from her own collection, and she chose Do Butlers Burgle Banks?.  It did not disappoint.
     In a series of events, most of which are quite hysterical, couples fall in love, heros and heroines are discovered, and the answer to the question posed in the book’s title is answered.  More than that, I will not say for fear of spoiling it for you. 

     Do Butlers Burgle Banks?, which is not part of the better known Jeeves and Wooster series, is a terrific tale, filled with British charm and lots of laughs.  (* * * * *)

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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9 comments to Add Another To The List

  • We love Wodehouse here, too, Cheryl. You’ll be hooked now! You’ll have to try Leave it to Psmith, another hilarious book not in the Jeeves series.

    Oh, and have you seen the DVD’s starring Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster? Talk about perfect casting! We bought the collection several years ago and just love it.

    Have a blessed day in the Lord!

  • I will have to read them soon.  I have heard they are wonderful.

    I took the DVDs out of the library but had to return them before watching (our library gives one week and charges huge overdue DVD fines).

  • @BrendaKayN –  I know that you “get” British humor, so these will be especially wonderful to you.  We watched a few of the Jeeves and Wooster videos.  They were good, but the books are SO much better.  

  • I love when you share your book reviews!!!  Thanks for pointing us along a path of good books!  Sincerely, Brandi in GA

  • I know that one must be able to “get” the British humor to fully enjoy it.  My husband watched Last of the Summer Wine on PBS with me a few times and couldn’t understand why I found it so funny.  He would enjoy the outrageous humor that was obvious but was completely lost in the conversations.  🙂

  • Hi Cheryl! Thanks for stopping by! It’s interesting you referred to our new home as our ‘love nest’ because that is what we’ve called it, too! We are very content. God is taking well care of us!

    I told Mother that I saw a picture of your violets on your blog and they were beautiful! She was so very happy! They were like children she had given away! Thank you again for taking them! Now if I can just find a home for that eagle!

  • I am very much enjoying your mother’s violets.  They bloomed and bloomed, and when finally they stopped, it wasn’t for long.  They are blooming again, despite how cold my house has been this winter.  I am pleased to have given them a home.

  • Please try to get your hands on The World of Mr Mulliner.  It’s one of my favorite Wodehouse titles.

  • @Rebecca – Dani might have that title.  She has some of the Mr. Mulliner series, so there’s a good chance. If so, I’ll add it to the queue in my “Just for Fun” reading category.