Thirty-Six Books

     I completed thirty-six books in 2009.  Not as many as I’d hoped to finish, but a good number just the same.  There are two or three more books that I started late in 2009 that I will still finish.  However, most of the unread titles in my reading “basket” will be reshelved for another time, and I’ll restock my queue with other titles.  Over the months the needs of my family have changed, my interests have changed some, and new titles have been discovered.  The beginning of a new year is a great time to pull together some great new titles, a few new-to-me but older books, and a smattering of books to reread. 

     I’m selecting books this year based, loosely, on the same categories that I used to set my goals for 2010, with a few extra reading categories thrown in for good measure.  I took advantage of some quiet time this afternoon to work on selecting a few titles for the year in each category.  As soon as I’ve gathered the stack that I’ll start the year with, I’ll update my sidebar with the list. 

     I’ll continue to encourage you this year to always have a book at hand to read.  That encouragement will, of course, begin where your reading should begin – with God’s Word.  Open His Book daily!  Reading other books, though, is important, too.  Not as important, but important nonetheless.  Here’s why
     Here’s a link to the final list of books I read in 2009.  The list includes brief reviews of most of the titles, too, for those that are interested.  The list was compiled over the course of the year, which accounts for the wonky formatting. 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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4 comments to Thirty-Six Books

  • 36 books is still pretty good. That’s three every month. Are you using in the picture above? I love Goodreads. 

    I’m reading the Bible in 90 days this year. All my other reading has to fit in around the Bible reading, which is a good lesson for me. I tend to read more fiction than the Bible and that doesn’t work on this 90 day plan. The Bible HAS to take precedence. 

  • Nope, Cassandra, I have Amazon open to order a couple of books I needed to round things out.  YES!!!  The Bible absolutely, positively has to be first and foremost.  It is God’s Word and nothing is more important.  

  • I plan to make a reading list this year, for the first time. Like Cassandra, i am doing the 90 day bible reading. It has been wonderful so far. There is nothing more important than God’s word! 

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I enjoy your blog immensely, especially your posts on books! I looked at your list from last year and noticed that one of the books is Common Sense Christian Living which I am enjoying in my own reading stack. It’s definitely a book everyone should add to their list! Have a blessed day in the Lord!