A Not Too Romantic Look Back

     Sometimes past eras are romanticized in movies and books.  Too often, in my opinion.  My parents both lived through the Great Depression, my father as an adult and my mom as a girl and young teen.  My mom, especially, had plenty of stories to share about those times and very rarely were the stories happy ones. 
     The one story that she told with the most emotion was of her family leaving Kansas, where they were share croppers, because my Granddad had found a job in the Texas oil fields tending pumps.  Everything they had was packed into their car for the trip, including her beloved dog.  Along the way, and in a snow storm, my grandfather offered a ride to a man who was walking along the highway.  The only way to make room in the tightly packed car for this man was for my mom’s dog to ride outside the car, secured to the running boards.  My mom was pretty young when that happened, and she was distraught thinking about her poor dog out in that snow.  Of course, helping another human being in time of need was the right thing to do, but in her young heart, a great wrong had been done to the dog! 

     We Had Everything But Money – Priceless Memories of the Great Depression, by Reiman Publications, offers hundreds of such stories.  As with most Reiman books, We Had Everything But Money takes a rather nostalgic look back at bygone years, this time highlighting the years of the Great Depression.
     With dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of photographs, each chapter of the book focuses on a particular theme.  Transportation, job hunting, cooking, entertainment, weddings, Christmas and more all receive a thorough look.  Each chapter begins with a brief introduction by contributing editor, Clancy Strock; but the real stories are told through the letters and photographs submitted by folks who lived through the Great Depression.  As with my own mother, quite often the submissions are childhood memories.
     While this look back is not made through rose colored glasses, the whole of the book is upbeat and, at times, even inspiring.
     We Had Everything But Money, a Reiman Publication ( * * * *)

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God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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2 comments to A Not Too Romantic Look Back

  • I have this particular book on the living room side table. Excellent look back at that challenging era. My parent’s families experienced incredibly difficult times during the depression. When Lizzie was in 9th grade she completed a study and project board for that era. She interviewed my parents then interviewed Rocky’s mother. Rocky’s mother had a much different experience. No hardship what so ever. New England Blue Blood family. The contrast was amazing and to this day has left a noticabe heart-mark on my daughter.

    The bible first though. Yes. Indeed. <><


  • I’ve not read this book, but my mom subscribes to Reminisce magazine, also published by Reiman’s, as a gift for me each Christmas. It is encouraging to read the storie of hardships in days gone by and the way people helped one another. Not looking at it through any kind of romantic lens, but it really was a different country back then, wasn’t it? Have a blessed day!