This is really not a blog post.  New regulations from the FTC require that I disclose my affiliation with Amazon.com whenever I review a book or product they sell.  In order to not weigh down my normal blog posts with a lengthy disclosure every time I mention liking a book or household product, I will, instead, link to the following disclosure here.  It seems rather silly to me; however, I Peter 2:13-17 admonishes us to submit to government authorities “for the Lord’s sake”, so that’s what I shall do!

Disclosure:  All of the books and products reviewed on this blog are items that I have chosen and purchased with my own money, or items that I have received as gifts from friends.  I do not receive free books or products from authors, publishers or manufacturers, nor do I receive any sort of compensation for the reviews I write.  I do maintain an affiliate relationship with Amazon.com.  This arrangement allows me to receive a very small percentage (pennies on the dollar) of any purchases made when readers click through to Amazon from my blog.  Though I see a list of what has been purchased, Amazon never discloses their customer’s names or other personal information.  For those of you that make Amazon purchases through my blog, thank you.  Your doing so is a tremendous blessing to my family.  I use the credit I receive through Amazon in three ways:  To help offset the cost of maintaining this blog, to purchase books for our home Heritage Library, and occasionally to purchase prizes for drawings offered to readers of this blog. 

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