Here Comes The Sun….

      Here comes the sun, and I say, It’s alright!   
     After twelve, TWELVE, long days of nothing but gray and fog, it rained!  Oh, it was wonderful!  Much as I dislike the dreary gray of constant fog, I do love the rain.  It rained all night Tuesday, but Wednesday morning we awoke to bright, brilliant, wonderful sunshine!!!  It was glorious!!  Clouds drifted by throughout the day, occasionally blocking the sun, but that only served to make it all the more brilliant when they passed by.

     We’ve had so much sickness, of one sort or another, that today seemed like the perfect day to rid our home of the icky germs that I knew were lurking in every corner.  By late morning, we had every window in the house thrown open wide.  Yes it was a bit chilly at first, but the air was so fresh and clean and sweet smelling as it poured into our home, we didn’t mind a bit!  We left the windows open all through the afternoon, and the inside temperature never fell below 65*.

    Everyone was set to the task of cleaning their own bathrooms.  Once I got started in mine, I couldn’t stop.  I even filled my bathroom sink with Oxy-Clean and set my beautiful vintage doilies to soaking.  Ahem…..turns out my memory was a bit muddled.  The lovely off white doilies with the muted pink roses are really quite white and the flowers quite bright.  Oh.  My.

     All three bathrooms were scrubbed, shined and mopped.  Dani went through the house and wiped down all of our door handles and knobs with disinfectant wipes.

      Aaron was given the big job of carrying all of the big, yet movable, pieces of furniture out of the living room.  Man-size boys get man-size jobs!  He then went to work with the vacuum on the laminate floor to do a thorough job.  We sweep or vacuum this room several times a week, but it’s been quite awhile since it’s been done with the furniture out of the way. 

We mixed up a sink full of mopping water – half hot water, half white vinegar and several drops of essential lemon oil – and Aaron went back to work on the living room floor with the mop.  I love this picture (in a weird sort of homemakery-way) because I can see just what a difference there is between where he has mopped and where he hasn’t.  This floor is damp mopped at least twice every week, but it was time for a good, thorough scrub!

     It only makes sense that the guy with the heaviest job gets to choose the tunes to play on the CD player while we worked.  Aaron’s choice?  Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band!! 

     It’s not all work around here! 

     “I get by with a little help from my friends, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends…”

     By the way, those aren’t Christmas decorations in the background.  I always set out my snowman collection in January.  It helps keep things a bit festive after all the Christmas stuff is put away.

     With the upholstered furniture moved to either the schoolroom or entry way, William went to work completely vacuuming the couches and cushions. 

     And yes, it’s January, and the boy is barefoot and wearing shorts. 

     Will and Aaron also dusted and oiled all the wood furniture and the mantle in the living room. 


      Our CD continued to play, and my kids joined in – Aaron on the mop microphone, Will singing into the vacuum cleaner upholstery brush and Dani strumming the Balance Board.   Who says cleaning house can’t be fun?

     “We struggled hard all our lives to get by……”  Oh!  The melodrama with this bunch!



      Dani single handedly scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom! 


     Before 3:00, the mopped floors were dry or drying and the living room furniture was back in place.  I finished up normal laundry, washed bath, and then washed all of our cleaning towels and cleaning cloths with lots of hot water and plenty of bleach. 

     My kids, though, headed out the door and rode right on out the front gate for a bike ride.

     We spent the rest of the afternoon in relaxation and relative quiet.  The change in weather, even though it’s for the better, causes William some emotional struggles, so things weren’t too quiet.   The boys enjoyed computer games or reading, Dani and I caught up on some blogging, and I read some. 
     The sun sank behind the trees around 4:30 and we started closing windows and restarting the fire in the wood stove.  We enjoyed a new dish for dinner tonight, too, Mexican Potato Casserole from the Mennonite Girls Can Cook site. 

     We’ve enjoyed a wonderful day of sunshine after two weeks of fog.  We have a lot of rain headed our way next week, and I’m thankful for that.  The rain will be followed by more fog, but the sun will return!!  I love days like today that help me remember that.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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6 comments to Here Comes The Sun….

  • We also keep our snowmen out.  Here it stays colder a bit longer, and the snowmen just make me smile.  

    Love the cleaning pictures.  One of my favorite things is when the family cleans together.  Is that silly?  Whether it’s in the house or the yard, there’s just something wonderful about linking arms and accomplishing a task. 

    Sixty-five degrees??? Counting the days until the windows can be reopened!  Thank you for sharing your day!

  • I’ve got my snowmen up too….,courtesy of your suggestion last year!  Thanks for the inspiring post…I just feel like mopping now!

  • Oh, I’m jealous of your open windows! It was only 5 degrees out when I got up this morning and our bathroom pipes were frozen. C’est la vie! What a treat to get the house spotless and then have a relaxing afternoon. Have a blessed day in the Lord!

  • There is sunshine in my soul today…. When Jesus shows His smiling face, there is sunshine in my soul! 🙂

  • Hi Cheryl,

    Please send us some of your sun.I think I would feel better if I had some sun. You are so blessed to have children that work and they are blessed to have a wonderful mom.:) The way I make the Cajun Potatoes is I just slice up my potatoes into wedges. Then sprinkle them with cajun spices and drizzled them with EVOO. Baked at 400 until brown. Yummy.



  • It is so good to have a fresh clean house.

    Makes you feel SO good.Well done everyone