Multi-Tasking My Goals

     I spent the last few days of 2009 and the first day or two of 2010 working on a list of goals for this year.  I was blessed to have the encouragement of a wonderful friend, serving as a sounding board via email, which made the process almost fun.  It was labor and time intensive, but fun.  Some of my goals will be showing up here from time to time, I’m sure.
     For example, one of my goals for the coming year was to listen to (or watch) a couple of sermons and/or teaching tapes each week.   (Can we call them “tapes” when they’re CDs, Podcasts or Videocasts?)  I also set some “creativity” goals (thanks, Bren) and one was to finish up a Valentine’s garland  by February 1 that I started almost three years ago.


     This afternoon, I popped in my ear buds and listened to a terrific sermon for parents for an hour while I worked on the garland.  My bottle of glue ran out just as the sermon ended.  Great timing, huh? 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to Multi-Tasking My Goals

  • I look forward to reading about your goals. I have purposed a few things in my heart but nothing on paper this year. Still trying to finish our move which is taking most of my ‘spare’ time.


  • I too looked forward to reading about your goals. I’ve set some goals for myself & have already implemented a few   One of my goals is to get more active in my church & that is one of the goals I have implemented.  One of the other goals was to start studying the Bible, I’m now trying to find a good study guide – one for beginners, any ideas?  I’ve been too several bookstores & they have several, which makes it confusing – I want to pick the right one for me!  Can’t wait to see your garland!!  God Bless, Gretchen

  • I can’t wait to see your Valentine garland!

  • Wow! You are jumping in with both feet. I love all  your creative goals and can not wait to see each one of them come about.

    It was great fun making goals with you!!

  • sounds like a wonderful plan!